Daily Fix: January 2nd 2024 – Featured Latex Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Today we are featuring some of the amazing Latex Fetish Clips. Our featured Latex Fetish Clips are designed to transport you to a realm of intimate and extraordinary experiences.

Lady Bellatrix

Sitting on the throne Lady Bellatrix decked out In Her latex catsuit, She beckon you closer. If you want to be part of Her rubbery world, you’ll have to earn your place. Kneel before Lady Bellatrix and tell Her what you’d give to worship this latex. How far would you go to impress your Queen? The smell of Her latex is exhilarating, especially as She have been wearing it all day and She is very sweaty. She bet you’d love to inhale the pools of vag sweat collecting between Her legs. As She stand up to reveal Her shapely shiny ass, She know you yearn to polish it to perfection and ingest Her essences. But with so many slaves and only one Latex Queen, you’ll have to pull out all the stops to remain in the high ranks of Her realm.

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Lady Perse

Today is a lucky day for this slave. I decided to use him as my pillow for my divine ass! I sit on his pathetic face in this amazing leotard body and this beautiful platform boots! He could check how his Mistress smells like! He was in heaven, but it will be too good for him, so I need to bring him back to the ground doing some CBT!

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Lady Anja

That latex outfit will drive you crazy, my latex addict! Especially that latex sound! Hear the wonderful sound of latex and of course my sensual voice. My shiny pussy, shiny ass and shiny tits will take you to the next level of horniness. You would like to touch your hard cock, while you’re worshipping me. Jerk off! Go all the way up and down! These latex pants make a very good camel toe, don’t they?

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Goddess Penelope

How amazing do I look in this black shiny latex? It’s so shiny you can see your little slave face reflecting on it. I look so strong, so dominant and so dominant in it. You’re weaker than you’ve ever been before. You can’t resist the urge to wank right now. Shall I allow you to stroke for my latex body, ha NO. You’re gonna have to sit there hard and horny whilst I tease you with my latex body. I’m not gonna allow you to stroke, as I torment you. I want you to suffer for me. Expect lots of teasing and tiny snaps from my latex outfit.

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Goddess Latex Barbie

My red hot encasement dreams have come true in this clip! Head to toe fire red rubber, with each piece I add to the outfit, the more turned on I get. Watch as I lube up and put on a catsuit, hood, gloves and socks, only my mouth, eyes and tits are uncovered. No nipples for you, butterfly nipple covers keep you innocent, as well as censored nudity while dressing. Watch as I transform into a shiny red rubberdolly. Relaxing in on my black rubber bedsheets as I touch myself all over, the rubbery sounds are slippery and sexy and feel soooo good. Goddess gets pleasure, and you are lucky enough to watch…

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