Daily Fix: January 14th 2024 – Featured Armpit Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Welcome DommeAddiction Fans! Are you sexually attracted to Armpits? Does the Sweat of another person excite you? Then it’s your lucky day. Check our today’s DailyFix feature for some of the amazing Armpit Fetish clips. Jump on in and enjoy the clips!

Mistress Karina

You love being bullied for your pathetic armpit fetish. Being teased while you stroke for the perfect pits of Mistress Karina makes your cock so hard, especially when you imagine how stinky they smell after She have finished working out… you’re always going to be a loser perv stroking for the armpits of Mistress Karina.. only a real loser would buy and cum to this clip LOL.

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Mistress Karina.

Goddess Nova

I was minding my business at the gym, enjoying a sweaty workout, when I noticed this ugly toothpick of a man perving on me. He couldn’t take his eyes off of me. My annoyance grew until I came up with a plan to lure him back to my hotel room and correct this disgusting behavior. I bullied and belittled him for his ugly appearance, slapped him around, and repeatedly shoved his face in my sweaty armpits. I made him sniff them until he was practically crying and apologizing profusely. He learned his lesson and will never make the same mistake again.

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Goddess Penelope

’ve been at the gym training for hours, and I arrive home to find that you’ve not completed the chores I asked you to do. This makes me really annoyed as you’ve done nothing the whole time I’ve been sweating and training hard at the gym. I tell you to get on your knees so you can sniff my pits to smell the hard work I’ve been doing, I slap you around the face, bullying you and demand that you lick the soles of my trainers! I make you remove them from my feet revealing my sweaty socks. First I make you sniff inside my trainers, and then my socks. You think you’re gonna get a treat by licking my feet. WRONG! I notice a tiny hole in my socks, and make you lick my toe through it. Laughing at you, and bullying you more.

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Goddess Latex Barbie

You need this. You’re desperate for my pits. Cock in hand, pump for my pits. A topless JOI with the perfect sensual touch to have you leaking for my underarms, my pheromones, just imagine the way I might smell, imagine how good it would taste…. stroke yourself stupid for my princess pits, my perfect tits, this is your porn, toy…. yes, you can cum for my pits…

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Lady Toro

I knew you’d appreciate my glistening armpits. There’s so soft and glowing with sweat, with just the right amount stubble to run your tongue against. These pits are so pretty you’d do anything to have a taste of them.

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Amplify your Armpit Fetish and be sure to check this page dedicated to Armpit Fetish Clips. Get ready to increase your Armpit Fetish addiction.

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