Sunday August 2nd 2015

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Goddess Amanda


Goddess Amanda posted 2 new clips to Her iWantClips store today. Cock Tease with JOI is Her first clip She let you purchase today. Her body in a shiny pink bikini is irresistible to any slave begging for instructions.


you Can’t Live Without My Legs is Her second clip today! Still unsure if She’s being greedy or generous but Her losers are extremely grateful either way.


Mistress Mindy Madison



you were stupid enough to let a bratty Princess take off in your expensive car for the weekend, what did you think would happen? She doesn’t respect you, so why would She respect your car? Well She doesn’t and She tells all the bratty ways She fucked up your car this weekend with Her hot girlfriends in I Fucked up your Car, Her new clip on Clips4Sale



Goddess Jasmine


Goddess Jasmine posted a hot new clip to Her Kinkbomb store today. She looks spectacular in Ache To Be Owned in Her black shiny outfit and boots. Her hair pulled back tight in a ponytail and Her red lips make Her look more dominant and cruel. She teases you along and encourages you to stroke and will have you begging for submission.


Spoil this British beauty with lots of gifts off Her Amazon Wish List

Goddess Samantha


In A Piece of Me Goddess Samanthas new clip on iWantClips She offers you a once in lifetime opportunity to all of Her losers. they can own a piece of Her, by buying it of course. Maybe a fresh pair of panties? you crave Her scent and now you can have it!




Lady Olivia Fyre


Would you be surprised to hear that Goddess Olivia always gets what She wants? Her new clip on Kinkbomb proves just that. I Always Get My Man. She is super strong and powerful and She is here to take you and do what She pleases with you.



Mz. Devious


Mz Devious knows you are a lowly slave who will do anything to please Her. So in Her new clip Shit Addict on Clips4Sale She wants you to open your mouth wide and take in what will prove to be the ultimate sacrifice as low scum slave.




Datura DiVine


Datura DiVine has released another clip to Her Clips4Sale store. This is an informational clip for Her new and old slaves on how to be a good fin sub. Basically, it takes money! And lots of it! Get it all ready for Findom 101



Lady Nina


Lady Nina Leigh is not in a merciful mood today. She is digging in deep and ruthlessly into your wallet today in Her new clip on iWantClips. Deeper Into Debt you will go as you watch this clip. She is a pro at wallet emptying and you are just more practice for Her.



Trixie Miss


Beautifully wicked Trixie Miss posted a new clip to Her Clips4Sale store today. In Clip Addict Turned Finsub She mocks your story of starting out as a wanking clip junkie only to realize you love to pay Her. She seduces a new fetish out of you and makes you love to pay.



Goddess Christina


Goddess Christina has been busy moving to paradise and is behind on filming clips and customs. She will get to when She gets to it, don’t worry.


She has PLENTY of clips for you to buy and worship over so you have no excuses to not get your fix. If you have bought them all already, then erase them and buy them again.



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