Clip Review: Bare Hands Deprivation – Featuring Mistress Gaia

by Michael Smith
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If you enjoy watching an Alpha Domme totally dominate an inferior slavegirl, this clip featuring the beautiful and cruel Mistress Gaia is a must buy! Dressed in her signature mask, a sheer black bodystocking and stiletto heels, Mistress amuses herself by having her naked slavegirl kneel before her in submission.  Wrapping her long, perfect legs around her slave’s neck, Mistress repeatedly takes absolute control of her slavegirl’s ability to breath by scissoring and hand over mouth deprivation. 
MG1 slavegirl1
The more Mistress Gaia dominates her slavegirl, the more she crawls back for more punishment, humiliation and degradation.  She is clearly suffering as Mistress deprives her of her ability to breath, yet she willingly submits to her superior Goddess over and over again.  Her face is slapped and Mistress Gaia clearly enjoys humiliating her little slut.  With the allure and promise of worshiping her perfect dominant Mistress, slavegirl is kept completely in submission to the gorgeous Mistress Gaia.  This clip is Girl/girl domination at it’s finest.  Breath control and humiliation mixed perfectly by a truly breathtaking beautiful Domme, this clip is amazing in every way.  Enjoy watching Mistress Gaia in action and just imagine what she could do to you!

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Clip Name: Bare Hand Deprivation
Models In The Clip: Mistress Gaia
Date Reviewed: November 4th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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