Feature Interview: Princess Ally Madison

To say that Princess Ally Madison will get inside your head, make you crave her attention and lust to serve Her, is an understatement if ever there was.  The instant I first interacted with her I knew I was in over my head.  This is a woman so beautiful, so confident in her ability to render men unable to resist with a simple glance or word, and so seductive, that no slave could ever dream of anything but pleasing Her.  At the end of this interview, you will know addiction like never before.  You will ache to please Princess Ally.  You’ll find yourself dreaming of ways you can impress and devote yourself to Her.  Be warned, after kneeling before Her, nothing will ever be the same for you as you become Princess Ally’s devoted slave.

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slaveboysmith: Joining me today is the stunningly beautiful Princess Ally Madison. Princess, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions like this.

Princess Ally: Of course!

sbs: I have to say that from the first clip you posted on iWantClips, I was a huge fan. You are gorgeous! Just interacting with you in the brief period of time I have, I can already sense that you control men with ease. Has that always been the case?

PA: Always! I’m not sure if it’s My “Southern Belle/Debutant” training, or My beauty pageant history, but I learned early on how to take advantage of My looks, and get what I wanted.. Over time, the attitude and sense of self has developed with it. As I’ve continuously proven Myself to be right, My confidence has just grown, along with My power… I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that I couldn’t “break down”.. It’s fairly simple, and fun, for me, actually…

sbs: Well it didn’t take long for you to wrap me around your little finger. I didn’t hesitate when you asked for an obedient slave to serve you the other day for a task lol

PA: Lol no… you didn’t.. I had to just smile to Myself.. I don’t think that tweet had been posted for more than a few minutes.. I surprise Myself sometimes with how easily I get what I want haha

sbs: I responded without hesitation. You are that good 🙂 Now that we’ve established that men can’t say no to your requests, is there a specific type of slave you find is drawn to you, Princess? Can all submissive men be persuaded to slip across that line into financial domination?

PA: I believe that yes, they can.. I have ALL kinds of subs and slaves approach Me.. I am a bit of a chameleon in the sense that, I can adhere to MANY different fetishes and desires.. I have ALWAYS liked the power that comes with making someone else absolutely weak.. Of course, My looks have always played a key part in that, but as does the mental aspect of it.. I am quite good at reading people, and playing into their weaknesses.. It’s pretty simple really… Finding someone’s soft spot (of course, a slave usually just tells you right off the bat..), playing into it.. pushing their limits.. and then, once they’re at the point of obsession, letting them know the ONLY way to get more of Me.. MY weakness… CASH. They most ALWAYS oblige.

sbs: And that point of obsession happens rather quickly I would imagine. Beyond financial domination, which I know is your absolute favourite, do you have other fetishes you enjoy exploring with your slaves?

PA: Most always.. I find one of My most powerful assets are My eyes. I have rather powerful eyes. Whether it’s a one on one session, or just simply a video I’ve made that includes lots of eye contact, that seems to be a rather excellent “tool” I use.. Haha As for other fetishes I enjoy exploring, I am finding that, as I dive deeper and deeper into this Fetlife world.. CBT is actually becoming a dirty little favorite of mine.. Only because I am so damn good at it.. I seem to quite creative, and cruel, in that aspect.. And nothing is more satisying than actually reducing a grown man to tears.. SEEING the damage I’ve caused.. It’s beyond thrilling. That, and the “hynosis” and “mind fuck” style sessions I’ve done are fun.. Again- My eyes, coupled with My seductive voice.. I like utilizing My strong points, and these are definitely two of them..

sbs: I have to confess that your eyes were the first thing to make me weak. They’re intoxicating! You clearly enjoy what you do. Can you describe the feeling you have when you take control of a slave? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

PA: It NEVER gets old, the high that I get from taking control over a slave.. or ANY man for that matter.. I think, if anything, the rush has become even more powerful as time has gone on.. Just looking at how easy it’s all become.. Honing My craft, if you will.. Even just locking eyes with a guy in traffic, giving My little “look” that I do, and getting to cut in front of a long line of cars.. It NEVER fails to amaze Me, just how and WHERE, My “skills” come into play.. It’s SUCH a rush.. As for My slaves.. Perhaps the most thrilling thing of all is that, I KNOW, that they DON’T know, their limits when it comes to Me.. and there’s NO telling what I can get them to do.. I know JUST how to play them.. and that is a game that I will NEVER grow tired of!

sbs: I know personally, the feeling that someone is able to use my attraction for them to push past my perceived limits is quite powerful. Would you ever meet a slave in real life, or are r/t sessions something you have decided will not be in your future?

PA: Isn’t it? Even knowing that, while doing this interview, I could simply redirect you on to something else, for My gain, at any time, and you’d move Heaven and Earth to please Me to the best of your ability.. Haha.. I literally just LOL’d.. It’s BEYOND exciting 😉 Anyway.. back to the interview…I definitely would.. To be honest, I am more excited about meeting other Domme’s! I would love to do some R/T sessions with other Domme’s.. Nothing is more attractive to Me, or sexier, than being in the presence of equally powerful Women.. Especially when they’re along side Me, attacking our prey.

sbs: You’ve read me well, Princess. I don’t seem to have much in the way of resistance when it comes to your commands. I love to please a beautiful woman. It’s a weakness and privilege. Any Dommes in particular you’re interested in working with, Princess?

PA: I would love to meet THE Queen, Herself.. Princess Sierra.. There is NO denying She is the MOTHER of the Findom fetish, itself.. Truly an Idol for Me, and I have no shame in saying that.. as far as who I’ve LOVE to work with.. Bratty Nikki & Goddess Jessica are two I’m REALLY drawn to!

sbs: I’m very familiar with the allure of Bratty Nikki and Goddess Jessica, as anyone who follows my blog are aware. Two absolutely incredible women. I’ll have to do some research on Princess Sierra a little more 😉

PA: I’ll have to check out their features on your blog, but yes.. It’s not often that you run across Women who are equally as powerful and smart as they are gorgeous.. as is the case with them!

sbs: What can you tell me about Princess Sierra?

PA: She’s the owner of FinancialDomination.com .. She’s been around since the late 90’s I believe.. Very different style, she’s got.. She’s not one to make clips and all, that I know of, and doesn’t have such a strong social media presence.. Several of her slaves have been around long before the days of social media and are “grandfathered” in to Her web of power.. I really admire Her.

sbs: I see I have some slave homework to do. She sounds like quite the woman. Okay, back to you totally controlling every man you meet, how can you tell when you’ve completely broken someone and they are unable to resist you? Is there a “tell” of some kind that lets you know you’ve taken total control?

PA: It really doesn’t take long, but yes, there are a few tell-tale signs.. For one, the ones that really begin to do their “homework” on Me.. The best way I can describe it is, whenever Roberto Cavalli comes out with a new line, and I obsessively pour over the runway photos and learn every little detail.. that is how they become with Me.. Whether it’s My tweets or My website.. Studying My taste based on My wishlist.. It’s those that take an interest when I am NOT around, that I KNOW I’ve locked in.. A few mornings ago, I woke up to a CD gifted to Me through iTunes, based off an artist I happened to mention on camera weeks ago! It’s things like this, that let Me know they’re thinking about Me LONG after I’ve been in their presence.. Those that really become OBSESSED and go to any means to contact Me, through every avenue I have available to them.. Who are hungry for any little detail.. I can tell by these things.. the way they are so readily available at ANY time..

sbs: And where does continuing to conduct this interview surreptitiously while my wife is nearby rank on that level of obsession, Princess? Lol

PA: LOL you’re getting there..

sbs: So it would seem 😉 Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

PA: Not that I know of.. I have been an online presence for nearly five years now, and for three, exploring the fetish and “Domme” life behind the scenes.. Hours of one-on-one camming privates, even on “vanilla” websites.. It’s not been since January of ’13 that I really publicly began to expose that side of Myself.. as I state on My website- it became IMPOSSIBLE to contain, as I grew to REALLY love it.. That being said, no, no slaves have ever recognized Me in person.. And when doing My “vanilla” camming early on, I have always protected Myself by blocking states in which I knew people.. Of course, there’s always room for a “slip up”, but if that’s occurred, I’m unaware.

sbs: I’m sure they’d be overwhelmed and probably speechless lol

PA: Lol most likely.. I get a crack out of how men stumble over themselves even now haha

sbs: For slaves looking to impress you, what is the best way for them to show you they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil?

PA: Well, as a Domme that specializes in Findom, NOTHING speaks to Me like cash does.. Money talks. Nothing pleases Me more than opening My email and seeing a slave application completed from My site.. However, not everyone can afford the $500 that it requires to gain access to all of the areas of My site (which is required alongside that application), so for those that can’t, a sizable tribute- nothing under $100 even gets a response- and a little introduction, letting Me know a bit about themselves.. If there’s anything I hate, it’s playing the guessing game with someone.. I don’t have time for all of that. Tell Me early on the basics about yourself.. Otherwise, I HATE getting an attitude from an offended “slave” because I was forced to just take a shot in the dark..

sbs: That seems more than reasonable, Princess. After all, it is a privilege to serve someone as perfect as you. Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers reading this interview, Princess?

PA: I would say that, as much as My videos speak for themselves, My power really shines through when one on one.. I LOVE one-on-one relationships.. I would recommend, after purchasing My videos, to look into booking a session with Me.. I really do enjoy digging deeper into the fetish world Myself, and am CONSTANTLY finding things I NEVER knew I would not only enjoy, but EXCEL at.. Likewise, I have a way of making a fetish that a potential slave might not have thought to be their fancy, suddenly something that they cannot get enough of.. There is no limit to where My mind can go, and the places that I can take someone.. I am growing MORE powerful by the hour and I highly recommend finding your place in My web of slaves as soon as possible, because it’s only going to become harder and harder to gain My attention above the rest of the masses…

sbs: Thank you for letting us into your world a little more today with your responses. As I knew it would be, interviewing you has been amazing. With your permission, may I ask one final question please?

PA: Certainly!!

sbs: Even through IM, your seductive power is quite intoxicating. My question is this…if we were conducting this interview in person, with me sitting across from you, how would it end?

PA: Hmm.. I’m still turning you over and over in My mind.. But I suppose for starters, I’d smile with My perfect bratty little smile and thank you for allowing Me to use you to further My power across the interwebz 😛 And from there.. Tell you to take a good, long, hard look.. because what you were going home to is nowhere NEAR as exciting as what was sitting in front of you.. Nor would ANYTHING ever be so aesthetically pleasing as the site of Me in front of you.. 😉

sbs: And as I read that I glance over at my wife sitting across the room…something tells me you would be an absolutely impossible to resist homewrecker, Princess!

PA: I have NO doubt.. 😉

Without a doubt, you are now finding that feeling overwhelming you as you eagerly prepare yourself to search for more and more of the gorgeous Princess Ally.  Enjoy the descent into total servitude.  Embrace the control She has over you.  Surrender everything to your beautiful Princess.

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