Saturday January 7th 2017

Princess Bratty Nikki


Princess Bratty Nikki’s sensual curves require total obedience. Be a good boy and sit back as Her perfect body takes over your mind and wallet. No humiliation, just pure sensual Goddess worship. Princess Bratty Nikki doesn’t need to humiliate you to take control. You are under Her spell as soon as you lay your inferior male eyes on Her. Entranced by Her curves, you need more and more of this perfection.

You are owned and controlled by Princess Bratty Nikki’s perfect body!

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Princess Bratty Nikki

Lady Nina Leigh


You’re a stroke addict. You’ve spent uncountable hours stroking to Lady Nina Leigh’s clips. And thousands of dollars in the process. Your new years resolution is to quit. But this clip is so fucking hot, you’re worshipping the GIF! What’s $6.99 hey, chump change. Just download and watch innocently. It’s a great outfit after all.

Now be a good slave to Lady Nina Leigh and buy this clip from Her video store.

Lady Nina Leigh

Goddess Jasmine & Princess Samantha


You know the financial devastation that is inevitable when Goddess Jasmine & Princess Samantha team up together. You know your pathetic wannabe ‘Alpha’ self has no chance. They control you, your dick, your mind and of course your wallet. You live to pay pretty, powerful girls like them. The meaner, the bitchier they are the harder and weaker you become. They have plans for your ca$h. They have parties, shopping and dates to be funded and you’re going to be that lucky pig. Doesn’t that make you squirm with excitement huh. You are a wallet to Goddess Jasmine & Princess Samantha. They own you. You pay them. You will never get Goddess Jasmine & Princess Samantha.

Just pay pay pay pay!

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Goddess Jasmine & Princess Samantha

Mistress Lynn Pops


This is your training 101. You are finally ready to go down the slavery path, right where you are meant to be. It’s your destiny to be the slave of Mistress Lynn Pops. You’ve dreamed of a Goddess as beautiful as Her to take over you and put you into full submission. Mistress Lynn Pops will go over your stroke schedule and all the tasks you will do for Her.

You will submit and stroke to Mistress Lynn Pops!

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Mistress Lynn Pops

Mistress Dahlia


Mistress Dahlia hates idle chat and expects slaves to speak when spoken to… When slave can’t keep his mouth shut She’ll have to find more creative ways to keep him quiet. Hand gagging, foot gagging, shoe gagging and throat fucking are all used to keep him in line.

Will he learn his lesson?

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Mistress Dahlia

Queen Deserves


Hello geeky little nerd from across the street. Queen Deserves knows that you must be aware it’s our sorority house party tonight, for Queen Deserves and all the hottest girls on earth. She has seen you countless times at your window staring, drooling whilst peeking into their home, trying to catch a glimpse of them undressing like a total pervert! They always laugh about you! Queen Deserves is so tormented because you never actually thought She would come and actually speak to a loser like you. But tonight is your ultimate fantasy come true because She has encountered a problem, She thought who better to wrap around Her little finger than the nerd.

Wanna know more?

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Queen Deserves

Mistress Lady Renee


So you want to clean Mistress Lady Renee’s boots you pathetic worm? Do you think it’s going to be easy to please Her? Mistress Lady Renee has high standards for submissive bootlickers like you, it’s not a task for every slave, only the most worthy and dedicated lickers have the chance to beg before Her thigh high boots as She tower above you. Mistress Lady Renee will put you through your paces, train you to become adept at licking, cleaning and polishing on command, watching you quiver with fear and excitement as you offer your disgusting little tongue to the soles of Her dirty boots.

Now get to it and start your audition as Mistress Lady Renee’s boot polishing tool!

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Mistress Lady Renee

Miss Roxana Rae


There’s nothing sexier than Miss Roxana Rae in Her pantyhose. Especially ones She has been wearing all day. If you’re into pantyhose buy this clip, if you’re into feet buy this clip. If you’re not into any of those things buy this clip anyways because Miss Roxana Rae knows you’re into Her.

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Miss Roxana Rae

Goddess Morgana


Download this clip and let the soft vibrations of Goddess Morgana’s voice, the mesmerizing and very wicked ghostly image of Her lips in the forest, along with binaural beats tease and torment you into paying to see Her magical pussy, as She instructs you to do so! Be loyal, generous and obedient to Goddess Morgana.

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Goddess Morgana Pendragon

Goddess Harley


This is the beginning of your online relationship with Goddess Harley where you keep a pink bow tied around your cock and balls at all times. Pink bows and ribbons are about to become a huge part of your life, LOL! You will be reporting to Goddess Harley as you progress further with your humiliation.

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Goddess Harley

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