Thursday June 2nd 2016

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Lindsey Leigh


It truly is how it sounds. Abstain. Your cock has taken control of you. You have become a life support system for your cock. This means you are utterly useless to Goddess Lindsey Leigh after you orgasm. She wants to take the control back. Your cock belongs to Goddess Lindsey Leigh and She is telling it to abstain. Do you hear Her? Is this registering? Abstain. For 7 full days Goddess Lindsey Leigh wants you to deny yourself. You can not watch porn and She wants your cock locked or untouched. Yes, this means you will be without Goddess Lindsey Leigh for a week. Truly this is no hard task, it only seems difficult because your cock is fighting Goddess Lindsey Leigh for control. You will listen to Her. This 7 day experiment will make you a better man for Goddess Lindsey Leigh. It will help you focus on what is truly important, your health and Her wealth. ABSTAIN.

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Domme Kyaa & Princess Rene


Princess Rene and Domme Kyaa are served with cold drinks by a whimpering slave. All he can do is grovel on his knees in hopes that his pitiful efforts please them. Domme Kyaa & Princess Rene are demanding, bratty and so fucking hot in their little bikinis. Drool over their long legs, toned tummies and perky cleavage as you watch the slave rub Princess Rene’s feet while Domme Kyaa uses his back as a foot stool. This is a peek into their real lives, what it’s actually like being them.

Must buy clip for Foot Fetish & Femdom fans!

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Goddess Christina


Goddess Christina could use any of Her assets to make you nice and weak for Her. All it really takes is one because somebody has a little fetish don’t they? You’re an ass fiend. You want to see Goddess Christina’s ass don’t you? You want to see Her perfect Goddess bubble butt? Well, beg to Goddess Christina. Beg Her and bow to Her booty!

Ass Fetish fans will love this exciting clip!

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Goddess Christina

Goddess Idelsy


Goddess Alix Lynx and Goddess Idelsy love are making out and you’re so lucky they let you watch. To make it even hotter, they are both wearing lingerie. As Goddess Idelsy said, you do get to watch, but that’s as far as you’ll ever get. Two sexy babes kissing in front of you, but you’ll never have a taste. And when they are ready to take the next step and fuck each other, they shut off the cam .. you don’t get that!

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Goddess Crystal Knight

Goddess Crystal Knight

These sensual curves have more power over you than you ever imagined possible. You find yourself downloading each of Goddess Crystal Knight’s clips just to stare at Her ginormous tits. Teasing you, arousing you to want to beat your meat, and most importantly weakening you to think with your dick and purchase yet another titty teaser. You feel pathetic that a pair of DDD’s can ruin you so easily. She knows how to bring this addiction to the surface and control you with it. Give in to your Master, Her tits own you now.

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Goddess Crystal Knight

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