Feature Interview: Princess Mackayla

This feature with Princess Mackayla was a long time in the making as our schedule’s never seemed to match.  But, as they say, good things are well worth the wait.  This was an amazing experience interviewing the gorgeous and commanding Princess Mackayla.  Do not underestimate her because she looks so cute and “girl next door-like”.  This is a seductive temptress who will lure you in, take your guard down and then own you before you ever even realize what’s happened.  Enjoy!

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slaveboysmith: Joining me tonight is the very beautiful and bratty Princess Mackayla. It’s wonderful to finally be in your presence Princess. Safe to assume I should be kneeling while interviewing you?

Princess Mackayla: Of course. Losers should always be on their knees.

sbs: Is that how you view men in general, Princess?

PM: Mostly. Maybe not all as ‘losers’ but I always see men as a means to getting what I want. Always.

sbs: Very understandable and a perfect segue into my first question for you. In all the interviews I’ve conducted, the story behind how a particular Domme got to where she is now, adored by many slaves while dominating men is always a little different. What can you tell me about your journey to becoming one of the most sought after Dommes for admiring slaves to serve?

PM: I really love My story, actually. My ex-boyfriend’s Mom is a pretty well known Domme. The more time I spent at their house, the more She saw My bratty nature. Finally, Her and Her husband asked if I wanted to join. Before that day I had no knowledge of the scene. They literally said “We think you’d be really great as a Domme.” and I fell in love with it. We shot a few clips, opened My store, made a site, and BOOM.

sbs: I have to say that may be the most unique story I’ve heard of how a Domme got her start. What happened to the ex-boyfriend, if I may ask?

PM: I know, that’s why I love My story so much. haha. We just grew apart. No bad blood at all.

sbs: That’s probably best for him lol. When was the first time you realized the control you have over men?

PM: Well, I’d say I knew that I could exchange material things for My attention from 5-6 years old. That is probably what made Me so bratty to begin with. But, along the years I’ve had a few instances where My ability to make males do things for Me was undeniable. Starting in grade school, I had a crush on a boy and his friend had a crush on Me but the more I made it apparent that I had a crush on his friend, the more he wanted My attention. It got to the point where he brought My a teddy bear and earrings to school for V-Day. Long story short, I ended up breaking his heart and made him cry in the tree house behind My house. I never tell that story because it seems so fake. Then, as I got older I had guys doing My work when I had a typical job. It was all too easy. I never had to do much. Guys just seem to have this urge to do things for Me. I think it’s how innocent I look. It makes it so effortless to play them.

sbs: One look at you and it’s very easy to imagine men being completely helpless and unable to resist you. Looking through your Twitter timeline, it’s rather obvious that you have a world-class ass that is extremely popular, and prominently featured in your clips. Is there one type of clip you enjoy making more than all others?

PM: I don’t think there is ONE particular type. I enjoy humiliation, financial domination, CEI. Ass worship and foot fetish guys are just the easiest to film for. They melt like butter. Haha. I mean, ever since I started footboys have FLOCKED to Me. That was My bread and butter when I started. Now, I’ve learned to be Myself more when filming and that has made my FemDom/FinDom/Humiliation take off.

sbs: You certainly seem very comfortable knowing the impact you have on men with your stunning clips, Princess. How does it make you feel knowing that men around the world are aroused by, and lusting after your perfect beauty as they watch you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

PM: It is expected that men are aroused by Me…Duh. I think the only thing that gives Me any kind of rush anymore are bingers and drive-by tributes.

sbs: I’m sure everyone reading this is making a note of how to give you a rush. What more could any slave wish for? Would you ever meet a slave in real life, or are r/t sessions something you have decided will not be in your future?

PM: I’ve thought about it. I just don’t think I’ll be doing that soon. Not to say I will never meet with someone. I have, however, always wanted to do a ball busting session.

sbs: You know you’ve just crushed many slaves who were hoping, right Princess? Lol funny I selected the word crushed and then you respond back with that!

PM: haha. That’s what I’m here for. Crushing dreams. hahaha.

sbs: So if you’re not going to meet slaves for sessions in person, what about outside of sessions? Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

PM: Well, I mostly look above everyone when I walk. Like, I look that that bitchy girl. So, I probably wouldn’t notice. I have had a guy that I suspected of being a fan. He came out of a cafe I was walking into and he looked… shocked. haha. He held the door open for Me. When I got My drink and started walking out, he was outside and opened the door for Me and My guy. Then he got in his car and left. But I haven’t had anyone come right out and say they were a fan.

sbs: They’re probably completely intimidated 🙂 Clip sales, wishlist purchases, tributes, or something else? What is the best way for an admiring slave to make an impression and show they’re serious about serving you?

PM: Money. Always money. That’s nothing new. I typically don’t accept long-term slaves. I like no-strings-attached money.

sbs: I’ve asked this question often of Dommes I’ve interviewed via this format, Princess, and as I wrap up this one, I’d like to ask it of you. If we were conducting this interview in person, with me kneeling before you, how would it end?

PM: Given My urge to do some ball busting, I’d make you kiss My feet before I kicked your pathetic balls. Then I would make you massage My feet after. Then, of course, I would take your wallet and leave…but not before you whimpered “Thank You, Princess.” 😉

sbs: Oh my! You are quite the force of nature Princess, and yes, it would be a whimper. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. It has been a privilege to be in your presence. Anything else you wish to say to your admiring slaves, and potential new ones who may crawl to you after reading this interview, Princess?

PM: If you dare to come crawling to Me, crawl with your wallet open and expect to be left ruined and begging for more.

By now I know you’ve watched Princess Mackayla’s sexy intro clip several times, and now that you’ve read a little more about this tempting seductress, follow her words and check out the links below.  Clip binge, visit and spend at her wishlist, and show Princess Mackayla that you are worthy of such perfect beauty and brattiness. 

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Twitter – @WorshipMackayla

Website – worshipmackayla.com

Wishlist – Spoil Princess Mackayla

iWantClips Store – iwantclips.com/store/1774/Mackaylas-Sinpire

Clips4sale Store – clips4sale.com/35918

Kinkbomb Store – kinkbomb.com/studio/PrincessMackayla

Niteflirt Profile – niteflirt.com/PrincessMackayla

Customs4u Profile – customs4u.com//performer/40421/princess-mackayla

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