Goddess Taura – Pleasure is My Ritual

by Michael Smith
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She oozes sensuality & the promise of sin, and there is no one who is more dangerous to your marriage, your bank balance or your male ego than the beautiful & alluring Goddess Taura. Just a glance of her breathtaking eyes in your direction and you instantly begin to crumble. This week’s IWC Focus Domme is a natural-borne predator and senses vulnerability and weakness before you even know you’re showing it. Are you ready to become her next victim?

Goddess Taura sits and looking straight tilts her head upfront and her waving long pale hair covers her breast.

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Shiny Curves

You’re The Man

One Snap Away

Things to know about Goddess Taura:

  • There are five owned slaves of Hers that have been serving Her for the last 12 years. Three of these slaves are married and have spent more on Goddess Taura than on their wives.
  • A blackmail slave once flirted with the idea of having Her invade his life. She collected all of the lovely little facts he would share for over a year. One day, She sent him a picture of his work place from outside and blew him a kiss. Of course She just happened to be nearby at the time. She never ruined his life either…aside from the part where he’s still stuck on that moment. Have fun trying to chase that orgasm that Goddess gave you!
  • The men who serve Goddess Taura readily attach themselves to Her without any questions asked. Each day they grow more attached as She digs Her roots into their psyche. To this day, She has kept every slave She has ever claimed as Owned. Life is magical with Goddess in it.

Links to Goddess Taura’s Femdom World:


iWantClips Store


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Goddess Taura black whip and cleavage
Goddess Taura blonde hair red lips
Goddess Taura black stockings fur on wall

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