Feature Interview: Goddess Lottie Harley


My first contact with Goddess Lottie should have served as a warning for the type of lustful addiction she creates in men. She was insistent the interview by via Skype because she wanted to see how easy it was to distract and fluster me she said. By the time it was done, she had me seriously contemplating a trip to the UK to bow before her.  She is sensual, teasing and seductive.  She knows exactly how desirable she is to men and how to make them weaker than ever before. Once she has you hard and wanting, there’s nothing you won’t do to please her. If you enjoy reading this feature even half as much as I did conducting it, you’ll find yourself in need of a VERY cold shower!

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slaveboysmith: Joining me today is the stunning Goddess Lottie Harley.  Goddess it’s a privilege to be in your presence.  I won’t lie…I’m a little nervous, as I’m sure most men are around you!

Goddess Lottie Harley: Hello boy, Haha yes I have heard that quite a few times, but no need to be, most of my subs/pups find very quickly they open up & relax quickly. I’m a more forward going/relaxed Domme then some.

sbs: I’m glad to hear that and will try to be focused.  From chatting offline, I understand you just finished a workout.  I know I state the obvious when I say that you have a stunning body.  How often do you work out Goddess?

GLH: Yes I have, I’m still full of sweat as we speak. I aim for at least once a day even if it’s 10 mins. My main workouts are every couple days for around an hour.

sbs: Well the results speak for themselves.  I just finished watching your Latex Loser For Life clip for an upcoming review, and the way that latex hugs your perfect curves will leave many men drooling and ready to do anything for you!

GLH: Haha I’m glad you have enjoyed it. That clip itself was so good to film! I love latex & love how it looks on me. I don’t think I could have enough latex! The clip has sold a lot compared to what I originally thought it would, and I’ve had a few men drop to their knees to buy me more latex outfits.

sbs: I can imagine why! Very sexy clip and you look incredible in pasties 😉

GLH: 😉 again a domme can never have too many pasties! They come in handy so much 😉


sbs: Indeed. From men who live on your every tweet and clip release, to those who nervously ache for you from afar, it is very evident you control men with ease.  Has that always been the case?

GLH: Well pretty much yes, throughout my life I’ve had boys/men hanging off my every word. I became aware of the use boys could serve in high school getting them to carry my bag etc. I even had roses bought one Valentine’s Day from a boy I’d never heard of 😂

sbs: Fair to say that being in control and dominating men comes naturally then, Goddess? It sounds like you’ve been an Alpha for a very long time.

GLH: Yes I believe it has, even in my previous professions it was easy to get what I wanted & drain men of their money.

sbs: I can certainly see why as I get to know you a little more and admire your work.  What about your interactions with other women? Not all women are created equally, obviously, and you are most definitely as Alpha as they come.  What do you say to women who are jealous of your success, or bothered by the lifestyle you are afforded by your admiring slaves?

GLH: Haha with that whole situation I’m quite well forward. If their not willing to give it a go & a try then they shouldn’t criticize any woman for the road they take. My boys adore me, and rightly so as I give their life meaning & a new lease on life that maybe they lost in the past. Jealously is such an ugly look on a woman, but many are jealous, they don’t realize this world exists as big as it does. But they can say what they like about me draining men. I love it 😂


sbs: I guess with self-confidence comes the ability to not care what others think or say.  You’re right, jealousy isn’t a very attractive quality at all.  Draining men…the sound of that phrase is both sexy and scary. Can all submissive men be persuaded to slip across that line into financial domination?

GLH: Depends on how badly they’re obsessed 😉 but yes I believe any sub can cross the line. I’ve taken males from Femdom to Findom & they love it, but they don’t see it as that, they see it as spoiling their Goddess.

sbs: As they should Goddess 😉 With so many men admiring and lusting after you, offering you anything they have, proposing marriage and such, can you describe the feeling you have when you have control of a slave, desperately doing whatever it takes to please you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

GLH: Again it depends if a boy puts up resistance then finally gives in it becomes an ‘oh well we knew that was coming’ type of feeling but isn’t such a rush. But when they approach and are ready to serve no matter what then it does become a rush! Controlling them into anything I want is sooooooo much fun! It still gives me joy to play with a new sub just as much as it is playing with my loyal boys. I love this industry so I think that plays a major part in my enjoyment playing with subs.

sbs: You certainly seem to enjoy the control you have over us weak males 😉

GLH: I definitely do! 😍


sbs: As slaves find themselves falling deeper under your spell, how can you tell when you’ve completely broken someone and they are unable to resist you?  Is there a “tell” of some kind that lets you know you’ve taken total control?

GLH: The words I love you, men in vanilla lives don’t say it regularly so once they admit it to me I know they are hooked! And once I hear those words I smirk just a little like ‘You’re completely mine now’. Or there’s the fact that they will do any task I set for them, and some of them are painful 😂 but they just do it without hesitation and thank me after for the privilege 😂

sbs: I have to confess I’ve said I love you a few times to a gorgeous Domme.  It feels amazing, though I guess as a married man I probably shouldn’t be saying such things!

GLH: It’s a natural feeling that many subs do get. It’s not that you love your Mistress or Goddess like your wife, but there’s this overwhelming feeling of love that you can’t hold back. It’s better to admit it then try and bottle it up 😏

sbs: Very true Goddess.  Admitting it is the first step, right? 😉

GLH: I’d say the second or third 😏


sbs: Mmmm of course.  Turning our attention to your amazing clip store at iWantClips, you have a variety of sexy clips available for purchase.  Beyond financial domination, which is an obvious favourite, do you have other specific fetishes you enjoy exploring with your slaves?

GLH: You mentioned earlier my latex clip! Love that one! Was so amazing to film! But my favourites include:

‘I am your God mantra’

‘Virgin losers only deserve anal’

‘Married men homewreck’

‘Swallow my goddess spit’


I love these because they were so fun to film! I enjoy clips that include homewrecking/spit/mindfuck because I can really get stuck in, letting my creative/erotic side out! I love making clips! Each has their own special twist. I hope they are enjoyed as much as I enjoy doing them. I really try and put my creativity to it’s test in how I approach each clip, down to outfits/sets/ scripts. And hope it comes through in them.

sbs: Well if my enjoyment of your Latex Loser For Life is any indication, I think it’s safe to say we slaves are enjoying your efforts too, Goddess! I enjoyed that clip A LOT!

GLH: I’m glad! It does make me happy to know subs enjoy them as well!

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sbs: You mentioned homewrecking, which we hinted at with married slaves telling you they love you.  Does it excite you to know you can take a man from his wife and have him kneel before you?

GLH: Of course it does & I’m one of the few that will happily admit that. knowing that I can destroy everything he’s known for so long and have him bow to me is empowering and exciting! It’s great fun toying with them, and them realizing that yes, it is a reality I could have them do.

sbs: Do you ever push it beyond fantasy and make it a reality with slaves? Demanding they choose between being your slave and husband to their wife?

GLH: It’s never beyond a fantasy, but I have made them leave their wife 😂 I’m on number 6 I believe now that has left his married life 😂

sbs: Sounds like it’s definitely beyond fantasy for their wives! Wow…now that is power.

GLH: Haha true 😂 and what can I say, I can be quite persuasive.

sbs: I have no doubt about that.  You are intoxicating to be in the presence of Goddess.

GLH: I mean when they honestly look at their wives & then at me, I know they die a little inside knowing that I’ll never be their wife 😂 Thank you boy 😉

sbs: I’m sure when they make the comparison, and we know they do, wifey comes up lacking.  Please don’t make me leave my wife Goddess! 😉

GLH: Haha you never know what the future holds 😉

sbs: Is it normal that I both shivered and moaned at reading that? God!

GLH: Oh it is normal 😉


sbs: Deep breaths slaveboy…I just realized in my haste I neglected to ask you your age and where you are from Goddess.  Please forgive me.

GLH: I’m surprisingly older than most think. I’m 24 & from the West Midlands 😏

sbs: 24 is still so young to be so powerful.  I’m more than twice your age and you’ve had me wrapped around your little finger since we started this interview! West Midlands is in the UK, correct?

GLH: Most approach me with the idea I’m 20-21 so are shocked when I say 24. Yes, the West Midlands is the UK. I don’t think you’re the only one that will be wrapped around my little finger reading this interview 😉

sbs: I’m quite certain you’re right in that assumption Goddess.  You’re amazing! Are most of your slave admirers and servants from the UK?

GLH: Surprisingly no. I do have more American subs then English. I think most love my accent and that’s why they love serving English Dommes. But I have a few German/Swedish/Dutch slaves as well that admit my accent is a turn on to them.

sbs: I’m from Canada and I have to say your accent is irresistible.  You’re gorgeous and certainly don’t need an accent to make men weak…but wow…it sure adds another level of sensuality.

GLH: Which is what most of my loyal subs say. I think you might be turning into one of those subs at the moment the further we chat 😉

sbs: I think that’s entirely possible Goddess.  It’s very difficult to concentrate on my next question actually.  You are quite distracting.  Do you only dominate slaves online, or do you do r/t sessions as well? I ask for the feature (as I check flights from Canada to the UK) 😉

GLH: Haha you may check 😉 but yes I do. I offer real time to those that can afford it. My presence for an hour costs a bit, but it comes with a private dungeon equipped for many different sessions.

sbs: Wondering aloud if my wife would notice I was gone for a few days…oh my! I can only imagine the experience that would be.

GLH: Haha just say you need to go for a business trip 😏 I’m sure she wouldn’t ask too many questions! Many have said the exact same and then left with a real sense of accomplishment that they got to meet me.

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sbs: It would make returning to “vanilla” life seem rather dull I’m sure.  For slaves that have worshiped you only online, have you ever been recognized in public? If so, how does the slave react to seeing his ultimate Goddess in person?

GLH: I’m sure I saw one earlier whilst food shopping 😂 You can tell a sub straight away because once they see a Goddess, they make eye contact to make sure it’s who they believe & then make an about turn & run 😂😂😂 But I have had one say they saw me & I asked why he didn’t approach. His answer was perfect:

‘Because I didn’t have the money to Goddess I didn’t want to waste your time’

It will always stick in my mind. Most would be too scared to approach unannounced, most likely because they wouldn’t know the outcome.

sbs: Which would be?

GLH: Depending on how they approached, I’d be quite relaxed and welcoming. If they were rude or loud I wouldn’t be happy solely because in public there is always the chance children could overhear. Little minds shouldn’t be hearing our sort of lives 😉

sbs: Assuming no children nearby, I’m picturing a man falling to his knees to kiss and worship your boots while in the middle of a store as his shocked wife looks on.  She’s even more shocked when he empties his wallet at your feet 😉 I think your power is influencing my thoughts Goddess!

GLH: The perfect greeting 😉 But that is how I’d expect them to approach on their knees, head down, knowing their place is beneath myself, whether wifey is there or not. I shall have to educate her in female supremacy, then she’ll understand 😉.

sbs: Or perhaps she’ll be kneeling right beside her husband?

GLH: So fun when my power influence’s subs. It means they finish my sentences & read my mind, making it easier for me to relax 😉 Haha, I would love to make her bow, but all women are superior to males. The only time she’s bowing is if she wants that place, otherwise all women shall remain superior 😉

sbs: Have you ever had another woman kneel before you as her superior?

GLH: Only one. I had a sub and his wife and she wanted to be whored out for BBC whilst he was tied in the corner watching 😂

sbs: Oh my god! Now that’s some kind of visual to think about for readers of this interview!

GLH: Haha he’s never looked back on how they used to fuck either now that he’s experienced the thrill of being a cuckold.

sbs: God…okay I think I need to go buy some more of your clips very soon and immerse myself deeper in your world, Goddess! Speaking of which, for slaves, like myself, looking to impress you, what is the best way for them to show you they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil?

GLH: Go! Have fun watching them all. No doubt you’ll be obsessed & become a Lottie loser 😉Tips are always a good way. I also take Amazon e-giftcards to:


Or for the more selfish subs binging on my clips is always good as well.

sbs: A Lottie loser.  Is that an official title? I think many of us will find ourselves wanting to belong to that group.

GLH: It is the official title for all my boys 😉

sbs: Thank you for spending some time answering my questions today, Goddess.  I have squirmed and ached more during this past hour than I care to think about.  You do have a way with making men your devoted servants.  Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers reading this interview?

GLH: That’s okay boy it’s been good! I’d like to let all worshipers know to go binge on my clips and soon they’ll become a Lottie loser just like every other male that has walked his way into my web 😉😁

sbs: I will be certain to link to your clip store Goddess.  May I mention that slaves can tribute you through iWantClips as well?

GLH: Yes, you may slave.  Good boy for asking.

sbs: Thank you again Goddess Lottie.  This has been an intense experience interviewing you and I wish it didn’t have to end.  If you would oblige me one final question…if we were conducting this interview in person, how would it end?

GLH: As all good real time sessions with good aftercare, hugs and praise. And watching you walk away after an unexpected playtime 😉

sbs: I get to walk? I would have presumed crawl away.  Very generous Goddess 😉

GLH: Oh watching subs ‘try’ and walk is much more rewarding lol

sbs: Is that as a result of spankings or strapons or both?

GLH: Both 😉

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