Friday April 17th 2015

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Macey Jade


Goddess Macey Jade was teasing Her puppets today and treating them like such. In Her first clip She released today on Clips4Sale Danger Zone, She leads Her impressionable slave down another path to discover new fetishes. Fetishes She puts in your head. Watch out for the Danger Zone


Her 2nd clip release was on iWantClips and called Gateway to Femdom. This is Her prequel to Danger Zone. This is were the original fetish started, this is were it all begins, and ends for you.

Sarah Diavola


The ravishing Sarah Diavola was playing with Her little slaves today in this clip She posted on Clips4Sale Vore Vixen. This looks like one of the hottest vore clips ever! Be sure to add this one to you collection tonight!


And this is one of the hottest pics EVER! Sarah Diavola, latex, Sarah, boobies, latex, Sarah, stockings, Sarah, latex, X’s, Sarah, spoil.


Mistress Roxy J


Undeniable Mistress Roxy posted this hot new fetish clip out today on iWantClips. Worship My Mouth is a an enchanting clip with Her savvy British accent. She sounds so amazing degrading Her losers with such a sweet voice and soft silky lips.

Goddess Lindsey


Goddess Lindsey is finally feeling better after being really sick for a week. So glad She’s feeling well and back on top of things! To celebrate your payday She posted this clip to Her iWantClips store Shiny Ass Mindfuck


I’m sure more presents would help make this vixen feel better so click on Her above pic to spoil Her


Lady Esme Faye

Forced Intox and Poppers Fuck Over GIF (1)

Lady Esme Faye had a busy day updating Her sites. She posted this new clip to Clips4Sale Forced Intox and Poppers Fuckover


New Goodies were added to Her Nitelfirt store like this one Manipulative Bitch Makes you Her Pantyhose Bitch Her amazing legs wrapped tight in those pantyhose could easily make anyone Her bitch. Be sure to get all Her amazing clips and pics.


Sasha Conceited


Leggy bombshell Sasha Conceited was burning holes in losers pockets today with Her new clip on iWantClips called My Ass Makes you Stupid She teases you with Her perky ass, knowing what it’s doing you and you love it.


you can order custom clips from Her through iWantClips now, so take advantage of Her generosity. Go spend for this blonde beauty and be Her next toy wallet to play with.


Princess Sheridan


Princess Sheridan released an inciting clip today on Kinkbomb. Celebrity Bashing Custom. This is a custom request that has a fun spin. She bashes the stars, and of course you too a little.


When She posts photos like this, She can bash whoever She wants! Click the pic above and spoil Her with gifts from Her Amazon Wish List.


Princess Samantha


Exotic Princess Samantha is Draining your Marriage and your Balls in Her new clip posted on iWantsClips tonight.


She has lots of new clips to keep you drained for a while as well. Will you be able to handle all that She has in store for you?


Mistress Mya Kulpa


Mystical Mistress Mya Kulpa released Mesmeratrix Matrix today on iWantClips. She lures you in with Her beauty then controls your mind. you have been warned!


Then She updated Her Niteflirt Goodies with this pic set of Her perfect ass Shiny Red Delicious 


Goddess Tierra


Goddess Tierra finally released Her a new clip today! She has been teasing Her boys all week and She finally posted it. I bet they were happy and ready to explode! Go buy Tipsy Splurging before you do.

It is Her birthday month so be sure to send extra spoils for this hard working hard body


Click on Her above pic to get to Her Amazon Wish List to spoil Her

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