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Without question, if you’re reading this, you are familiar with today’s Feature Domme.  However, you may know Raquel Roper, the adult film star, more than you know the true Femdom Goddess Raquel, as she is more comfortably and aptly known.  It was a distinct pleasure to interview Goddess Raquel as she explains her change to what she knows is true to herself in embracing her Femdom kinks and desires, rather than being pushed into an image of what was marketable to others’ fantasies.  As beautiful and seductive as she is, Goddess Raquel is intelligent, articulate and well spoken.  She was delightful to interview and interact with, and we at DommeAddiction, look forward to promoting her regularly moving forward.  Thank you, again, Goddess, for the privilege of kneeling before you, and for sharing your thoughts with our avid readers.  Take this opportunity to get a glimpse into what it will take to wear Goddess Raquel’s collar, and know that as difficult as it will be to earn such a privilege, the rewards of being owned far outweigh the struggles to make it happen.

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slaveboysmith: Today I have the distinct privilege of welcoming the legendary Goddess Raquel Roper to DommeAddiction.  Goddess, I have been a fan for some time now, and it is such a pleasure to kneel before you today.

Goddess Raquel: It seems you’re very eager to kneel.

sbs: I do love kneeling before a beautiful woman, and after watching some of your latest Femdom clips, you are an amazing Goddess any man would be lucky to kneel before.  Let me begin by asking about your journey to becoming a Femdom Goddess.  When did you first realize the power and control you had over slaves?

GR: I have had fetishes relating to female domination, as well as being entirely aware of my control over individuals, primarily men, dating back as a young girl and teenager. I was removed from my kinder garden class one nap time & was sent to the Principal’s office, due to rolling up my sleeping bag and using it to swat a boy in the stomach; shooing him away from me as he was attempting to sleep next to me. That same boy later tried to have my first kiss on the playground, and I allowed him to; only to punch him in the stomach right after sending him flying across the swings and knocking the wind out of him. Already teasing & denying, before I had the slightest notion.

Needless to say, I also have a bit of a rough background when it comes to the education system; lol. At the age of 12, I started diving into an anime genre called “Yaoi” or “Boy Love” – in this genre, the majority of the pairings of men feature a character persona of a very dominant, sometimes stand-offish top, and a feminine, at times bratty, bottom. In stories and fan fiction, they engage in an intimate & sexual dynamic, some stories much more graphic than others. I was fascinated & stimulated at not only the power dynamic of the couples, but the idea of a feminized man receiving anal pleasure. From there, my curiosity led me into sneaking anything I could find that would involve this kind of dynamic with “real life” pornography or reading material. And anal…there always had to be a male receiving anal. When I dove a bit deeper into the darker side of the web, I discovered pegging, where a woman was anally stimulating a male, & I never looked back.

From those interests, my journey took me to my relationships with men as a whole. Though I primarily kept these desires only in my mind due to being young and having a lack of understanding, I always found myself with boyfriends whom I could easily mold and manipulate. Boys who could be talked into letting me straighten their hair, put eyeliner under their lids, and wear my skinny jeans. My mother used to scold me when I would punch my boyfriends in the shoulder if I felt them being sassy, or showing signs of sarcasm.


sbs: It sounds like you’ve followed a very direct pathway, Goddess, but I know that in speaking with you, you’ve detoured somewhat from what you truly are in your previous adult work.  Would you care to add to that for our reader’s sake?

GR: Of course. I have always had fetishes revolving around female domination & its roots, but just like any teenager growing up and learning about themselves & sexuality, I was curious about experimenting in other things as well. There were things that I desired to see if I preferred from either a giving end, receiving end, or both. Sex work was a way for me to do this, and a way to gain income. I started adult work for that exact reason, as a means of exploration. To discover the depths of my sexuality. Due to the way I look & my age, I was told to market myself as not only a Fetish model, but an adult performer who was up for anything & everything; primarily focusing around the “girl-next-door” image. I took this advice and ran with it, shooting & experimenting in nearly every Fetish & sexual situation that I could. Topping, bottoming, submitting, dominating; I truly have done it all on camera. Through taking all these roles, diving into all these different fetishes, I learned so much about myself and my sexual interests and dynamics off camera. “Raquel Roper” for the past 3 years, has been simply a character I’ve used as a journey of self -discovery to define myself, and now at 24, I know what I am truly passionate about, stimulated by, & drawn to when it comes to my interests.

People don’t realize that “Raquel Roper” for the past three years, was doing things that I myself as a person wouldn’t have the slightest interest in off camera. They forget that she is not who I am when I return home at the end of the day.  Though now, I want Raquel Roper to be me, because through her I finally know who me really is. I no longer wish to play a character. I wish to be myself. I no longer will market myself as “the girl next door”, because I’ve never fucking been the girl next door lol


sbs: Well if your recent clips I have watched, “Be Mine” and “Finding Pleasure In His Ruins” are any indication, you are a natural Femdom Goddess.  You mentioned strapon/pegging in an earlier response.  Can you describe the allure of bending a man over and taking his ass from your perspective?

GR: There is something so stimulating and thrilling about penetrating a man in that way. In one sense, it’s mentally stimulating because the act itself is breaking stereotypes. Stereotypes that are defined by society as the roles that men & woman should fill, roles that have been designed by narrow minded peers. That a man can’t be fucked, and a woman has no place doing the fucking. Total. Utter. Bullshit. When I penetrate a man, I feel empowered. Putting them in an intimate, and vulnerable position. I also feel aroused, because as I stated I have always enjoyed the idea of a male being in that predicament, his ass being filled. The first time I stuck my finger in a guy’s ass I was shaking. Not out of nerves, but because I was so turned on. I truly can’t explain it, the sensations from both a mental and physical standpoint that I experience when I fill a man up with my cock. I feel like I’m on cloud nine, I hit total & utter top space.

sbs: I can imagine it’s quite an experience for the slave on the other end of your strapon as well, Goddess.  Besides, strapon play, what other fetishes do you enjoy exploring with your slaves? Does it differ between real time sessions and online?

GR: I love Chastity, as I own/have owned many devices. Sensory Deprivation, Heavy Bondage, Rubber Enclosure, Straitjacket Confinement – anything that turns my slaves into gimps that can’t hear, see, or speak. Sissification, Dollification, CBT, Forced Bi, Sensory Play, Tease & Denial, Ruined Orgasm.

There are differences, obviously, in real time sessions and online, but you can experiment with nearly every fetish I listed above in both domains with proper planning, knowledge, and the correct tools. I’m able to have the same connections and interactions as I would real time with an online slave. Forcing my online slaves to put themselves in self bondage, perform CBT, masturbate to gay porn, ruin their own orgasms, etc. Just a few of my favorite things.


sbs: A wickedly kinky mind to match your flawless, perfect beauty, Goddess Raquel! You must obviously be accustomed to men fawning over you in virtually every situation.  That said, when a man fully submits to you, is it still a rush or just something you’ve grown accustomed to and expect?

GR: Not just men, but when any individual fully submits themselves to me, there is a rush. But so much more than that. Submission, is such a beautiful & powerful thing. Another individual devoting themselves to you in mind, body, & spirit. Looking to you for guidance, for direction, for purpose. It is not something to be taken lightly, nor for granted, on either end. People often view the idea of a submissive, as being weak, but it’s entirely the opposite in the grand scheme of things. It takes a very strong individual to completely surrender & lose themselves in the will & power of another.

sbs: Is there a difference when a male submits to you when compared to another female?

GR: There isn’t a difference in gender, there’s a difference in the individual. Some individuals, submit easily, fall like lined dominoes with little effort and ease. Others, are more strong-willed, bratty even, individuals whose ego you must break & remold to fit your desires as a dominant with vast calculation and planning.

sbs: Do you prefer to dominate a slave who is already somewhat trained and pliable, or to break down a stronger willed pseudo-Alpha?

GR: A challenge catches my interest far more than a pliable slave. I enjoy the slow process of breaking down someone’s sense of ego. The transformation of it all. In coiling them around my finger, one strand at a time.


sbs: Mmm that response makes me, and I’m sure many of our readers, so weak! When you’ve broken a slave completely, leaving them unable to resist, is there a “tell” that lets you know you’ve taken total control?

GR: When it’s slow and drawn out, you’re given signs and examples every day. Little by little. Perhaps before, the submissive spoke more about themselves, their day, their life, their wishes, their aspirations. That’s ego. When your submissive starts only asking about your day, desiring for the details of your life, eager to seek out your wishes, living to bring your aspirations to light. Then, and only then; is when you’ve taken total control.

sbs: I’m sure you’ve seen that reaction many times, and as we spoke of yesterday by phone, it’s inevitable that we slaves fall under your spell.  I can already feel it happening.  For those reading this, dreaming of becoming yours, and perhaps one day wearing your collar, what is the best way for them to show their sincerity and willingness to obey?

GR: Learning what it takes, to gain my attention. Asking how you can benefit me, what you can contribute in use & aid of building my empire. I’m not only talking about tributes or gifts that will point me in your direction, stand you out from the masses temporarily, but it will not hold it. I’m not a Findom. I’m a life stylist. I want devotion, loyalty, love.

sbs: I can say, without hesitation, after getting to know you some as we’ve worked towards this feature, that devoting oneself to serving and pleasing you is an appealing future for any slave, Goddess Raquel.  I’m certainly glad you are embracing your superiority as a Femdom Goddess.  That said, had you not done so, or become involved in adult films, what might you be doing in life instead?

GR: I always knew I would find myself doing something creative. I just didn’t know which outlet I would be taking as a career path. For a while I thought I was to be an illustrator or visual designer, as drawing is something I can spend hours doing. Then I believed it was to be writing, as I spent many years penning poems, short stories, and sticking my nose in variations of literature. When I turned 18, I found my passion for makeup and set my sights on pursing that passion, which I did; and I did it well. But when the doors of the Fetish industry opened up to me I never looked back. I knew this was my calling. My mother pinned me as being an actress, as I also performed in plays & such in school. She wasn’t far off, was she?


sbs: No, I think it’s safe to say you found where you flourished, Goddess.  You spoke earlier of being true to yourself.  Was it so much more acting than reality in your adult film career? If so, does it feel more natural and genuine as you’ve become the Femdom Goddess you now are?

GR: This is a question I’m pleased with you for asking. During my time in adult, I was entirely acting. It’s a part of the reason why I stepped away from mainstream porn, why my time there was short lived. I am not a vanilla person in the least, so having plain, vanilla sex that was positioned and scripted was personally distasteful for me. That and being contorted for the sake of camera angles as if I were a circus performer. Fans of my vanilla porn, fans of my own personal adult products were being fed a fantasy, reading into a character I was portraying on screen. I know there will be some individuals who will claim that me switching to Femdom content online as opposed to this, is me acting, but it’s the other way around. I know it to be true, and my fans will realize it for themselves as well once they view my new content. Even if they don’t, fuck them. At the end of the day it is myself who knows what I am, and I truly have nothing to prove to anyone. Femdom is where my passion lies. A passion that is seen clearly in my work, as well as if you were ever to have the opportunity to know me on a more intimate level (however unlikely that may be)

sbs: So you’re saying there’s a chance?!?  The idea of kneeling before you as your slave, in person, is mind-blowing, Goddess Raquel.  I can say with absolute certainty, that you are genuinely dominant.  You were rather persuasive in your acting, mind you.  I am happy to hear you’ve found what is true to yourself, as are many fellow slaves.

GR: There is, but captivating my interest is not an easy task as I’ve stated in prior questions. Holding it, can be even more troublesome for the eager slave. There must be a spark, a connection; just like any other relationship. And of course I was persuasive. I was good at what I did. I strive not only to be good at endeavors I take on, but the best.


sbs: That you certainly are, Goddess.  Have you had many real time sessions with slaves? What fetishes are a must to keep you intrigued and interested?

GR: In truth, I just started offering real time sessions to individuals not too long ago. This is because for so long, female domination was a part of my personal life, intertwined in my relationships. A side of myself I kept for myself and only partners who knew me on a personal level. For a while, I didn’t desire to dominate an individual unless I truly had romantic interests in them as well. Even now, for me to interact with an individual, to form a true dynamic outside of an online domain, I must feel something. It’s why all my play partners offline have been my lovers, or friends.

My last ex of over a year, was my 24/7 high protocol submissive. Our entire relationship was based on the ideals of female domination. The fetishes we practiced in this dynamic majorly were total power exchange, heavy bondage, heavy rubber enclosure, latex, sissification, medical play (straitjacket confinement, medical restraints, tens unit stimulation) sensory deprivation, sensory play, pegging, & cbt. These are all fetishes that intrigue me most and stimulate me the best.

If you view the earlier posts on missroper.tumblr.com I kept a blog, a journal of sorts, documenting scenes of our relationship. This blog & dynamic was constant whilst I was performing in adult entertainment.


sbs: I look forward to reading that and learning more about your journey, Goddess Raquel.  Thank you so much for sharing your story with DommeAddiction.  Your answers are intelligent, articulate and honest.  I have thoroughly enjoyed interviewing you.  With your permission, may I please ask one final question?

GR: If you wish to see more of that journey, you may also visit my life stylist profile which can be found on Fetlife, by searching “Miss Roper” – there’s quite a few interesting personal photos on their as well & I’ve recently become quite active again on the site. You may, ask one final question.

sbs: We will indeed be busy slaves scrambling to eagerly devour more information about you, Goddess.  If we were conducting this interview in person, with me kneeling before you as I asked you questions, how would it end?

GR: It wouldn’t be an end dear, it would be the beginning. The beginning of your conquest to serve, to capture my attention.

sbs: Should I be saying goodbye to my previous life and all that it entails then, Goddess?

GR: With a kiss.

sbs: Mmm why do I have this overwhelming urge to lean forward and accept your collar, Goddess? I keep hearing your words and seeing you in your Be Mine clip and I know I’m not alone in wanting that.

GR: Who is to say it would be there dangling for you in the first place? As I’ve stated in Be Mine, it is not a token to be taking lightly, & one only given to those who have earned it. You have shown me the love, loyalty, & devotion I desire. I assure you, you’re not alone.



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