Monday April 27th 2015

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Bratty Bunny


Bratty Bunny posted 2 new amazing clips on iWantClips today. Her first is Cum Facial Humiliation and She makes Her loser cum all over his face and laughs at him for it, of course!

Her body looks extra spectacular in this clip with that little pink romper, just teases you senseless. A must buy for any Bunny loser.


In Look Up My Skirt Tease She teases you in a short little dress. And She makes you feel like such a pervert for looking even though She’s flaunting it all right in your face. Good luck not looking!


Princess Alli



Princess Alli is sick of all Her losers being fat slobs so She decided to make a work-out series to get Her subs to a more appealing appearance.

Princess Alli Work-Out Training for Fat pigs part 1 can be purchased through Her iWantClips store.


Jasmine Mendez


Jasmine Mendez had two clips releases today on Clips4Sale. In TSA Inspection, inspector Jasmine is ready to give some preppy business man a very thorough inspection.


Credit Card Fucked by Maid Again is a super hot financial domination clip with a heavy smoking fetish dose. This maid looks extremely greedy and in control.


Datura D’Vine


The Brilliant and Beautiful Datura D’Vine released a new clip on Clips4Sale today. In Higher Rationale She explains how superior She is and little She has to show it, your place in Her life and the meaning of Her existence.


Mindy Madison


Princess Mindy Madison does NOT stop making money. Everyday She wakes to tributes and sales and gifts!


Then during the day when She’s awake, She just funnels even more into Her account!


Greedy Mindy is a money making machine! We are so glad to see Her getting rich!


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