Clip Review: Tiny, Weak Little Men – Featuring Duchess Datura DiVine

by Michael Smith
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All men are NOT created equal! Some men are worthy of the attention of a perfect beauty like Duchess Datura DiVine.  These men are rare and unique, and you are NOT one of them.  You exist to serve and please the ultimate Seductress before you in any way she commands.  You are the typical, you are the expected, and you are the unworthy.  You are small and insignificant, and Duchess Datura wouldn’t even notice if you were to disappear from her world.  You, on the other hand, would be devastated to lose your opportunity to worship and spoil your gorgeous Duchess at every chance you are granted. 
Her beauty is her power, her intellect a weapon aimed at breaking you down and remolding you into what she wishes you to become.  You will do anything she demands of you simply because it is her word.  She is to be obeyed, adored and spoiled.  Know your place, weak little man.  Your very existence in Duchess Datura’s world depends on your willingness to sacrifice for her.  She is completely out of your league and the sooner you accept your place in life, embrace your position as her inferior, the more likely you will be of value to Duchess Datura and be permitted to serve her. 
The seductive domination style of Duchess Datura is off the charts in this incredibly erotic clip.  Her sensual voice will consume you as she explains how insignificant and tiny you are in her world.  She is spectacularly beautiful as she teases in her skintight black spandex and heels.  Her clips are the perfect blend of sensual domination and humiliation.  She brings your reality into clear focus and there can be no question of your inferiority to this perfect Goddess!

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Clip Name: Tiny, Weak Little Men
Models In The Clip: Duchess Datura DiVine
Date Reviewed: December 13th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $15.99
Duchess3 Duchess4

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