Feature Interview: Goddess Saffron

by Michael Smith
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Any true submissive male is well aware of the stunningly beautiful Goddess Saffron Taylor.  Her latex pictures are everywhere online and she is a dominant, commanding presence that overwhelms any male ego.  Today, get to know a little more about the woman behind the perfect, latex-clad curves, and then spoil her by joining her website, buying her clips and sending her gifts from her wishlist. 


slaveboysmith:  How long have you been doing this, and how did you become an online dominatrix?

Goddess Saffron: I have been a fetish model since 2007.  I did my first latex fetish photo shoot in 2008 and it was a massive hit with fans all over the world.  This led me to specialize in latex fetish modelling ever since.  As latex is often associated with Femdom, I gained many submissive fans. So becoming an online dominatrix was the natural next step and I haven’t looked back!

sbs:  Would you say you are naturally dominant, or is it more of a roleplay?

GS: Yes, I am a bit of a control freak.  I am also a perfectionist and like things to go my way.  I do have high standards and my creativity never stops when it comes to making fetish videos.   I just love the way I can express my dominant persona.

sbs:  Some women would say they could do your job in a heartbeat, but it requires far more than saying ‘give me money or buy me stuff.”  What skills do you think a successful Fin Domme such as yourself needs to have?  

GS: Being a successful Domme, also means being a clever business woman.  There is more to this business than verbally humiliating subs and taking their cash!  OK, that may be a fun part of it, but only a small part.  Being business savvy and knowing how to promote yourself is very valuable important, along with building good relationships with slaves, which is just as important as disciplining them.

sbs:  Can you explain what makes a man want to be a financial slave? What motivates them to spoil you as they do so easily?

GS:  They love to see me living a rich lifestyle.  Some love making me richer and richer.  Some just like to spoil me with gifts.  Some like to send me sexy outfits and get so much excitement out of seeing me wearing that outfit in a video or a photo shoot.  Some love the exhilaration and risk of giving me large amounts of cash.  Some love to feel they are providing for me. Some love to work purely for me.  There are so many variations to financial slaves.

sbs:  What are your favorite fetishes to explore with your slaves?

GS: Mental domination along with financial domination is my specialty, purely because I am good at it and I love doing it!

sbs:  What is the worst part of being a Financial Domme?

GS: Pay slave wannabes.  The amount of times I get emails and slave applications from guys who say they want to play the Findom game, but never act on it.

sbs:  What is the most money that anyone has ever tributed to you (at one time or cumulatively)?  

GS: $3000 in 25 minutes over a Skype chat (not even video) and one of my highest paying slaves has cumulatively sent me around $75,000+ over approx 5 years.

sbs:  What is the most expensive thing that you have been able to buy as a result of money from a slave? 

GS: So far my Mercedes SLK.  My next target is a new BIGGER house!

sbs: Have you met many other financial Dommes? Is there ever competition over who gets the most slaves, money or gifts?

GS: I know a few financial Dommes and they are also very savvy business women.  I have honestly never experienced any competition, in fact we often swap notes and help each other out.  Sometimes its good to chat with someone in the same business.  After all, its not everyday that you get to hear people say they do financial domination for a living!

sbs:  What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to a slave? 

GS: A chastity slave, sent me his key over a year ago.  I still have it and do not intend to return it.  In the meantime, I just keep draining his wallet as he keeps on sending me cash, in hope that one day I will send him back his key!   I also got a slave to secretly sell his wife’s engagement ring and send me the cash.  His wife to this day, just thinks she had lost the ring! ouch!

sbs:  How many slaves do you currently have “working” for you? 

GS: I only count those who send me over a certain amount per month/year.  Too many to count, although I have recently started assigning slaves numbers and have a good spreadsheet to monitor their performance.

sbs:  Would you ever meet a slave in real life?

GS: No… no slave deserves the honour of feasting his eyes upon his Goddess in real life.

sbs:  How do you know when you’ve completely broken someone and are completely in control of them?

GS: They don’t stop a) contacting me and b) paying me.

sbs:  Have any of your slave tried to reverse the power dynamic and top from the bottom with you?

GS: Yes, in fact I had one this week. He purchased a custom video for over $500 and asked me to tape my mouth, I laughed and told him to get a refund, you are talking to the wrong woman!

sbs:  Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

GS: Yes, a couple of times, but they  didn’t approach me.  I think they were too scared.  They just emailed me later asking if I was at so and so today.  I denied it of course!

sbs:  Cash or gifts? What type of tribute do you prefer?

GS: That’s a tricky one…. I would say cash mostly, as I can buy anything I like, but it pays my  bills, however, it is always lovely to get surprise gifts off my wishlist

sbs:  What role does social media sites such as Twitter or Skype play in your business?

GS: A massive amount.  It gives fans daily previews of my new clips, site updates, and a great way for slaves to get to know my dominant persona.  My original twitter @Saffrontaylor has my biggest following as it has been around longer.  However my new recently created Femdom twitter @GoddessSaffron is attracting more of a submissive following, which is my preference.

sbs:  Finally, is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers reading this interview?

GS: If this is the first time you have found me, send me your slave application at http://www.goddesssaffron.com/slave-application/ and check out my latest clips!  If you are already familiar with my work… what are you waiting for, get buying my clips, serving, pampering and spoiling me!

One glance at Goddess Saffron and you can clearly see, this is a woman who never hears the word no.  She wants you to apply to serve her, to spoil her as she so richly deserves, and become her walking wallet.  Do as you’re told and give in to the desires you know you can’t control.  Goddess Saffron is entirely irresistible and she knows exactly how to control you.  She’s already in your head and owns you…even if you haven’t entirely realized it yet!

Website: www.GoddessSaffron.com

Clip Store: www.clips4sale.com/51793

Twitter: www.twitter.com/goddesssaffron

Amazon Wishlist: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishlist/312ZFVK62DFTJ

Free Newsletter: http://www.goddesssaffron.com/phplist/?p=subscribe&id=2

Tumblr: http://goddesssaffron.tumblr.com


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