Sunday June 12th 2016

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Nikki


Mmmmm, ass, legs, and wedge high heels. You are so weak for this sexy combo! You can just drool over Princess Nikki’s perfect body hip to heel all night long. The curve of Her ass, the shine of Her tan legs, the height of Her wedge heel….So Fucking Hot. Princess Nikki is your bratty dream girl, now bow down to Her!

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Princess Nikki

Goddess Lindsey Leigh


You have just taken Goddess Lindsey Leigh on a date. Back at Her house now enjoying each others company. She invites you into Her bedroom, you eagerly follow. While getting to Her bed She asks you to get on your knees, She wants to do something kinky. You’ve been staring at Her pantyhose all night, She wants to incorporate them into foreplay. The tease escalates to the point you have orgasmed, that doesn’t stop Her, you still have to make Her cum…

If you love Sensual Domination, this is your perfect clip to buy!

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Goddess Lindsey Leigh

Goddess Mina Thorne


This is the perfect jerk off instruction from Goddess Mina Thorne for those horny stroke addicts who don’t have much time. Maybe a quick jerk session at work, at the bathroom at home while your wife is in the other room, in your car before heading in for a meeting. It’s hot, sexy and straight to the point. Hurry up before you risk getting caught!

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Goddess Mina Thorne

Goddess Idelsy


Goddess Idelsy loves wasting your money. In this clip, She doesn’t get nude, She doesn’t talk dirty to you, She doesn’t encourage you to jerk off….none of that. She sits in Her lounge chair humiliating you from time to time bust mostly ignoring you. She spends most of this clip on Her phone when She knows you are dying for a sexy bikini tease. But you’re a loser and the only thing you deserve is for Goddess Idelsy to waste your money.

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Goddess Idelsy

Mistress Sasha Mizaree


Let the gif do the talking. Mistress Sasha Mizaree knows how easy it is to get your attention, all it takes is the shiny dress to start and when it comes off you are totally fucked.

Do you like Shiny Dresses? Then this is your perfect clip to buy!

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Mistress Sasha Mizaree

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