Daily Fix: June 13th 2024 – Featured Red Lips Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Dee

Mistress Dee heard you have a lipstick fetish. As your boss, She thought it was only right that She make it 10 times worse. As you watch as Mistress Dee apply, tease and manipulate you. Things are going to have to change if you want to continue to work here.

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Goddess Harley LaVey

You’ve been obsessed with me for a long time now, but nothing gets your cock harder than staring at my juicy red lips as they shower the screen with kisses. Dreaming about these plump lips leaving wet kisses all over your skin is enough to make the precum turn into a full on eruption. After this clip you won’t ever be able to quit, you will be a fiend for these lips!

Download this clip on the video store of Goddess Harley LaVey.

Miss Honey Barefeet

Its been so long you waited for this tease. Craving to worship my mouth and my lips. Keep reterning for them. Look at me, how can you say no to these lips? Its getting so intence to watch me licking objects. Especially with some sensual jerk off encouragement to build that load big and thick for my lips. Its hot, its mind blowing with that red lipstick and a bit of spit. You love it so much dont you?

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Goddess Gracie Haze

The longer you stare at My pretty mouth the weaker you get. My hot red lips are so sexy you can help but worship every moment you see them. As I lick My lips you can feel how obsessed you will be with them. Reapplying lipstick has never been so hot before! My smile has you in a trance, unable to look away from the screen! I am simply too pretty for words and you can’t help but simp for Me. Be a good boy and pay more!

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Princess Violette

Let me tell you what to do with my sweet soft addictive voice. Stare at your kryptonite — my red lips. Let me take over. Leave your wife. My lips are sooo perfect and so powerful. They will end your marriage. Surrender to my power and beauty and submit to me. This feels so much better. I’ll whisper in your ear all the titillating details that make your cock throb and mind go numb and you’ll slip away from reality and fully become mine. Mine to play with. You desire this so deeply and you can’t ever get me out of your mind. Your marriage is fucked and can’t continue when I’m on your mind literally 24/7. I’ve taken over your life and you just want to exist in my world permanently.

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