Monday August 28th 2017

Goddess Lindsey Leigh


Its no secret, Goddess Lindsey Leigh loves expensive gifts. Shoes, purses, jewellery, vacations, She can’t get enough. Goddess Lindsey Leigh has expensive taste and you need to uphold that if you wanna serve Her. As She models Her favorite each pair you find yourself helplessly agreeing with Her. You need to buy Her gifts, you need to splurge on Her, you need to make sure She lives life at a 5 star standard. Don’t you want to make your Goddess happy? Show Her off to the world? Make others jealous of Goddess Lindsey Leigh?
Soften up and open up that wallet!
 Goddess Lindsey Leigh
Goddess Dominant Jade has a big spa appointment today that She booked on your card… over $500… but She won’t be able to relax if Her house isn’t absolutely spotless! So GET CLEANING! Goddess Dominant Jade will lead you around and show you just what you have to scrub… because She knows you are too stupid to figure it out on your own.
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Goddess Dominant Jade
Match the sound of Goddess Haven’s super cute bubble wrap lingerie! When She pops it’s time for you to stop stroking and pop your balls, that’s right… She wants you to punch your balls as many times as She pops the bubbles on Her lingerie. This is extreme and only for those who can handle the pain.
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Goddess Haven
You need to lick Princess Natalya’s high heels. She needs for them to be date ready for Her boyfriend! These are Her favorite well-worn pair, but She wants them to be clean as new. He’s taking Princess Natalya someplace special for dinner and She doesn’t want a single scuff. These are designer leather shoes! Sure, She could chuck them out and make you get Her a new pair, but She loves these ones. Princess Natalya wants you to work hard with your tongue. Take Her heel deep down your loser throat and suck off all that grime.
Princess Natalya does not walk around in dirty shoes!
Princess Natalya
It doesn’t take much for Goddess Adrienne to get attention. She gets it everywhere She goes and you’re no different in wanting Her. You’re never going to have Her with that little loser dick.
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Goddess Adrienne

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