Feature Interview – Mistress Mila Von Mayhem

Today’s Feature Domme is an extraordinary redhead Temptress who will fulfill your every dream and nightmare simultaneously.  She is the Glamazon Goddess that is equally at ease in arousing and enticing men into her seductive web, as she is turning cruel and demanding and making you bow before her in humble submission.  She demands absolute submission of your mind, body and soul, and trust me, after spending just a little time in her presence, I can say unequivocally, you will give it to her! Welcome Mistress Mila Von Mayhem, and thank you so much for gracing our site with your presence.  Our readers have no idea what is in store for them as they read this and drink in your beauty, but I’m sure when they are finished, they will be begging to kneel before you as I did.  Enjoy as you explore the erotic and alluring world of the amazing Mistress Mila!

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slaveboysmith: For any who follow you, it is very evident you control men with ease.  Has that always been the case?

Mistress Mila: There had always been a FemDom Goddess inside of me, however it wasn’t until I fully embraced who I am, as a young adult woman, that I was able to hone my skills and be so open about my desires and innate abilities to control and dominate. This openness has only led to a greater ability to control.

sbs: Are you naturally dominant in every aspect of your life, or is Femdom more a roleplay for you when interacting with slaves?

MM: I am absolutely a sexually dominant woman in my personal life. Thus, this is not a role-play for me. That being said, I am very sweet in my day to day interactions with people. I am southern after all. I find the juxtaposition of my kindness upon approach, and cruelty in session, to be very exciting for my subs!

sbs: Not all women are created equally, obviously, and you are most definitely as Alpha as they come.  What do you say to women who are jealous of your success, or bothered by the lifestyle you are afforded by your admiring slaves?

MM: I believe all women are created equally and this is not limited to CIS or dominant women. I do, however, find many women are not comfortable being dominant and/or feel the lifestyle is not for them. I support this choice as it is theirs to make. Unfortunately that attitude does not always go both ways. As for jealousy, it doesn’t bother me at all. I am deeply aware that much jealousy or even hate stems from personal insecurities and or lack of education. The more angry individuals I find are often the most insecure and repressed. I feel sorry for them and for anyone who is stuck in vanilla monotony.


sbs: Is there a specific type of slave you find is drawn to you? Can all submissive men be persuaded to slip across that line into financial domination?

MM: I find slaves that enjoy my particular style of domination come from all walks of life, genders and nationalities. I revel in the diversity of my pets.  As for the second part of your question, I don’t push financial domination on my submissives, so whether or not they can be persuaded is a moot point. Don’t get me wrong, I do engage in Findom and I absolutely enjoy it with those who truly crave it, however, this sort of submission is not appropriate for everyone. I detest the notion that “fuck you pay me” is enough; even my pay piggy subs know that they must submit with much more than just their wallet. I require FULL submission of the mind, body and soul.

sbs: Do you prefer to break and enslave men who might resist, or use well-trained ones that are already broken in?

MM: I have a saying that I find myself repeating during sessions over and over again; “Go ahead and cry, resist, struggle my pet, these things will only make Mistress hotter and go harder”. That being said, I find as I have progressed in my dominance over the years I much prefer submissives who at the very least have some experience. Men and women who already have an understanding of the concepts of obedience, power exchange and most importantly, consent. For example telling me you have no limits is a huge red flag and lets me know that you are either reckless and looking to engage in possible harmful behavior or you haven’t discovered them yet. Either way, it is a no go for me. Everyone should have boundaries and it’s important to have a submissive who is able to clearly communicate them with me so that I may take them to the next level of submission and beyond.


sbs: Beyond financial domination, which is an obvious favorite, do you have other specific fetishes you enjoy exploring with your slaves

MM: I wouldn’t call it an obvious favorite. As stated, financial domination is only a portion of what I do with my pets. I truly adore exploring a wide variety of fetishes and role-plays with my submissives. No two subs are exactly alike and it is thrilling to explore the levels of submission & filth that I can lead them through. I do have some favorite types of play including, in no particular order, forced bi, pegging, age regression, taboo roleplays, sissification, water sports, and extreme impact play.

sbs: Can you describe the feeling you have when you have control of a slave, desperately doing whatever it takes to please you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

MM: BOTH! I absolutely experience a sort of euphoria when dealing with well-trained obedient subs. I would say it’s similar to the “sub space” my slaves experience post session with me but more controlled. I am a Sadist, therefore having a willing “victim” to inflict my delicious brand of torment upon brings me satisfaction and turns me the fuck on! So is it a rush? YES, but it is also an outcome I’ve grown used to. I expect, and demand, complete obedience and submission from all of my slaves.

sbs: How can you tell when you’ve completely broken someone and they are unable to resist you?  Is there a “tell” of some kind that lets you know you’ve taken total control?

MM: I often say “subs are not cattle”, they are individuals with different needs and abilities and capabilities to serve Me. Each slave has a unique “tell” once you know them well enough. Sure, there are some commonalities among them but the experience of crossing the threshold into complete submission and surrender to Mistress is really different for all of my bitches.


sbs: Have you ever been recognized in public? If so, how does the slave react to seeing his ultimate Goddess in person?

MM: YES, only a few times. I find them to be incredibly nervous especially if they are not alone LOL.
I assure them I maintain confidentiality and that I don’t do unplanned random sessions. This usually calms them somewhat.  I allow them a few moments to catch their breath and then they may spoil Mistress with their wallets and words (if the moment is right).  Regardless, I bless them with the memory of having been in my divine presence for the rest of their life. You’re welcome bitches!!

sbs: For slaves looking to impress you, what is the best way for them to show you they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil?

MM: There’s always an over abundance of slaves out there begging for my attention. Therefore, logically you have to stand out from the crowd. This is one example of how a large tribute is useful beyond Findom as it lets Mistress know you’re serious about investing time and money in our endeavors. This is not the only way… slaves may follow my social media accounts, purchase my sexy clips from my stores, promote and RT my tweets and clearly state their desire to serve and capabilities to do so in a private manner (email, DM) rather than proclaiming generically in a comment. These are good ways to stand out from looky-loos and wannabes!


sbs: Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers reading this interview?

MM: Do not let fear stop you from experiencing what this Mistress can do for your life. Embrace the fear and take that first step towards being mine. Remember submission happens in degrees and trust is key. You can never trust me if you don’t allow yourself a chance to engage with me in a meaningful way.  When you become my slave, this  Mistress will lead you down a path where there is no return, but that’s OK because you won’t ever want to go back to who you were before I blessed your life with my leadership, dominance and presence.

sbs: If you would oblige me one final question…if we were conducting this interview in person, how would it end?

MM: You would kiss my gloved hand and you would thank Mistress for the opportunity to be in my divine presence and learn about all that is Mistress Mila Von Mayhem. If you really wanted to please me you would leave a stack of hundreds on the floor before you left by crawling out on your hands and knees like a humble slave servant 😈

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