Daily Fix: December 6th 2023 – Featured Sweat Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Welcome DommeAddiction Fans! Are you sexually attracted to Sweat? Does the Sweat of another person excite you? Then it’s your lucky day. Check our today’s DailyFix feature for some of the amazing Sweat Fetish Fetish clips. Jump on in and enjoy the clips!

Mistress Dee – She is very Sweaty

Mistress Dee is back from the gym. She is very sweaty And you get to worship Her, but loser, that’s all you get to worship – Her sweat!

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Mistress Dee.

Goddess Valentina Fox – Must buy clip for Sweat Fetish fans

Your sexy neighbor asked you for some help today mounting a few things on her wall. But once I’ve got you alone, I tell you My true intentions. I see the way you stare at Me constantly, even when you’re with your girlfriend. I see you looking at Me longingly, especially in the gym. At first I thought you just had a normal crush…until I saw you sniffing the bench where I was sitting after you thought I had left the gym. I can always sense a pervert! I’m going to make you mine. Get on your knees and worship My sweaty ass and armpits. I know you’ve been fantasizing about this moment. Don’t worry, as long as you do as your told your girlfriend never has to know what a pervert you really are!

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Goddess Allie Eve Knox – Get ready to be teased by Her Sweat

Teasing you after a long hike. My body is drenched in sweat and stinky all to high heaven. Thought you would love a little tease while I was all gross.

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Princess Chelsea

Im the queen of the gym, I’ve been working out hard and working up a big sweat. I caught you in the locker room sniffing my sweaty bra and panties and now im going to make you worship my sweaty goddess body while you stroke and eat your cum for me as punishment. You need to submit to this perfect body and my divine Goddess sweat.

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Miss Feet Wonders

Some of my shoes are lined up and obviously you can’t help but to look at each pair closely. I then describe the smells close up, before I remove my loafers (which my feet very sweat) and encourage you to sniff them and jerk off until you explode- all over my loafers..

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Amplify your Sweat Fetish and be sure to check this page dedicated to Sweat Fetish Clips. Get ready to increase your Sweat Fetish addiction.

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