Saturday August 8th 2015

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Goddess Christina


Goddess Christina doesn’t care if you live or die and She’s probably going to kill you with this new pantyhose worship clip. She has on black pantyhose to start then changes to nude as She gyrates above you making your little cock dribble with excitement in Her new clip Pantyhose and Pussy Worship JOI on iWantClips


Lady Olivia Fyre


Lady Olivia Fyre is making Her losers jealous even if they don’t realize it. She knows they secretly crave cock and She flaunts Her studs cock in their faces until they crave him as well. they will be dreaming about Her and Him from now on. Wishing they could taste him the way She does. In your Dreams, Faggot can be bought in Her Clips4Sale store.



Kayla Jane Danger


Kayla Jane looks incredible in Her new clip on Kinkbomb Escort Intox. Her black thigh highs with Her little lingerie set makes that bottle of champagne go down a little smooth. Before you know it you are so blasted you don’t know which way is up.




Goddess Amiee


Goddess Amiee is always in control. Her power lays within your weakness and you get so weak seeing Her with big hard strap-on. She fucks your money right out of your wallet in Her new clip on iWantClips Always Fucking your Wallet




Mindy Madison


Princess Mindy does not care if you lose everything you have because of Her. She wants to break you down into nothing. She’s going to start with your wallet. I Want to Spend Everything you Have is Her new greedy financial domination clip on Clips4Sale. She is the ultimate greed Princess. See if you can satisfy Her demands.


Give this deviant brat everything She asks for before She makes you regret it!



Princess Samantha


Princess Samantha posted Cock Tease for loser to Her iWantClips store today. She starts out in a sexy all black outfit and ends up in Her lacy bra and panties making you stroke like the loser you are.




Lady Esme Faye


They make you weak. They make you stupid. They make you reckless. Her legs are your drug you cannot get enough of. you are addicted. She knows it and uses it against you in Her new clip on Kinkbomb Get Reckless for My Legs




Princess Lacey


you’re not worthy of Princess Lacey’s attention. She has better things to do than to give you any of Her time. She plays on Her computer while you pay in Her new clip on iWantClips Stare at My Feet, I Stare at Screen


She went to see Nicki Minaj tonight and looked so hot!


Her puffy pigtails are the brattiest thing around next to this face She is making!



Goddess Amanda


Goddess Amanda’s ass is irresistible and She knows it. She flaunts it in your face just to get your money and it works every single time. In Crazy About My Ass She proves you are completely addicted and helpless for Her bum and will fall to your knees and open your wallet for Her.




Kelly Sunshine


Kelly Sunshine gives you a proper reality check in Her newest clip on iWantClips. In Teasing Humiliation for a loser She teases you for being so lame and pathetic. She tells you all about how you could never get a girl like Her as She slowly strips in front of you making your denial even more excruciating.


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