Feature Interview – Divine Goddess Jessica

by Michael Smith
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divine goddess jessica

If you’re reading this post, you most likely have already fallen deeply under the spell of Goddess Jessica, and no introduction of any kind is really necessary.  My head is still spinning at how easily she has enslaved me to do her bidding and how much of my day is devoted to trying to please, serve and promote her.  She is obviously beautiful, gorgeous, perfect…use any adjective you wish to describe her stunning appearance.

Her body is flawless and she knows exactly how to use it to drive us crazy, get us aroused and from that point on, we’re caught in her web.  One glance at the top 25 list at Kinkbomb reveals the level to which Goddess Jessica has overwhelmed the male submissive population online.  She regularly dominates the list, often having half, or more, of the top 25 clips be hers.  Her blackmail clips are so popular they rarely move out of the top 5, despite many new releases coming well after them.  It is the ultimate privilege to feature Goddess Jessica here today, and to post her responses to my interview questions.

Her answers reveal a calculating and intelligent Goddess, who knows exactly what she’s doing.  This is not some beautiful girl without a plan.  Far from it, she knows what she wants, and exactly how to get it.  And no one can ever say no to her.  Enjoy Goddess Jessica’s amazing responses and beautiful images.  She is unlike any other Domme I know, and is quite possibly the most erotic woman on the planet.

She is omnipresent, as the length of links at the conclusion of this interview would indicate, so you won’t have difficulty finding her.  Perhaps better said, she will find you.  Finding her way into your mind, onto your computer and finally into your wallet and soul.  She is as addictive as anything, or anyone you’ll ever encounter.  I’d call that a warning, but by the time you’ve read this, you were already done in.  Kneel before your ultimate Goddess, and surrender everything you have, and everything you are.

divine goddess jessica

Interview With Goddess Jessica Femdom

slaveboysmith:  How long have you been doing this, and how did you become an online dominatrix?

Goddess Jessica:  I’ve been in the scene for two years now.  I started a blog that mainly focused on humiliation and slave training.  I was soon recognized and promoted by dommedose.com.  I sky rocketed to the top soon after releasing my first few clips, which were erotic hypnosis.

sbs:  Would you say you are naturally dominant, or is it more of a roleplay?

GJ:   I am naturally dominant.  You have to be if you’re going to make it.  Many slaves have been doing this longer than the Dommes they serve, they want their Domme to be authentic.  If you’re not naturally dominant you risk looking forced and cheesy.

sbs:  Can you explain what makes a man want to be a financial slave? What motivates them to spoil you as they do so easily?

GJ:  The circumstances vary per person.  I’ve had a few slaves say that they grew up with a mother who was poor and taken for granted, they believe women should be appreciated and spoiled.  Some slaves want to feel taken advantage of.  Some slaves relish the feeling of a woman who is so cruel that she would actually manipulate someone into bankruptcy and they flirt with that fine line.  Many of my slaves simply love and worship me, they literally just want me to have anything I could ever want.

sbs:  What makes a person dominant or submissive? 

GJ:  As much as I think a persons childhood or current circumstances would affect whether they are dominant or submissive, I also believe it may be something a person is born with.  Many slaves hate that they are submissive and try to change.  They take a break from the femdom world and try to be “normal.”  They always come back.  Always.  I don’t think it’s a choice, just like being gay isn’t a choice.  Just like a certain fetish isn’t your choice.  Your brain created a fantasy for you, it may be weird or embarrassing but it’s meant to be an outlet, it will never go away, it’s part of you.  You may as well embrace it and use it for it’s intended purpose- an outlet.  Some men aren’t actually submissive, it’s just a role they play as a stress reliever.  After a long day of playing the boss and being an alpha, they want someone else to take control.

sbs:  What are your favorite fetishes to explore with your slaves?

GJ:  Hypnosis is by far my favorite, my hypno slaves are also the most enjoyable to interact with.  They are polite and intuitive and they appreciate my attention to detail and the obvious amount of time and attention I pour into creating a single clip.  Humiliation gets me every time.  I am a sicko, I admit it.  I don’t care how many loser fountains I’ve seen, I laugh every single time I see a man choking and sputtering on his own piss.  I have a whole list of items that can be used for hum. sessions and endless ideas.  I’m notorious for being quite creative and cruel.  Cuckolding is also fun for me.  How humiliating for me to rub my relationship into the face of a reluctantly submissive man!

sbs:  What is the worst part of being a Financial Domme?

GJ:  Trying to keep myself from vacationing year round and figuring out where to store all of my high heels.

sbs:  What is the most money that anyone has ever tributed to you (at one time or cumulatively)? 

GJ:  I have a slave that’s spent at least 45k on me over the past two years.

sbs:  Have you met many other Financial Dommes? Is there ever competition over who gets the most slaves, money or gifts?

GJ:  Of course!  It’s all in my blog.  I’m always up for meeting other Dommes and I’ve never met one I didn’t love!  It’s hard not to adore a powerful, modelesque woman who knows exactly what she wants.  We’re all pretty close.  I’ve shared slaves with other Dommes, I’ve teamed up with other Dommes for sessions or custom clips.   Overall I think we all want to see each other do well.  I love looking through my twitter timeline and seeing deserving ladies get spoiled rotten.  After all, it’s not like there is any shortage of needy, horny men with disposable income, it’s the Dommes that are in demand!

sbs:  What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to a slave? 

GJ:  Slowly and deliberately breaking down his will and any shred of self esteem he had left?  Forcing him to snort a condom and pull it out of his mouth and then forcing him to consume his own vomit that was the product of said condom snorting?  Making a slave hook his nipples up to jumper cables? Making a slave forgo a valentine date so he could sit home and do repetitive tasks for me all night and pay me 2.5k under threat of public ruination? See what I did to this loser for Valentine’s Day here.  Forcing a rude slave to forgo his custom clip and then tribute every Domme he has every served and annoyed with his constant badgering and neediness?

sbs:  How many slaves do you currently have “working” for you? 

GJ:  I have many slaves working for me, I have no idea how many.  Broke slaves who know they are unworthy of my time are always earning tiny little tidbits of my attentions by doing odd jobs here and there.  Checking my blog, various sites and clip descriptions for spelling errors or glitches, sending me fan art or teaser clips or clip reviews.   I own around 100 slaves, each one is followed and monitored by a slave who I call “lurker.”  I’ve got tabs on every single one of them, whether they know it or not.  I’m constantly revising my list.  In my email I’ve got about 750 slave applications in my folder.

sbs:  Would you ever meet a slave in real life?

GJ:  I have, and I would do it again.  I’m open to real time sessions with the right person and under the right circumstances.  The first real time session I ever had was with a slave named “chubby cakes.”  He drove for 20 hours to see me in upstate NY.

sbs:  How do you know when you’ve completely broken someone and are completely in control of them?

GJ:  When they spend every waking hour thinking of me.  When they surrender their personal information without being prompted and without hesitation.  When I wake up to their emails. When they can’t sleep because they are thinking of me.  When they are buying every single clip I release, whether it’s their fetish or not, simply because I am in it and they want to see me.

sbs: Have any of your clients tried to reverse the power dynamic and top from the bottom with you?

GJ:   Yes, although it’s pretty rare. I allowed a switch to serve me once.  Once in a while he would try to turn the tables on me, which was obviously laughable.  Once in a while, for my own amusement I would let him think it was working, I would relish the look of pure joy on his face, like his whole life led up to this point, like he hit the jackpot.  Then I would absolutely crush him and extinguish the look from his face entirely.  Eventually his self esteem suffered greatly.  He stopped after a while.  Towards the end of our relationship I was renting out one of my slutty forced bi slaves to him to use for cam sessions.  He would pay me to borrow a slave to dominate during a Skype session, it was awesome.

sbs:  Are all the slaves who crawl to you actually losers?

GJ:  Absolutely not.  When I tweet or blog, I appeal to the masses.  Most slaves are into being treated like absolute shit.  Some slaves simply want to love and worship me.  Some slaves just like my feet, just like my hypnosis.  Some slaves are complete fucking idiots, some slaves are brilliant and generous and polite.  They are all different, I have a different relationship with all of them.  You don’t HAVE to be a loser to serve me. I so frequently hear ” I’m not a groveling loser like all those other guys, I’m normal.”  Well, that very well may be true, if you’re not into that it’s best to tell me up front.  There is a strong possibility though, that if you’re not one NOW, you will be SOON.  Most of the “groveling losers” they speak of are the time wasting wankers seen on twitter.  Something about social media draws out all the brain dead retards who will ask the same stupid questions over and over and over and make all of you look bad.  It’s the quiet slaves behind the scenes that you’re not seeing.  The “normal” ones aren’t making a big show, so you don’t know they exist.  Believe me, you’re not alone.

sbs:  Are the people in your personal life aware of your work?  

GJ:  Yup, everyone I know.  They just think of it as one of many weird, quirky, typical hobbies I pursue.

sbs:  Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

GJ:  No, I live on a tiny island.  It’s very conservative here, everyone knows everyone.  If I were in a big city I’m sure that would be a possibility.  Those that see me in session are shy, they stutter, they barely make eye contact, and they trip all over themselves.

sbs:  Cash or gifts? What type of tribute do You prefer?

GJ:   Everyone prefers cash.  Gifts are also fun, but it’s not currency.  It depends on what is appropriate at the time.  Cash is always appropriate but sometimes there is something that I specifically want, in that case I usually tweet about it or order a specific slave directly.

sbs:  Do you feel powerful when you are dominating a man on cam?

GJ:  Of course I do.  In that moment, I have the ability to melt his brain, I can get him to agree to almost anything.  I can scare him into doing almost anything.  I can convince him to tell me anything.  There is nothing a man wouldn’t do for me on cam.  I know it and I use it to my advantage.

sbs:  Where do most of your slave interactions occur? 

GJ:  I microblog day to day events on twitter, I blog about big events on my website, I chat on Yahoo IM and I cam on Skype.

And to finish off this absolutely amazing interview with the unequaled perfection of Goddess Jessica, I share a loser testimonial from her website which encapsulates exactly the effect she has on any man who is snared in her web of seduction and domination. If you are hopelessly addicted to Goddess Jessica, these words ring all too true!

“She has no problem ripping your ego to shreds, capitalizing on your weaknesses and putting you firmly in your place. Her mind and Her body are weapons that She uses with amazing artistry to scour your soul and burn the blush of shame deep onto your face.”


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