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by Michael Smith
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Welcome to The Cash Coven

I would like to let everyone know exactly what it is and what the vision is for it. When I first created the cash coven Discord server I wanted a community where subs could come and find exclusive Dommes and enjoy their fetishes. I wanted the space to also be uplifting for the women involved. I wanted to showcase exactly how powerful women are when they work together, seeing as most Dominatrices are stand-alone practitioners. It’s a Femdom-based server but also Findom highlighted.

Origins of a Community

Myself and Goddess Lucie had the same vision for a community. We teamed up and spent a few months coming up with the theme, the branding and the idea before we launched. We’ve spent over a year interviewing and bringing on safe and sexy Dommes who share the same vision as us. And in that year I’m proud to say the cash coven has taken over $200,000 in sub money. We do not plan to stop here as our team works hard to come up with new games, new ideas, and new ways to serve for years to come.

What Awaits You?

We currently have about 500 subs and 13 Dommes. New subs are recruited everyday, but we only recruit new Dommes as we feel we have capacity to support them. When a sub joins the server, he or she has to age verify and agree upon being useful to the women in the server. After that, they gain access to most of the server minus the spicy parts. Once they have sent a total of $50 in the server they gain access to the kink galleries. These are filled with hot content and hot rewards. Once they send $100 in the server they gain access to the good sub section of the server. Here you will find even hotter content, explicit chats, and spicy rewards.

What Are You Waiting For?

We host 5 to 10 events a month that a sub may choose to play in alongside community games like cards against humanity or among us group play. We also have an education section inside of our server where subs can learn about different kinks and safe practice.

There have been a few other communities come up after us. But nobody does kink or female empowerment like the coven. I don’t want to give away too much. So if you would like to learn more about how hot it is inside the server you’ll just have to join.

~ Goddess Stephh (@footbaddie) ~

slaveboysmith: For those who are not familiar, what exactly is The Cash Coven and in what ways does it serve the Femdom community?

Miss Moon: Cash Coven is, at its core, a sisterhood bonded by a singular purpose: to seduce, control, and extract wealth from those weak of mind. It unites Dommes from different backgrounds and of various styles that still find great pleasure in working together. They support and protect one another, their unity making them an unstoppable force in the Femdom community. Each of them bring to the Coven a unique set of skills and expertise, allowing them to amplify their power. Their targets then can’t help but find themselves willingly surrendering control. Their fortunes flowing into the chest of those intoxicating Women. To encounter the Cash Coven is to step into a world where desire and control intertwine. Where the allure of submission can lead to both ecstasy and ruin.

Miss Moon (@Send2Moon)

The Cash Coven - Miss Moon

sbs: Do you host any type of Special Events within the Discord platform, and if so, what can you share about the type of events one might eagerly anticipate?

Mommy Ivy: In the Cash Coven we celebrate kink and love hosting events catered to each of them. Whether you enjoy group play or solo, there’s is a space to excite you and the only place you can have any or all 13 of Us to yourself. From our Cruel Summer event wheel spins to our weekly competitions, we never miss the chance for an unforgettable time. It is a welcoming server to explore your deepest desires and even the most shy of submissives find opportunities to come and join us in the fun.

Mommy Ivy (@ivyluvxo)

The Cash Coven - Mommy Ivy

sbs: For our submissive readers, what is expected of those who apply to join The Cash Coven in terms of time, financial commitment and servitude?

Miss B: We expect submissives to give the Coven their full attention when entering, but every availability is welcome. Our events calendar should help you to know when to be available and ready for action. We recommend exploring the place, getting to know everyone, be engaging regularly so We know who you are. The difference between other platforms and Discord is that you get to spend time with Dommes and other subs in a casual way. There is no other place where you can hang out with Us on that level. This brings ease before approaching a Domme/s, because this setting helps to show who you most match with or if your style of serving suits them.

In return for Our fantastic presence, there comes with natural expectation of subs stepping up to play with Us, preferably using the many games and rooms We prepared for such occasions. Remember, it is a privilege to be surrounded by so many magnificent Dommes who chat, create events and hang out with you, so subs are expected to show gratitude properly and regularly. Since it’s an app, you can be active nearly every moment and never miss anything with it being on the phone. Hehe

Miss B (@ServeMissB)

sbs: For our Domme readers, what are the typical attributes of Dommes that are accepted into and can be found within The Cash Coven?

Miss Nikki aka CatLady: Some typical attributes our Dommes possess are:

1. A great sense of humor – I love how we all get along and share a similar sense of humour.

2. Confidence – We just know our worth and we command respect with grace.

3. Charisma– We just have rizz, what can I say?

4. Supportive behaviour– We are here for each other, always.

5. Elegance – We are sexy & sophisticated.

6. Empowerment– We inspire each other & subs to do better.

7. Creativity – We bring a unique touch to everything & our events are amazing and creative.

8. Financial control – Does this really need an explanation? 👀

and many more…

Miss Nikki (@submittocatlady)

sbs: As a Domme, have you been part of something like this previously, and if so, how is The Cash Coven unique when compared to other Domme channels?

Princess Lia: As a Domme, I have been in several spaces with a similar goal to The Cash Coven. The Coven is different from the rest simply because of how closely the Dommes work as team members. The environment here is helpful and friendly, we grow together. In a kink where it’s usually women against women, The Coven is a breath of fresh air.

Princess Lia (@iluvhlia)

sbs: While The Cash Coven has been established for some time now, what type of future plans are there for expansion or enhancement of the Discord server?

Goddess Lucie: I think Discord is going to continue to be a major part of, and avenue for, the online Femdom community going forward. As we face shadow banning and censorship on other social media platforms, we are seeing continual growth as people look for a more intimate and direct space to connect with one another.

We do plan to expand Our team in the next year, opening up to more Dommes eventually. With that said, this is not something we will be rushing to do. It is especially important to us to ensure that our Dommes all uphold and align with our personal and ethical values as owners as well as working synergistically with our existing Domme members. In terms of general server growth, we are always evolving our structure, continuing to think up different ways we can use technology to facilitate kink play. This may include our seasonal live streaming events, various iterations of group play and kinky takes on traditional games!

Goddess Lucie (@GoddessLucie_x)

The Cash Coven - Goddess Lucie

sbs: For those who are interested, how may Dommes reading this apply to join The Cash Coven?

Goddess Honey: I love the Coven & can totally see the intriguing possibilities of wanting to join the cash coven. If you’re interested you can go to and select the three lines in the left corner, and select new Dommes and apply! Goddess Lucie & Goddess Stephh do everything possible to curate a safe & fun space for all Dommes & subs.

Goddess Honey (@slxtvenomBU)

sbs: Thank you so much for your time in answering these questions. Any final words for our readers of DommeAddiction who are eager to dive right in?

Goddess Atom: The best way to see just how intimate, fun, and authentic The Cash Coven is… is to join!!! There really is no other FemDom/Findom Discord server like it…and We are ALWAYS accepting weak, eager, obedient pay puppets, and playthings to come join Us.

Goddess Atom (@xAtomicGoddessx)

The Cash Coven - Goddess Atom


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