Daily Fix: January 15th 2024 – Featured Ballbusting Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Are you sexually aroused by the act of a Domme Ballbusting you? Then this is your lucky day. In our DailyFix, featuring a curated lineup of Ballbusting Clips. Let each artist and clip speak to your desires.

Miss Raquel Roper

Miss Raquel Roper have strung up this human punching bag up and Miss Raquel Roper is eager to let out some frustration on it’s free dangling, worthless balls. She have Her leather high heeled boots on and She love the way the skin sounds smacking against the material when She swiftly kick in between it’s legs. Almost as much as She love the screams from him that follow. The deep inhale of breaths as gravity wants to pull him to the floor. But there is no going anywhere in Her shackles. Using them to hold onto in order to kick harder. And harder. She only release him from the so he may get on his hands and knees and spread them. Her strikes causing him to curl up into a ball.

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Princess Aurora

A cruel kicking for this sub in my gym gear. Watch me kick, stomp and squash his cock and balls in my tight spandex gym leggings. Starting with my pink converse plimsoles and ending with sweaty bare feet, fresh from the gym.

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Spoilt Princess Grace

As you can see I have a painslut in a position for a ballbusting. I just wanted to have a little fun. I relish seeing how much a slave will endure for me. He is allowed to jerk off, but only has He is kicked by my red bottom shoes, will he manage to cum as I kick him hard?

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Lady Bellatrix

This sub has been pissing me off all day and now I have to deal with him. I barge into the dungeon where he’s chained and immediately slap his face. While most slaves get better over time, this one gets progressively worse! So, ballbusting it is! I start in a standing position and deliver My trademark swift blows to the balls. Then after repeatedly kneeing him between the legs, I grab a handful of nuts and dig My sharp nails in. If he doesn’t improve after this, I taunt him with the promise of removing his balls! Getting him on all fours on the ground, I ball bust him from behind. Then I notice he has chipped My toe nail polish. I’m obviously infuriated, so I continue to bust his balls even harder!

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Goddess Seira

This devoted slave adores his beautiful and powerful Asian Mistress. Having served Me for some time, his addiction to Me grows stronger with each passing day. Although he’s new to ballbusting, he willingly endures it because of My love for dominating his balls. Despite the pain it brings, his addiction to Me drives him to endure. his sole desire is to please Me.

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Immerse yourself in desire as you explore the diverse artists and their tantalizing Ballbusting Clips.

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