Feature Interview: Goddess Saffron’s Interactive Slave Community

It is my great privilege to feature and promote Goddess Saffron’s innovative and unique Slave Ring.  I recently had the opportunity to pose some questions about her new venture to the Goddess herself.  Enjoy the read and then crawl to Goddess Saffron and beg to become a part of her slave world.  The party is just getting started!

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slaveboysmith: I recently received an invite from one of your loyal followers to join your slave ring.  I had never heard of such a thing, so I wanted to go straight to the beautiful source and ask you about it yourself.  What exactly is a slave ring, Goddess Saffron?

Goddess Saffron: The slave ring is an innovative, first of it’s kind interactive slave community – but it is not only a social site, it is a way for slaves to serve and achieve at the same time.  It is My online Kingdom and Domain.  The challenges of the Slave Ring to a submissive male will be like nothing he will have ever experienced.

sbs: How long has the slave ring been in existence and how many loyal pets have you collected within your ring?

GS: The slave ring has only been in existence since August 2016 and already has over 350 registered slaves.

sbs: A number of Dommes have devoted followers serving them in various ways.  How does your slave ring differ from the typical submissive servitude?

GS: It is the future of servitude.  The slave ring has been likened to Strava to athletes, or Pokémon Go to gamers!  So many submissive males have secret lives and are fearful of serving in real life, due to the consequences of getting caught out by their wives or girlfriends.  The slave ring allows slaves to not only serve a REAL Domme, but serve from a distance.  This is not only about buying clips and sending tributes, it is a personal submission monitoring system.  They can actually see where and how they need to improve on their submission.

sbs: To become one of your devoted slaves, and join the ring, what must a potential slave offer to you in return for consideration?

GS: Joining the ring is free and simple to do, however no real benefit will come of it unless a slave is serious about serving and starts with simple acts of servitude.  A pre-requisite is for new slaves to first enrol in my www.SchoolForSlaves.com and begin my 24 day online slave training course.  Once a slave graduates from my school they will earn a reward and slave points which are added to their slave ring profile – can you now see how temptingly addictive My virtual Empire really is?

sbs:What can a slave anticipate will happen to him once he kneels and submits himself to you and joins your slave ring?

GS: The cycle of addiction will begin – this is an experience and journey no slave will ever forget.

sbs: Your website has detailed information about Serving and Achieving within the ring.  Can you give us a sense of what this system entails?

GS: Along with slave profiles there are slave community interactions, but the driving force of the slave ring is that slaves earn slave points, badges and awards for buying clips, sending tributes, buying gifts and even paying My bills.   There are also challenging slave missions to accomplish. 

Within the slave ring there is a hierarchy – every slave is ranked.  New slaves are at the bottom of the rank system and climb each rank with increasing servitude.  The goal – to become my very own personal assistant slave, a much sought after position! 

Then there is the Male Ego reduction system – every slave has it’s own profile and within their profile is a male ego gauge.  Like ranks, the male ego gets reduced with every act of servitude, until eventually they are left with 0% ego – the aim of the game!  Only slaves with 20% or less ego are allowed to enter My Temple – the holy place of worship. 

It’s good for slaves to earn, but sometimes they need punishments and yes the slave ring has those too!  Punishments are applied when My rules are broken and work in exactly the opposite way to achievements. 

Within only a few months the slave ring has developed to even have it’s own currency – the ‘slave coin’.  Slaves earn coins and can redeem them to access certain features in the slave ring, such as daily personalized tasks. Slaves also compete against each other in the slave of the month and week contests, top clip buyer, top gift buyer, top bill payer etc.  New features are being added to the slave ring all the time, so my Kingdom will never stop growing.

sbs: Now that everyone reading this has been convinced, what is the next step in becoming a part of your slave army, Goddess Saffron?

GS: I recommend that all new slaves first enroll in My slave school at http://www.SchoolForSlaves.com and undergo my 24 day online slave training course.  Read through some of the testimonials to learn what to expect.  Once enrolled, slaves can then register for a slave profile at http://www.TheSlaveRing.com so they can be serving and earning whilst undergoing My training.

sbs: One look through the website links and it’s obvious a great deal of thought has gone into creating this unique and intriguing world of worshipers, Goddess.  What do you see adding in the future to create even more opportunities for devoted slaves to worship and adore you?

GS: I have so much in store for the slave ring it would be too big to list, but plans are in place for special auctions, additional slave training features, more ways to spend slave coins, and special areas for higher ranks and much more.

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