Daily Fix: January 24th 2024 – Featured Fat Humiliation Clips

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Unleash your fantasies with DailyFix, presenting a carefully curated showcase of Fat Humiliation Clips. You are already aroused by the thought of Fat Humiliation. Immerse yourself in the diverse artistry and alluring videos.

Miss Alika White

You’re not just a loser, you’re a fat loser lol. So you deserve even more shaming and humiliation than a regular loser. Miss Alika White have come up with a hilarious (well She think so) bunch of fat shaming tasks for you. If Her bullying in this clip doesn’t give you the kick up the ass you need to lose some weight, She don’t know what will. Anyhow, Miss Alika White is gonna have some fun laughing at you and She bet you end up wanking your little cock to Her brutal verbal beat down – if you can find it beneath that big fat stomach hahaha.

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Goddess Heather Highborne

Hi fatty, are ya here again for another humiliating session? I guess I didn’t quite humiliate you enough the last time huh? Or maybe i didn’t drain your bank account enough…. Either way I’m glad your back. There’s nothing I love more than putting a fatso like you in his place LOL.  I mean there’s so much fat I could probably sit here and poke all day and still not have touched your entire body LOL. How do your balls feel under my shoes huh? Oops are those some leaks I see? I guess digging my heel into your balls and poking your fat really did the trick huh? LOL.

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Queen Carmella

You’re a fat disgusting pig that has no routine or motivation to do anything other than to hump his own hand into oblivion. Is that really your only workout routine? I bet the only thing going for you is your forearms! so pathetic. You look down and you can’t even see your pathetic little dicklette over your potbelly of fat anyway. I happen to be a trainer that specializes in bitches like you, with my very unique and successful approach. I know just how to get you to be USEFUL again! Perhaps I can tease you into actually stepping foot in a gym, but in a way you least expect it!

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Goddess Gracie Haze

Isn’t it fucking embarrassing being such a tub of lard? Of course it is, yet it will NEVER change. You are going to be gross, lonely and FAT forever! I am going to mercilessly torment you for being the fatfuck you are! I’m sure it’ll take you back to the days of a strong, pretty girl brutally bullying you when you were young. Isn’t that right fatty fatty 2 by 4?? You are still a sweaty, nasty fatso! Girls like Me will NEVER like you, in fact we’re disgusted by you. Can you even see that little worm between your legs with that fat belly?! Doubt it. It must be so mortifying knowing you’ll always be a porker! Go ahead and spend more on My insults, you know it’s what you deserve!

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Princess Arielle

Face the facts you disgusting idiot! You’re a fat wimpy fucking loser! Absolutely repulsive & disgusting, constantly pigging out & eating MORE! You have absolutely no self control, your life is fucking mess & the biggest indicator is your SIZE. Have you looked in a mirror lately? What a disgusting fat pervert, of course humiliation porn is the only way you can get your tiny dick hard!

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