Friday April 10th 2015

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Bratty Nikki


Leggy Goddess Bratty Nikki was doing what She does best today, taking losers money effortlessly. She released this clip early in the day on iWantClips Blue Balling Brat part 3  (part 3! Thats means there are 2 more in this series!!)

I think the gif and the clip title speak for themselves! This clip is HOT!


She was so pleased with Her clip sales that She released a 2nd clip for the day on iWantClips!! Is She being generous or greedy?? Playful Bratty Thong Tease


And of course She found time (1 min and 16 sec to be exact) to easily take $200 from some lucky loser. She posted this tweet on Twitter  “$200 for 1 min 16 seconds of cam  ” with the above pic. She forgot #luckyGoddess


Vikki Lynn


Goddess Vikki Lynn was busy today! She spent the day responding to emails and fan tweets. Then She updated Her Clips4Sale store with this taunting JOI clip Show it to Me, Jerk it for Me

Goddess Saffron


Wickedly creative Goddess Saffron was draining losers wallets and peckers in Her newly released clip today Jerk Puppet on iWantClips.



She is also in a contest to win a $1000 gift card for Delivery Code! Click on the pic and vote for Her. you can win Her a $1000 gift card by just clicking! How easy and generous is that?! No excuses, go click for this Goddess!!!

Kelly Sunshine


Blazing hot Kelly Sunshine was burning through losers wallets as She racked up payments from Her Goodies on Niteflirt.



Later on, via Twitter, She divulged some juicy facts about what visually turns Her on “My biggest visual turn ons are piercings, long hair or dreads on guys, strappy bondage lingerie, long nails and shoes.”  Wow, that’s a lot of visual imagery! <3


Lady Nina Leigh


Lady Nina Leigh stared Her day with sending out parcels to Her lucky slaves. And to make sure to keep them addicted and coming back She released this new clip on Clips4Sale SLUTTY SURPRISE HUMILIATION 

toothbrushing session


Princess Samantha


Princess Samantha was terrorizing Her foot boys today with Her new clip Humiliating yourself for a Sniff  She posted in Her iWantClips store. She busted you perving over Her feet and now She’s going to make you suffer for each stroke.


Lady Esme Faye

The ravishing Lady Esme Faye is a little under the weather lately and won’t be filming for a bit so She has lots of time to come up with new twisted ideas for slaves! In the mean time She is updating Her Niteflirt with Goodies like these Fuck yourself



And of course She has plenty of time to update Her clip stores like Clips4Sale with clips of Her heavenly body and those Legs for Days which is the name of Her new clip!

Legs For Days GIF (1)


Evelyn Milano



Irresistible Princess Evelyn is teasing those poor blue balls of Her addicted losers for the 2nd week in a row with Her new clip Poor Blue Balls week 2 How much longer will She make them wait?

It must be so hard to hold out while watching Her perfect ass in those tight lace up pants and Her boobs bulging out of Her corset. It’s so much fun to torture yourself for Princess Evelyn.


Princess Lacey


Princess Lacey has enchanting beauty and uses it in Her new clip that is sure to devastate the hardest of egos. In this custom clip she posted on iWantClips The Complete and Utter Destruction of Derek She does not hold back on the insults, the humiliation or the verbal abuse She dishes out to Her lucky slave.

Lindsey Leigh


Lindsey Leigh was showing off again today, lucky us!! She started Her day with a booty workout, if you can’t tell by the above pic. She uses visions of kicking Her slaves asses as motivation to plump up those beautiful cheeks.


She’s also going to motivate you, into handing over your tax refund check!!

She posted this video to iWantClips today It’s MY Tax Refund



Then She was off to watch a game at the ballpark for Opening Day. She was the hottest one there by far and She took a pic to show off, of course!! Thank you Princess!




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