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by Michael Smith
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mistress pai ling

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I am an elite professional Dominatrix based in Bangkok with over 10 years of experience in BDSM.

If you’re looking for a strict, beautiful, and intelligent Mistress who wouldn’t hesitate to punish you for being a naughty slave, then look no further than Mistress Bangkok.

Depending on my mood and the session theme, I can either be soft and sensual, or I can be strict and cruel to ensure you behave as a good slave and take all my punishments the way I like it.

I can cater my sessions for both the experienced slaves, and also to the beginners. If you are new to the world BDSM, you don’t need to be afraid – I will understand your limits and respect your boundaries as we discover them together. Just like a first kiss, I will make sure that your first BDSM experience is a memorable one that you will remember for a long time.

mistress pai ling bangkok
mistress pai ling
mistress pailing

Interview With Mistress Pai Ling Bangkok

slaveboysmith: For any who follow you, it is very evident you control men with ease.  Has that always been the case? Do you recall when you first realized the power you hold over men?

Mistress Pai Ling: Yes, I remember when I was young and I would make boys do whatever I said. When I was young I liked to be in control over boys, and when I became a woman it was an easy transition to become a Mistress.

sbs: Are you naturally dominant in every aspect of your life, or is Femdom more a roleplay for you when interacting with slaves?

MPL: It depends on the time and my mood and what people I’m with. When in session, I am always dominant as well as when slaves contact me. When I have friends or family around I’m just a normal lady. It’s good to relax and not always have to be dominant sometimes.

sbs: Is there a specific type of slave you find is drawn to you? And do you have an ideal in mind for the “perfect slave”?

MPL: The perfect slave is difficult to find but sometimes I’m very lucky. To be perfect, a slave must be polite and respectful from the time they first send an email to me. They must read my reply carefully, not ask stupid questions many times, give all the information I need for a session. I can tell from that first email if a slave is good or bad. I get many type of slaves, from slaves who like heavy punishment to soft teasing play. I am happy to be in control of every type of session.

sbs: Do you prefer to break and enslave men who might resist, or use well-trained ones that are already broken in?

MPL: That depends on the slave and situation. If a guy tries to control our session I don’t like it, and it’s much better to have a well trained slave. I do like to have new slaves and over many sessions I can increase their pain tolerance every time.

sbs: Do you have specific fetishes you enjoy exploring with your slaves, and does that differ between real time sessions and online training?

MPL: Real time sessions are my favourite. It’s great be in control over a slave and have a great session. Hard caning is a passion for me, and I love to punish naughty slaves. But I love to do almost everything within respecting the limits of my slaves. For online training I like to do chastity training best. I find it difficult to do video training for me.

sbs: Can you describe the feeling you have when you have control of a slave, desperately doing whatever it takes to please you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

MPL: I get a rush every time. When I have regular well trained slaves, I can do hard sessions and push until I feel their limits. To see my slave struggle and take punishment for me is a great feeling. For new slaves, it’s exciting for me to introduce them to BDSM. I know it’s difficult for them to contact and meet a Mistress for the first time so I take my time and don’t rush the session. I always try to take care and give a session that a new slave has discussed with me but also have my fun too!!!

sbs: How can you tell when you’ve completely broken someone and they are unable to resist you?  Is there a “tell” of some kind that lets you know you’ve taken total control?

MPL: Yes. During the booking process I ask for activity likes and tolerance, especially if slave is new or experienced. Then before a session begins, we discuss limits again and arrange a safeword. For new slaves I will start slowly and increase until they say enough and that they like it. I have some slaves who want really hard punishment and never use their safe word. I think when I have fully taken control is when slaves travel to serve me many times each year. When slaves travel from around the world for a session you could definitely say I have control.

sbs: Have you ever been recognized in public? If so, how does the slave react to seeing his ultimate Goddess in person?

MPL: My slaves are from countries outside Thailand so I don’t usually go to same areas as them. They typically stay in the tourist area. Also, I look a little different when I’m wearing normal clothes and not in my Dominatrix uniform!!

sbs: For slaves looking to impress you, what is the best way for them to show you they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil?

MPL: The best way to impress me is to be polite and respectful when booking, also be intelligent with your requests and questions and give me all the information I ask for. In session, total submission is required within the limits discussed. I always appreciate generous slaves who bring me gifts or take me shopping after our session. Slaves who send gifts online are very good also. If you want your Mistress to remember you and become one of her favourite slaves it’s best to be generous and spoil her. 

sbs: Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers reading this interview?

MPL: I am still learning English, so please be patient and don’t send long messages in English to me. 

sbs: If you would oblige me one final question…if we were conducting this interview in person, how would it end?

MPL: You would be on your knees and I would give you permission to kiss my feet before you thank me for the interview.

mistress pai ling bangkok
mistress pai ling bangkok
mistress bangkok



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pai ling bangkok
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