Halloween Ass Shaking – Featuring InkedEmma

Shaking my ass to “Give Us All A Bone” by Traphik, wearing skeleton hand print booty shorts. Love it, admire it, worship it. This is my entry on http://dommeaddiction.com/category/iwc-halloween/ – go leave a comment on this video there as your vote for your Goddess to win!

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This clip features elements of: Ass Fetish,Ass Worship,Big Butts,Pawg,White Booty, Ass, Thick & Curvy,White Girl

20 comments on “Halloween Ass Shaking – Featuring InkedEmma”

  1. mspgh says:

    wow! inspiring!

  2. NCC-1976 says:

    Emma is awesome!!!

  3. brian says:

    The hottest, the sexiest, the best!

  4. Emma says:

    Shameless vote for self.

  5. poorjimmy says:

    Emma is the most highly addictive force on this planet!

  6. DrH says:

    you made my day. really.

  7. Richard says:

    Emma is a GODDESS

  8. pseudoman says:

    InkedEmma rules

  9. David Tinoman says:

    Nice pumpkins 😀

  10. Wade Saunders says:

    Emma is amazing and has a beautiful mind and body

  11. Amidy Filth says:

    I’ve watched Emma from Suicide Girls to KillWhitneyDead’s music video to now and she is still killing it! Such a Amazing bootay and BEAUTIFUL woman!

  12. Dicklette says:


    Emily Casper is hot!! =P

  13. John Riley says:

    Emma is amazing. I’d follow her anywhere.

  14. Ballie64 says:

    We’re not worthy of seeing such a sight

  15. x0mby says:

    The absolute best treat anyone can ever get for Halloween!

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