Daily Fix: June 15th 2024 – Featured Short Shorts Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Candy Glitter

You’re welcome ass addicted slave boy, another chance to worship the beautiful ass of Princess Candy Glitter. Could you imagine seeing Princess Candy Glitter in these little tiny shorts at the gym? That would make you so weak and horny, wouldn’t it?

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Domina Elara

These Short Shorts on My perfect body seem to really have an effect on you. Especially when I sit in these dangerously provocative positions… spreading My legs, bending over and even unzipping these short shorts… it’s almost as if I know the undeniable effect they have on you. I can see a bulge happening between your own legs. You can’t even hide it. Look closer at Me when I pull these shorts lower and lower… awww, did you feel desperate to touch yourself? Go on try. I dare you.

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Princess Amber

I want ya to stroke your cock and start planning how you’ll treat a real man’s cock. Accept and embrace cock on your mind, being shoved in your mouth, and pounding your sissy asshole 24/7. That’s right, keep stroking, while you watch the video. And make sure to send me the video, I’ll be so proud of you, my sissy cumbucket!

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Lady Mesmeratrix

You are a perv. And I love to tease pervs. My big booty is so irresistible and sexy, you’d like to touch it, feel it, but the only thing you can do is KISS it through your monitor. You’re a loser. and I love to wear these tight shorts for you, to make you suffer like a perv deserves.

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Goddess Kyaa

Classic bratty femdom at it’s finest… simply focus on my itty bitty cut off short shorts and start edging! My fit bubbly ass looks so fucking fantastic in my tight and tiny short shorts. I’m so fit and hot, it makes you dumb just to stare at me. The longer you goon for my perfect ass and hips in my short shorts, the more your brain melts. Go stupid for my short shorts, bitch!

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