Friday June 26th 2015

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Princess Ashley


Princess Ashley is right in Her new clip on iWantClips My Heels Are Bigger Than your Dick. It’s not like you are going to argue with Her anyway. She is always right.

All She cares about is your


Because She knows you are addicted to Her perfect


Sarah Diavola


Don’t worry guys, Bratty Sarah Diavola has the cure, finally, for Her other clip Inductive Impotence. In Boner Fixer She makes your impotence spell all better. Buy it now on Clips4Sale and make it all better.


She had a topless pool party yesterday and you weren’t invited.


Lady Olivia Fyre


Beta Cuckold’s View is Olivia Fyre’s new clip on Kinkbomb. And if this the view they get, they are the luckiest cuckold slaves bitches on this planet. Getting to watch Her stud fuck Her and getting to taste the drippings.


Goddess Mya Kulpa


Lip Slut Glossing is Goddess Mya’s new masterpiece She has created for you to buy off iWantClips. This is not your typical lip gloss tease clip. Anything Goddess Mya produces is addictive and incredible.

Check out Her free video tease on YouTube!



Miss London Lix


Hours of Edging sounds like paradise for any slave who loves stroking to Mistress London. Get Her new clip on Clips4Sale and start your wonderful night of stroking, edging and spending for Goddess.



Mindy Madison


Eat That Cum or I Will Tell your Wife Everything is Princess Mindy’s new clip on iWantClips. Blackmail and home wrecking combo is Princess Mindy’s specialty.


She has the Tits, She makes the rules. you follow.

The Mistress B


Mocking My SPH Cuckold is The Mistress B’s new clip on iWantClips. She circles Her cucky slave as She teases him, mocks his small dick and humiliates him to his face all on cam. This guy has no dignity and She proves it relentlessly.


Even though She is on vacation, pretending to be a mermaid, She found time to release 2 clips for Her wanking addicts today. Keep an eye on Her Twitter for lots of vacation photos!


She added Homewrecker: I am the One and Only Woman in your Life to Her ink bomb store earlier today. She looks so beautiful as She sits there and redefines the rules of your marriage for you.


Lady Dee


Once you see Lady Dee’s new clip on iWantClips Under My Soles you will be under Her spell and hooked for life. Her beautiful feet and long legs will have you begging for more destruction.


Her Wish List needs tending to boys. Get on it!!



Macey Jade


Macey Jade knows you are going to love Her new clip on iWantClips. Dirty Panty Haul is a dirty panty lovers dream clip. She shows off multiple pairs of underwear that She’s been wearing. All sorts of markings on Her panties this week. She describes them all to you in detail as you wank away.


She’s been getting lots of gifts lately


Keep spoiling Her so She keep posting pics like these!


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