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Blonde, beautiful and sensual, today’s feature Domme is the teasing and tempting Princess Anna.  My interview with her was so much fun and she is as playful as she is beautiful.  It’s very easy to see how Princess Anna disarms men with her sensuality and then takes total control.  You never stood a chance with this beautiful Findom Goddess.  Enjoy her feature and then learn more about Princess Anna by exploring all her links and introducing yourself to her world.  Enjoy!

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slaveboysmith: Today I’m privileged to kneel before the beautiful Princess Anna for our DommeAddiction feature interview. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity Princess.

Princess Anna: Of course, any time little one.

sbs: Mmmm you do make quite an impression on us slaves, Princess. May I ask how you became the dominant Goddess you are today? Have you always known you were superior?

PA: For a long time I wasn’t, actually. I grew up in a very unhealthy environment so it wasn’t until I moved out on my own and had to take care of myself that I really realized my dominance. I stumbled upon Findom through Twitter and thought I’d give it a shot like most girls do and I just started to thrive. I’ve only been doing this for around 6 months now and every day I discover more stuff I love about it, and more ways to dominate and rinse losers.

sbs: From what I have seen of you on Twitter, you seem to have found your way rather quickly Princess. Is there a particular type of slave that is typically drawn to you? Have you found it easy to persuade adoring men across that threshold into financial domination?

PA: You know there really isn’t a specific type of slave that comes to me. I have sissy slaves, abdl slaves, slaves that are just dabbling, guys that are infatuated with me but refuse to admit that they’re subservient to me, etc. Most men that understand basic logic can grasp the concept of financial domination and why it makes sense. I give my time and attention (which they otherwise couldn’t attain) and I receive their money in return. It’s like a date but better and more straight forward with your motives lmfao


sbs: I’m sure every slave reading this just started fantasizing about dating a woman as beautiful as you! Is there a real man in your life, or are we all in servitude and unworthy, Princess?

PA: Well, both. I’m engaged, and I actually have a cuck video out and a few more in the works 😉

sbs: He’s a very lucky man. And does he enjoy your power over every man who comes in contact with you?

PA: Oh yeah! Sometimes we’ll just sit together and come up with responses to losers or just generally laugh at their pathetic demeanor, but my personal favorite thing to do is have him fuck me while I shop with loser money or on Teamviewer with a customer. There’s something indescribably erotic about it 🙂

sbs: OMG! You may have just destroyed some of our cuckold readers with that response! What other fetishes do you truly enjoy? Do you do real time sessions or just online? Is there a difference in those fetishes depending on how you’re interacting with a slave?

PA: I vastly prefer online sessions, just because I really don’t enjoy being around men lol. In the few that I’ve done real time, it’s been pretty casual, just getting to know them and deepening the relationship.


sbs: I’m sure they are nervous and intimidated in your presence Princess. I know I would be!

PA: Oh absolutely, all of them have told me they enjoyed them a lot.

sbs: You’re very obviously a gorgeous woman, desired by all men who see you…does the submission still excite you at all, or is it just the expected outcome?

PA: Oh I love submission. The best kind is the kind you have to sort of beat into a slave… there’s something satisfying about the breaking point, where they realize their true purpose is serving and submitting fully.

sbs: To get a slave to that breaking point would you say you are a more sensual style Domme, or more strict?

PA: It depends on the sub and what they’re looking for from the relationship. Everyone is different and has different breaking points. I’m flexible 😉

sbs: Mmmm I’m sure. I just tweeted about your gif on Twitter in which you kiss your middle finger seductively and wink. Safe to say I’m not the only man more than a little weak after viewing that over and over again?


PA: Oh yeah, I get a lot of calls on Niteflirt specifically because they found that gif and then my profile. I had no idea it would blow up so much but I do admit, I look bomb as hell 🙂

sbs: Mmmm so sexy. Perhaps something like that in your intro video would be pleasing to you Princess? I know us adoring slaves would fall to our knees in an instant

PA: That’s a good idea. Definitely!

sbs: You mentioned earlier about breaking a slave. Is there something that tells you when you’ve broken them and they are yours to own Princess?

PA: I mean generally they do. Most of them come to be and let me know that they’ve been broken down. It’s hard to tell online otherwise.

sbs: So many broken men…and you’ve only just begun. What are your plans moving forward as you evolve as a FinDomme, Princess?

PA: You know, I’m just kinda taking it as it comes. I’m excited to explore the kink further.

sbs: Will you be adding more content to your clip store Princess?

PA: Oh absolutely. It’s been a little slow because I just moved into a new place but I have a few clips in the works.


sbs: Anything you want to tease us about?

PA: Well, if I see a trend in video sales it’ll encourage me to create more content of that kind. I’d say at the very least expect some cuck and foot fetish material in the near future 😉

sbs: That sounds amazing! I’m sure our readers have fallen deeper under your spell after reading this today. For those serious about serving you, how can they best show they’re sincere in wanting to become yours Princess?

PA: I’d definitely say try to make yourself known to me by leaving notes in gifts they’ve bought for me from my wishlist or through tributes. After you’ve done all that they could message me and chat about what they’re looking for/have to offer me and we can figure out if it’s a good fit.

sbs: Thank you so much for taking time today to answer my questions Princess Anna. With your permission, may I please ask one final one?

PA: Absolutely.

sbs: Thank you Princess. If we were conducting this interview in person, with me kneeling before you, how would it end?

PA: That’s a good question little one. I’d have you kiss my feet and allow you to bask in my glory a bit before dismissing you 😉

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