Feature Interview: Madame Says

While I love to write about the amazing Female Dommes that we feature here, today’s feature Domme deserves an introduction worthy of her Elite status in the world of Female Domination.  So what better way to learn about the woman you will soon submit to, than to hear in her own words what is in store for you when you kneel before the wonderfully dangerous Madame Says. 

A strict Female Supremacist, Insatiable Sadist, Heartless Humiliatrix and Dangerously Dominant woman – I take great pleasure in exploiting the weaknesses of inferior men for financial profit.  For the past eleven years, I have been dominating men online via phone, text, webcam and fetish based video content.  Whether you’re looking to submit to a Femdomme financially, serve a Greedy Goddess or indulge in your kinks and fetishes, I have developed many ways to make an inferior such as you surrender himself to Me.


slaveboysmith: Joining me today is the very beautiful and dominant, Madame Says. Thank you for demanding that I kneel before you Madame, and for taking the time to answer my questions today. It is truly a privilege.

Madame Says: It’s rather thin compared to your regular intros! Do you not know who I am? haha I started in this scene in 2006 just FYI.

sbs: Please don’t misunderstand me, Madame, I will still be writing an intro as I always do. This was more of an opening greeting in the interview for you to respond to before I launch into questions. Let me begin by asking you about your journey to becoming one of the most recognizable and prominent Femdoms on the planet. How did you rise to the stature you now enjoy, Madame?

MS: I believe it is due to the fact that I created My Findom website in January 2006 way back when there were only a handful of FinDommes online as well as due to My evolving and growing over the years, experimenting and expanding within the scene and with My own kinks and interests. I have always been very vocal within the scene and used to blog a lot on old livejournal back in the day, My strong opinions on proper D/s and Financial servitude cemented My brand starting then.


sbs: With being on the FemDom scene as long as you have been, you must be in an excellent position to comment on how things have changed, both for the better and worse. What do you see nowadays that excites you about Femdom, and how it’s progressing? And conversely, what do you see that concerns you?

MS: What excites Me is seeing more Women step into their power and claiming what they are owed from men. I also love to see more Women loving on and supporting each other despite being in the same business.
On the dark side, clip production has become so huge that I feel it has squeezed out the need for authentic Femdom relationships between Dommes and subs. It’s far easier to buy a clip to jerk off to a fantasy than actually, really submit to and serve a Domme online.

sbs: Do you notice a big difference between online domination vs real time sessions?

MS: Absolutely! More often than not the online sub is completely faceless, just text on a screen and I have to gauge where he’s at emotionally, mentally and physically. Now obviously, I already manipulate that Myself, but with a real time sub it’s much faster and more intense because I can SEE and FEEL how My words and actions affect them and go from there. Often we may say one thing but our eyes, body and tone of voice are saying something else. Online and real time are different worlds involving different acts. There is some cross over of course, but you get different things out of each experience.

sbs: You’re obviously a beautiful and desirable woman, and I’m sure that plays well into the sessions you create with your slaves. Does it ever become routine that a man will fall under your spell, scrambling to please you, or is there still a thrill in each conquest, if you will?

MS: “Conquest” denotes that I go out and conquer men, this is not the case. I exist and men come to Me and I decide if they are to stay or go based on how they can benefit Me. I do not ever chase after men to convince them I’m what they need or deserving of their attention, that is a given purely by My existence. If they can’t see that, they are not for Me. Now, if a man has come to Me and turned his belly up to Me and he has a very, shall we say, “generous” belly (read: wallet), there is always a thrill for Us both when the Spider decides to eat the fly 😉  I’ve watched many spider ignore a fly in it’s web because it’s too small, or old to satisfy them. Spiders will only eat the most juicy of prey!

Madame Says - TEASE - TORMENT - TAKE - iWantClips

sbs: Mmmm I think you may have just pushed some of our readers…and me…into a bit of a mindfuck with that response! Once you snare a slave in your seductive web, weaving them tightly, is there some kind of “tell” that lets you know that all resistance is gone and they are yours to do with as you please?

MS: Yes, the tell is always them spurting money all over the place! Hahahaha! Like I say, I’ll fuck your mind until your wallet cums all over Me! Seriously though, I know all resistance is gone when words are replaced with action.

sbs: I have no doubt you experience that rather quickly with virtually all men who meet you and bow before you. Do you have specific fetishes you particularly enjoy exploring with your slaves? Findom obviously is a favourite, but beyond that?

MS: As a sadist I’m into S&M things which I indulge in real time, things like ball busting, face slapping, whipping and caning. Fetish wise, I’m into stockings, pantyhose, leather, gloves and I get a power trip from tease and denial! I absolutely love making a man hot and heavy and not letting him touch himself or release. I’m into CFNM and chastity but not enough men are brave enough to lock up unfortunately. If you’re under 6” you should be locked for life. There’s no use for it and you’d be way more useful to Womenkind if it were locked away forever.

Madame Says - SUCK COCK TO KISS MY ASS - iWantClips

sbs: I will say only somewhat confidently, that I would not be locked away based on that criteria, however, what you described as my alternative fate sounds equally as terrifying! Do you only have male slaves that submit to you, or female submissives as well?

MS: Given that I only want financial slaves and would never make a Woman submit to My financially, just males. However in person, I am open to a female submissive for no Findom BDSM.

sbs: I’m sure there may be more than a few who would be excited at that prospect, Madame. For slaves reading this feature, eager to show they are genuine in their desire to serve and worship you, how can they best show their sincerity?

MS: If they are into clips, buy five or more of My clips and then send tribute to introduce themselves. If they are not into clips, read My website, follow Me on Twitter, send Me a gift or more from My Amazon list, then send tribute with an introduction. Always approach serving Me as you would interviewing for your dream job, because this is your dream job!! You will never have a Boss more exciting and satisfying than I 😉 Approaching with tribute shows Me that you are not one of the hundreds of males who contact every day just looking for free attention whether positive or negative. You wouldn’t court your dream Woman empty handed now would you!?

Madame Says - YOURE SO EASY - iWantClips

sbs: Absolutely not, Madame. Effort is needed to make one stand out as a potential mate, and in this case, slave. Thank you so much for answering my questions today. Is there anything else you wish to say to your devoted following, and soon to be slaves?

MS: Yes, now that your appetite has been whet, satiate it with a few of My incredible fetish and Femdom clips and send Me a thank you gift or tribute!

sbs: Well you’ve certainly whet my appetite to serve and promote you further moving forward with this interview today, Madame. With your permission, may I please ask one final question?

MS: Go ahead.


sbs:If we were conducting this interview in person, with me kneeling before you as I am currently, how would it end?

MS: You’d have blue balls that’s for sure!  LOL Blue balls, possibly a few red marks from where I’d tested the toughness of your skin and absolutely you’d have an empty wallet when you crawled away!


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