The Best of 2015 – Top 10 Sellers from iWantClips


As 2015 comes to a close, we look back at an amazing year of success for iWantClips and their Dommes.  As has become a New Year’s tradition, we will count down the top selling clips of 2015.  Every one of these clips was a #1 Top Seller at some point in the year, and continued to dominate sales as slaves everywhere couldn’t resist the stunning Dommes and their remarkably sexy content you’re about to see.  If you’re like me, some of these clips are already in my library, but for those that aren’t, treat yourself to one final clip binge for 2015 and complete your list.  Own every one of these 10 extraordinary clips from the year gone by.  Enjoy, and Happy New Year from iWantClips. Much more to come in 2016!

#1 – Hypnosis Succubus – Featuring Divine Goddess Jessica

This session features a “confusion” induction that is geared towards analytical slaves who’s minds tend to wander. Let me reveal to you just how in love with me you really are. Let me toy with you, lull you into a sense of security,encourage you to relax and open your mind. I’ll playfully seduce you, and then I’ll pounce. Your blood will turn to ice, you’ll get an uneasy feeling. I’ll assault you with my ideals, hijack your mind. Just as you think you had better turn away from my grip, I’ll ease up, convince you it’s all just fun and games. Relax you again until you find yourself eating out of my hands once more. *Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I’ve created for you- WEAR HEADPHONES*

This clip features elements of: Blonde Goddess,Goddess Worship,Love Addiction, Mesmerize,Powerful Women

#2 – Humiliation JOI – Featuring Princess Ally Madison

Over 25 Minutes of Me tearing your entire being apart while instructing you to helplessly jerk off. Warning: To say this video is “harsh” is an understatement.

This clip features elements of: Femdom,Humiliation,Jerk Off Instruction,Verbal Humiliation,Verbal Abuse

#3 – Cuckholded By Your Masters – Featuring Goddess Lindsey Leigh

You have been our little bitch for a while now. You run our errands, clean our house, lick our shoes clean with your tongue. I mean you are pretty much our bitch.. Tonight after many months of servitude we finally pity you enough to allow you into our bedroom during sex. While you watch my thick, big alpha penis fuck me I tell you how pathetic you are. “Your dick is only good for one thing, being locked in chastity”. “You are such a loser that paying for our meals is the highlight of your day”. You love your masters don’t you? I know you are craving to suck my man off, lick his ass, taste my pussy but you know that you never could! The only thing we can use you for right this second is as a cum towel. Now bring your face over here so my man can cover your desperate cuck face. CATEGORIES: CUCKOLDING, EMBARRASSMENT, FEMDOM, FEMALE DOMINATION, coerced BI, CUM EATING INSTRUCTION.

This clip features elements of: Femdom POV,Femdom Sex,Goddess Worship, Homewrecker

#4 – Busty Brainwa$h Mindfuck – Featuring Bratty Princess Nikki

Mmmmmm, huge sexy breasts are your thing and I really want to fuck your head and your wallet up! Go on, enjoy this fantastic m i n d f u c k i n g mashup from a series of clips most of you can’t afford. I’ve added some special effects, some twists and turns, so just focus on my huge tits while my bratty purring voice plays on the weakest corners of your mind. Good boy. Your wallet belongs to my perfect breasts. You want this and need this. All you can focus on is perfect breasts perfect breasts perfect breasts…

This clip features elements of: Big Tits,Financial Domination,Goddess Worship, Mesmerize,Tit Worship,Seduction

#5 – My Cleavage Controls Your Stroking – Featuring Princess Ashley

You are so weak and horny for My sexy cleavage that you will do whatever I say, stroke however I say. Today, you will not be stroking, but rather RUBBING your cock through your pants. Haha! Don’t worry, you’ll have no problem cumming. You barely even need to touch yourself when you look at Me. Just the site of my perfectly round tits is enough to make you jizz in your pants!

This clip features elements of: Big Tits,Brat Girls,Breast Bouncing,Cleavage,Goddess Worship,Humiliation,Jerk Off Instruction,Orgasm Control,Cum Countdown,Breasts

#6 – Insult Specialist, Repeat After Me – Featuring Goddess Barbie

Ah losers, such little sissy bitches. You just sit there jerking entranced by my perfection as I call you every fucking name in the book hahahaha you can’t even stop u fucking pervert. The More I Degrade u, the Harder u Jerk ur pathetic little cock. Grow the fuck up and understand that you are now my property and you must prove yourself worthy by submitting, spending & spoiling your Goddess Barbie!!!! $$$$$$$$$$

This clip features elements of: Blonde Goddess,Shiny Fetish,Goddess Worship, Humiliation

#7 – Super Simple Blackmail – Featuring Miss Inked Emma

Are you ssooo scared of exploring your blackmail fantasy? Dive in to the shallow end with me, where I give you a task SO SIMPLE you’ll feel gratified once you’ve completed it.

This clip features elements of: Arrogant Woman,Female Domination,Femdom,Financial Domination,Money Fetish,Tattoos & Piercings,Tattoos,Tattoo Fetish,Bitch

#8 – Programmed To Jerk – Featuring Goddess Tierra

Programmed to jerk What do you think about when you look at Me right now addict? Thats right, you get an instant boner and all you can think about it jerking off to your Ebony Goddess. you are so obsessed with Me. I am your dream Girl and I have turned you into a programmed jerking fool for Me. you just can’t help yourself. I dare you to try to resist the urge to jerk to Me right now. you can’t! I completely take over your mind effortlessly every time you look at Me. I have programmed you to jerk to Me!

#9 – Shopping Spree Tease – Featuring Princess Lexie

You’re the owner of a successful women’s clothing boutique. Today started off like any other day, until Lexie walked in. I come out of the dressing room in this sexy short dress and strappy high-heels, totally showing off for you. I ask you how I look in the outfit, I bend over right in front of you to see if it might be too short or too tight, teasing you the entire time. After you tell Me the price of the dress I reveal that I haven’t paid for My own clothes in years, I have wealthy men who buy Me whatever I want, whenever I want. I ask what you think about that and notice a bulge forming in your pants. I start teasing you even more and tell you My Master plan. I’m going to give you a sexy strip-tease with one condition: if I make you cum, I get whatever I want in the store, including the dress I’m teasing you in. If I can’t make you cum, I’ll pay for My own clothes for once. You happily give in and remove your pants. I laugh to Myself, knowing you have absolutely no chance against Me. *NO humiliation. Just Teasing, Sensual Domination, Financial Domination, JOI, and Female Manipulation.*

This clip features elements of: Female Domination,Financial Domination, Legs, Masturbation Encouragement,Masturbation Instruction,Sensual Domination,Cum Countdown,Long Hair Fetish,Long Legs

#10 – CEI To My Big Bouncing Breasts – Featuring Goddess Brooke

We both know how much you love being tantalized and told to eat your cum. Hearing it from me just adds an extra tingling touch below. My perfect Princess face and big bouncing breasts. Watch me as I talk you through how to touch your cock, when, how fast…all to the pace of my bouncing breasts. Think you can keep up and focus on everything you’re suppose to be doing? I think you’re up for the challenge. Open wide.

This clip features elements of: Bratty Princess,Cum In Mouth,Cum Swallowers,Cum Facial,Male Cum Swallowers,Princess,Bratty Goddess,Femdom Goddess

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