Feature Interview: Princess Sheridan

There’s no one quite like gorgeous Temptress, Princess Sheridan.  She is playful, enticing, and erotic.  She’ll disarm you with her sensual style and then jolt you back to reality as she takes full advantage of how weak she makes you.  She loves pushing men beyond their perceived boundaries and takes great pleasure in your humiliation and degradation.  Enjoy getting to know a little more about this dangerously tempting beauty, and be ready to do things you never thought you would, all because beautiful Princess Sheridan wants you to!


slaveboysmith: In all the interviews I’ve conducted, the story behind how a particular Domme got to where she is now, adored by many slaves while dominating men is always a little different.  What can you tell me about your journey to becoming one of the most sought after Dommes for admiring slaves to serve?

Princess Sheridan: I started out doing foot fetish. Pictures mainly but some video clips too. I started receiving more and more domination themed requests. I have to admit that I was very naive about the whole “Domming from a distance” scene. I started a Clips4Sale store, after being told there was such a thing, and before you know it requests were coming in for Femdom clips… straight out verbal degradation, tease and denial, small penis humiliation etc. I really liked that a lot! It was just right for Me. If I had known there was that much money to be made by making Femdom Clips I would have jumped on it sooner 😉

sbs: Are you naturally dominant in every aspect of your life? At what point did you first realize the power you held over men?

PS: I enjoy teasing. Most Women do, right? I’m talking about your average vanilla chick that knows men are attracted to Her. “Here I am but you can’t have Me.” It’s subtle. The way We dress… a little flip of the hair… a knowing smile… but where most Women put on the brakes, I turn up the heat. It has always been easy for Me to sniff out the weak ones from the rest of the herd. Not using My sexuality at first… too young to even know about the birds and the bees… it just so happened I got My way quicker by being mean and demanding than with a more gentle approach. After realizing that fact, I would have to say that I have been “naturally dominant in every aspect of My life” for a long time now. When I discovered My sexuality it added another layer to My dominant personality. “Really? I can have submissive guys jumping through hoops, desperate for My attention even though they know they will never be with Me? Sign Me up.” It’s much more honest than giving the impression that something might happen between us down the line. That’s what the non-Domme girls do, right? It’s not always on purpose. Most girls just don’t want to hurt your feelings. I’m up front with submissive men. I’ll be happy to hurt your feelings and stomp out whatever shred of dignity you cling to. I’d say I was about 16 or 17 when I realized men are as controllable as the boys I played with as a child were. More so actually. 

sbs: What are some of your favourite fetishes you enjoy bringing to life in your amazing video clips?

PS: Anything that gives lots of room for a verbal humiliation assault. It is such a release! If you’ve seen My clips you’ll notice that I can get pretty worked up. I remember in one custom video, after a flurry of heated verbal jabs I say, “You’re making My blood pressure go up!” It wasn’t planned, it was true. I could feel My face getting red lol! What a great feeling it is after I’m done. So I guess anything that involves humiliating a subject are My favorites. SPH, Chronic Masturbator, Sexual Rejection, Caught In The Act… stuff like that. Also Ruined Orgasms. That really tests the mettle of a sub, to bring himself to the very edge only to let go of his penis at the critical moment and let the cum feebly sputter and dribble out. Denying an orgasm is one thing, chastity making that an even easier task for the sub. It’s still frustrating for sure, but ruining shows real dedication and obedience. Plus the weird sensation of cumming yet still not being satisfied and remaining horny makes Me laugh so hard! It tickles Me.

sbs: Your clipstores show a broad spectrum of clip genres.  Is there one type of clip you enjoy making more than all others?

PS: Tease and Denial. But I may be confused as to it’s true meaning. Since there is the genre called “orgasm denial” I took “tease and denial” to mean more of a sexual rejection theme. I hope I’m right about that or I have a lot of miscategorized clips lol! Anyway, I get to dress up and show you what you will never have. Tease and taunt you while ridiculing you the entire time. Or sometimes it’s the ultimate bait and switch. Nothing mean to start with, just sexy teasing. You get all worked up as I ask you if you’d like Me to suck your cock, open My legs for you… you know, as if I actually like you. But you know what’s coming. Here come the buzz words… pathetic, loser, creep, weirdo, wimp, idiot, shithead, fucktard… all seasoned with healthy helping of I’ll Never Fuck You. Speaking of buzz words, one of My favorites is faggot. Nothing beats insulting a horny submissive jerking off to My clips than calling him a cock sucking faggot! I’m not talking about “sissification” or “bi-humiliation” which is fun too. But to call a straight guy a faggot cuts him to the quick. “You like the way I look? Does it get your cock all drippy and stiff? Huh faggot?” LOL! Just to be clear… I have no problem with anyone’s sexual orientation. I use words like that as a tool to stomp on a straight man’s ego (“Really? I thought you were gay.” *giggle*) or to indulge a sexually confused cross dresser’s fantasy (“You’re going to be My biggest earner, sucking cock on the street corner.”) Well… that’s not always just a fantasy.

sbs: You’ve made so many amazing solo clips.  Do you enjoy clips interacting with other  Dommes.  If so, do you have a favourite you’ve enjoyed working with?  

PS: I have no plans regarding anything other than solo clips at this time. There are a lot of extremely talented Dommes that I would be honored to work with but I’d have to give it a lot of thought first. I’ve seen some double Domme clips that appear to work very well. But in some others, they seem to be stepping all over each other. But then again, not having a cock and a submissive mind, I might be way off base. I might not be the best judge. I’ve uploaded clips thinking, “This one is a waste of time… whatever, I’ll put it up anyway”. Then blammo! A hit!!!  

sbs: How does it make you feel knowing that men around the world are aroused by, and lusting after your perfect beauty as they watch you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

PS: Always a rush. I’ll get a comment on Twitter saying something like, “I love your clips and think you are so beautiful. I finally got up the courage to tell you. Please forgive me. I’m sorry if I bothered you.” Do not be scared to compliment Me! I love it! On the other hand, “I want to eat your ass…” is a different story. Not a welcomed comment. Or asking nonsense questions…. yeash! “What SPH clips do you have?” Are you kidding Me? Are you a two year old? Or is it that so much cum is backed up in your brain that you can’t find My SPH clips on your own? Sorry… I got off track. Always a rush to know that around the globe cocks are getting hard because I posted a pic or released a new clip. 

sbs: Would you ever meet a slave in real life, or are r/t sessions something you have decided will not be in your future?

PS: I do extremely few RT sessions limited to a couple of very long term subs that have served faithfully for a number of years. I’ll leave it at that.

sbs: Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

PS: No, I haven’t. But that’s because I wear a gorilla costume when out in public. Shit! Now everybody is going to know what to look for! Be a dear and edit this question out, would you slaveboy? Thanks. (editor’s note: Sorry Princess…I loved the humor in this answer and left it in…please don’t punish me too hard!)

sbs: Clip sales, wishlist purchases, tributes, or something else? What is the best way for an admiring slave to make an impression and show they’re serious about serving you?

PS: I like clip sales most of all because it’s easy and everybody is happy! I prefer KinkBomb for that method of tributing. Set the “Sort By” to highest price to lowest if you really want to impress by choosing an expensive clip. Of course Amazon is what it is… stuff I want, so go get it for Me. And such fun for subbies to see Me wearing clothes they bought Me in a clip. Tributes are always nice, GiftRocket and KarmaKoin cards preferably. Send to SheridanSantini@Yahoo.com. But back to KinkBomb… large blocks of clip purchases and/or tribute clips I have on there makes the biggest splash. Just tweet Me after you take the plunge.

sbs: Anything else you wish to say to your admiring slaves, and potential new ones who may crawl to you after reading this interview, Princess?

PS: Take inventory of yourself before contacting Me or any Domme. Many men believe themselves to be submissives when in fact they are not. There is of course going to be a feeling out period to see if it will be a compatible sub/Domme relationship. But if you go into it with a motive to tailor the experience to your agenda then you are not a submissive. Period. And also know this… time is money. Money gets attention. You pay for the honor of serving Me. Lots of fun to be had if you are polite and obedient. But when you are on an amusement ride you can’t stay on it without buying another ticket first. And at least for Me… I can’t speak for other Dommes… once you start serving Me make yourself present. I will forget you otherwise. There have been many a hurt feelings because a sub will wander off for a while and I forget who the fuck he is. There is a big difference between pestering and worshiping. Be present. Continually compliment and spoil Me and I’ll be sure not to forget you.

What a truly exceptional woman Princess Sheridan is.  I hope you enjoyed this feature as much as I did putting it together.  Even a few moments in her presence is more than enough to realize the power of persuasion and seduction Princess Sheridan holds over any man she sets her sights upon.  Bow down and pay tribute to this extraordinary Domme!

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Twitter – @SheridansFeet
Clips4sale –  clips4sale.com/studio/53203

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