Is Your Privacy Safe? – Clips4sale Purchasers Should Know The Risks


Our mandate here at DommeAddiction is to positively promote and feature Femdom content we come across and that we find erotic and intriguing.  We do so through clip reviewsdaily posts about what is going on in the Femdom world, and with feature interviews with some of the most amazing women in the world.  All in all, we love what we do and enjoy everything we post.  From time to time, however, we come across something that directly affects that Femdom world in a negative way, and we feel the need to speak out against it.  Our Dommes speak and we listen.  We have clip reviews linked to all 3 of the big clip sites, iWantClips, Kinkbomb & Clips4sale.  We leave it to the Domme whose clip we are reviewing to let us know what she desires.  And while we try to remain neutral, it is becoming abundantly clear that many more Dommes we feature are choosing to promote their iWantClips store over the other two big providers.  This has, no doubt caused some waves in the industry, as iWantClips is the newest kid on the block, so to speak.  While we have linked clip reviews and feature interviews to Clips4sale in the past, we are growing concerned over two practices in which they are engaging that threaten the Femdom world which we report upon.  



Firstly, as alluded to in a previous posting (Lack of Anonymity In Clips4sale), Clips4sale is playing fast and loose with one of the most sacred elements of a customer/business relationship of an adult nature…privacy! Store owners/models are being given access to highly sensitive information through order forms when clients purchase clips through Clips4sale that neither iWantClips nor Kinkbomb would ever allow.  Is it really necessary for studio owners to have access to a customers email address, IP address, location, and even the customers first initial and last name? When you have that much information about a customer, you can pretty easily find out who that person is and where they live and work. The bedrock of the adult industry is a customers privacy protection.  Without it, who would knowingly jeopardize their security by making a purchase? As outlined in our previous article, the information Clips4sale gives their studio owners access to is horribly irresponsible and cannot be tolerated.  For our readers who purchase clips through Clips4sale, demand that this be changed, refuse to purchase through their platform until they take steps to protect your privacy, and hold them accountable if they wish to continue with you as a customer.  Of course, another alternative is to take your business elsewhere, as most Dommes are offering their clips through multiple sites anyways.  The decision is yours, but please be aware, when you make a purchase through Clips4sale, your personal information is being shared far more than you likely knew about.  


Perhaps as a result of pressure mounting over privacy concerns, or an outdated platform, Clips4sale is feeling the pressure as Kinkbomb continues to outsell them, and iWantClips has burst upon the scene with higher payouts for Dommes and a more user friendly platform that has skyrocketed them to huge gains in the industry.  Their reaction to this pressure? Is it to update their site making it more like their competitors and shoring up their shoddy record of protecting their customer’s privacy? Of course not.  Instead, Clips4sale has taken it upon themselves to try to block access of other competitors to adult conventions and trade shows in a desperate attempt to try to remain relevant.  This not only harms customers, something they seem to care little about, but also their own studios who are also selling through iWantClips in particular.  How can Clips4sale deliberately block another clip platform from advertising it’s brand and promoting sales, fully knowing that it’s very own Dommes have stores that they make revenue from on IWC? Do Dommes with multiple stores on various clip sites know that this is what Clips4sale is doing? They are literally taking money away from your business by hampering other sites from promoting your content.  This is not only irresponsible but once again is about self-interest only and not their customers or their studio clients.  


To the owners of Clips4sale, rather than making backdoor deals and offering payouts to try to block your competition from exhibits such as Exxotica and FetCon, harming the very Dommes and models that do business with you, how about you try to compete by putting that money into improving your site? Shore up your horrendous privacy measures and make your site more user friendly.  Be creative and improve yourself, don’t try to hold back your competition.  Dommes and customers alike can clearly see who’s on the rise and who is falling in decline.  Your desperate attempts to cling to power are pathetic and not good for the Femdom world.  It’s time you recognize that if you’re not adapting to a changing your landscape, you’ll soon become irrelevant. And to clip buying customers? Well, until Clips4sale gets their act together, your business is safer and more wisely directed towards the more ethical and safe sites below!




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