Thursday September 7th 2017

Lady Mesmeratrix & Mistress Gaia


Lady Mesmeratrix’s husband is a fucking perv, She caught him, sending messages to another woman, he said he didn’t cheat on Her, but She doesn’t fucking care! He deserves a terrible punishment, so Lady Mesmeratrix decided to take him to Mistress Gaia, a friend of Her who knows how to fix him…. Mistress Gaia will make him yell and scream in pain, Her whip will make Lady Mesmeratrix’s husband obedient and faithful man.

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Lady Mesmeratrix & Mistress Gaia

Princess Ashley


Do you have any idea how disgusting that little dick of yours is? Do you? It makes Princess Ashley wants to fucking v0mit. It’s so gross. Unworthy of pussy – that thing needs to be locked away for good! No one wants to look at it or fuck it. You can’t stop touching it either. Your little dick is destroying your life. LOL. Time to do something about it, loser. Time to redeem yourself for having such an ugly little wee wee.

Wanna know more?

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Princess Ashley

Mistress Stella Liberty & Cupcake SinClair


Cupcake SinClair loves lubing Mistress Stella Liberty’s shiny latex catsuit and spit shining Her shiny latex thigh-high boots! Watch as Cupcake shows her devotion through service as she generously lubes and shines every inch of Mistress Stella Liberty’s body – focusing especially on Her luscious bottom and tantalizing cleavage to make them shine before Mistress goes out for Her party! **This clip features no dialogue, simply ambiance audio to allow you to loose yourself in the mesmerizing shine of Mistress Stella Liberty’s latex**

Must buy clip for Latex Fetish & Femdom fans!

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Goddess Stella Liberty & Cupcake SinClair

Miss Anna Elite


Miss Anna Elite instructs you to worship Her beautiful, high heel clad feet, She is dressed in latex, wearing 7 inch heels. Painted red toes tease you into sniffing, licking, and kissing Her petite, size 3 feet.

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Miss Anna Elite

Goddess Hailey


In this clip, Goddess Hailey’s loser beta is getting publicly humiliated by Her. Public humiliation and ca$h meet compilation.

This clip is a total treat for Public Humiliation & Femdom fans!

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Goddess Hailey


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