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It’s my pleasure, and privilege to do this review for the MegaSite.  And when I say Mega…I mean seriously huge! I can’t possibly comment on everything in each of the sites contained within MeanWorld, but I can tell you this…if you’re an ass worship addict and want to see some of the hottest facesitting Goddesses on earth, this site is a must join for you! Everywhere you look within the site, men are on their knees, or on their backs, licking and worshiping heavenly Goddess asses you could only dream of tasting!


Membership to the Megasite includes access to every one of the following incredible sites and features:

Slave Orders




Membership gives you access to over 170000 High Resolution images, and more than 1000 full length movies of Femdoms using men as their personal ass licking sluts!

Top Movies


Some of the biggest names in the Femdom industry are among the 340+ Hot Stars featured across the MeanWorld Megasite, and all are waiting for you to drop to your knees and beg for the privilege of kissing their perfect asses! 

 Top Models

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Also included with your membership are regular live webcasts, the ability to save your favorites for later viewing, a MeanWorld Blog to keep up to date on all happenings, and so much more.  And with all this content, an organized search engine within the site makes navigating super easy despite the massive amount of ass worship content available to the subscriber.

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So with all this amazing ass worship content awaiting you inside, what are you waiting for? Join today and start enjoying everything you see in this review…and so much more.  If you love a world in which men are play things for women with perfect asses, MeanWorld has exactly what you’re looking for! Enjoy 🙂

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