Feature Interview: Goddess JessiBelle

Goddess JessiBelle started a cam show business with her partner Mr. J in 2011. She then switched from live shows to making videos for the both of them. At that point, her video content was only focused on her sexual life with her partner. In 2015, a customer requested a female domination clip and since then, opened up a new chapter for her store. It has been over a year since officially becoming a Dominatrix. Below is our exclusive interview with the one and only Goddess JessiBelle! 


DommeAddiction: What can You tell me about your journey?  Are there any negatives involved with being a Dominatrix?

Goddess JessiBelle: I was really doubting that I would be any good at dominating people in videos. It seems easy to do it in person, but with the videos it was so one-sided. I have to anticipate what the viewer is going to do and what they are thinking so it’s not just as easy as talking to the camera; there’s some psychology behind it. It took a lot of work to perfect that as much as possible. I would say that counts as a pro and a con of this job! Not everyone is the same and they don’t all respond the same!

DommeAddiction: You believe that Men are typically weak and many of them only think with their cocks. Do You think Alpha men sooner or later will end up submissive?

Goddess JessiBelle: I think there are a LOT of weak men; some don’t even know it! Some think they are alpha but they bend and break like bitches. Some think they are submissive, but they aren’t looking to be dominated in the ways that a typical sub would. I do think most men think with their cocks! That seems like a given! I don’t think all alpha men end up submissive. I think there’s dominant men that no matter what will not bend and will not bow down no matter what. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this at all, but it’s not for me. I would never submit to a man that thinks he is better than me (in any form or fashion!). For me, Mr. J and I are both equals, but there’s very few other men that I would classify as equal to me.

DommeAddiction: Does your job make You look down at males?

Goddess JessiBelle: Not all males, no. As I said before, not all men are submissive, not all are weak. I wouldn’t even say that I look down on them, I am just better and more dominant than them. This isn’t in a way that is condescending, but more of a fact. It’s hard to explain! I am better than and look down on the men that KNOW they are weak, that know their place – which is at my feet!

DommeAddiction: What does it feel like when You know you have absolute control?

Goddess JessiBelle: I have always been dominant, so it is a feeling that I am used to. It’s what I feel when I am not in control that I do not like. That’s a feeling of chaos and something that should be remedied in one way or another! Being in control is a turn on for me. It means that I can change the outcome, that I control the situation and everyone in it! That’s the way it should be. Always.

DommeAddiction: Do You think Dominatrixes are born to that way or they learn it later? What kind of skills should a successful one should have?

Goddess JessiBelle: I think most Dommes were born to be dominant. I do think some can acquire that talent later, but it’s not something that can be taught. You are either capable of being dominant or you THINK you are and sound silly in the process. I see a lot of people that don’t have a dominant bone in their body attempt to do domination/humiliation videos. It’s forced, it’s awkward, and real subs will know that that’s not the kind of domme they want to submit to. When I make my videos I have the idea outlined, but the words and sometimes the outcome are what come naturally to me. They aren’t all planned or rehearsed. That’s what makes it seem so second nature to people like me!

DommeAddiction: You love to give JOI instructions, and You end them with different kinds of ways. How does it feel when you ruin a man’s orgasm?

Goddess JessiBelle: It’s weirdly satisfying. It’s like following a cooking show, you get the items, you prepare them, cook them, plate them, then you take that plateful of beautifully prepared food and you throw it away. You don’t get to savor it, you don’t get to taste the fruits of your labor. I direct you, you follow my instructions and you obey my every command then at the very end I tell you to ruin it, deny it, eat it, or sometimes not to cum at all. It’s frustrating and exciting all at the same time!

DommeAddiction: What is different for You in solo videos vs those with you and Mr. J?

Goddess JessiBelle: If you mean the difference between how I am in my domination videos vs how I am with Mr. J then it is a complete turn around. I don’t dominate him like I do to people in the videos, it’s a different dynamic given that I see him as an equal. I do make a lot of the decisions, but mostly because I always have. I keep track of the necessities, so it seems only natural. He’s the only man that could satisfy me the way he does, the way I deserve to be satisfied!

DommeAddiction: Are You planning to work more on the cuckold theme with Him since the success of your clip together “Dear Cuck, Go Fuck Yourself”?

Goddess JessiBelle: I might, it’s much more complicated filming with a second person. He prefers not to be the focus in the videos and I prefer to be the star of the videos, so it’s complicated to come up with ideas that keep me as the star of the video and do not require 2x the effort. It’s something I would have to thoroughly think about.

DommeAddiction: Is there one type of clip You enjoy making more than all the others?

Goddess JessiBelle: Hm, this is a complicated question. I wouldn’t say that I enjoy one over another. There’s not anything specifically that I enjoy more than any of the others. For me, if I am enjoying that specific video then it doesn’t matter what the content is, just that I am enjoying it! Some videos that I have really enjoyed making were so opposite end of the spectrum – sometimes they sold so well, then other times they didn’t sell at all. I was just glad that it didn’t feel like “work”, but something fun to complete.

DommeAddiction: What are other fetishes You’d want to explore with your slaves?

Goddess JessiBelle: CBT has been a really great seller to make, but they all sort of go the same direction. I would love for this to become a more intricate kind of video. I am not even sure where else I could go with this, obviously I don’t want anything resulting in permanent damage, but I would like for it to be a little more complex. Some of the most interesting videos are the ones that contain elements from different kinds of domination rather than just instructions.

DommeAddiction: You make lots of CBT instructions videos, what is the cruelest thing You’d want to do to slaves in future clips?

Goddess JessiBelle: I have a video planned, but I need a few items. It includes a ruler, duct tape, and tacks (as a makeshift item of torture!). I want to see how far I can make the viewer go before they cannot take anymore. Beyond that I am not one to really injure anyone, but if people want it, then I might see what I can do and what limits I can push!

DommeAddiction: When boys obey and beat themselves for You, how does that make You feel?

Goddess JessiBelle: It makes me feel like it’s a normal day! If these subs want to hurt themselves to show me how much they worship me, then I will encourage it completely! You need to break yourself, remove all thoughts of anyone else but me, this is the way to do it. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do – rule over the weak.


DommeAddiction: You are so good at (mindfuck) and manipulating men. How do You know when You have truly broken a slave?

Goddess JessiBelle: I can’t say that I have been able to completely break anyone. I know that I have come close and some wandered, strayed, but they came back wanting a second chance. I do not offer second chances, but they come crawling back over and over. Maybe I broke them, maybe not. Unfortunately, because I don’t offer any live services it makes it more complicated to have someone bow down to only me. Personally, I find this a curse and a blessing.

DommeAddiction: What type of tribute do You prefer from Your slaves to show they appreciate You and are sincere in their desire to serve You?

Goddess JessiBelle: Cold, hard cash. Give me that money and give me a lot of it. There two ways that I appreciate this: you can buy ALL of my videos or you can tribute via one of my sites. You can even pick both! I know a lot of girls want Amazon gift cards, but I want to see that money. There’s only so much I can buy from Amazon, but that money? That money gets me everything.

DommeAddiction: What the best way to order a custom from You?

Goddess JessiBelle: You can order custom videos by going to thejessibelle.com/customs. I do prefer to discuss the video with you before hand, but this is the best way to get the job done!

DommeAddiction: Have any of your clients tried to top from the bottom with You?

Goddess JessiBelle: A LOT of them. I don’t play with this shit. Someone found me on one of my sites and told me they wanted me to pick their first video they buy from me. He worded it in such a way that he was no longer asking me to do it, but was telling me to. Had he approached me with, “Goddess, there’s so much to choose from. I would be honored if you were to help me decide what my first video of yours I should buy.” I would have honored his request, however he came at me as if I were to do what he says. He was blocked with no response. This is just a recent example!

I’ve gotten quite a few people that think this is okay to do. You do not get to make demands, you do not get to push my limits, you do not get to act as if you are my equal. I don’t expect a tribute everytime you talk to me, but I expect respect and you need to know how to talk to me. Once you have been demanding with me I drop you immediately with no second chances.

DommeAddiction: What do You think makes men nervous often?

Goddess JessiBelle: Another tough one! I think being rejected by women makes them nervous. It doesn’t have to be in real life, it can be an online domme that rejects them. It’s a scary thought to worship someone and have them hate you so much that they will not even address you. Lots of dommes will reject slaves over and over again. I think it leaves this nagging feeling, like you haven’t finished what you set out to accomplish. It’s like you’ve not been fulfilled. I know that feel and it is awful!

DommeAddiction: Is there a specific type of slave You find is drawn to You?

Goddess JessiBelle: Older men seem to love me, not just slaves, but all older men. I don’t have that kind of perfect beauty that a lot of dommes have. I have this beauty and allure that is different. Aside from my chronic resting bitch face, I generally look like your girl next door type. I look approachable, young, but there’s something there…a spark I guess. That spark says I may look young or innocent, but I know what I am doing. I think older men like this about me. Not every older man wants an inexperienced girl, some want that approachable, knowledgeable woman!

DommeAddiction: Would You ever meet a slave in real life or are r/t sessions something You have decided will not be in your future?

Goddess JessiBelle: This is not even something that would be up for consideration. I don’t even offer live services, so having someone meet me in person is beyond out of the question. I like having my private, off screen time. I like being able to disconnect myself from what I do on camera and what I do in person.

DommeAddiction: What is the best way for slaves to show You they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil?


Goddess JessiBelle: Buy my videos, that is the first step. Find the things about me that you enjoy seeing. I don’t expect all slaves to enjoy everything I do, so find that category/topic that you enjoy the most. Send me a small (but reasonable) tribute, then email me. Tell me what you enjoy from me and what you have to offer. So many people approach me and have never bought a video and know nothing of me. How are we to form any kind of relationship with each other if you don’t even know my voice?

DommeAddiction: Is there a specific clip that You find is a good introduction for new slaves to know Goddess JessiBelle?

Goddess JessiBelle: Hm, I think one of my repeat games is a good place to start. You learn to think and believe what I think of you. You need to hear me say these things, then enforce them by saying them out loud. You need to know how I feel about you before we can properly get started!

DommeAddiction: Say something for your admiring boys and future slaves reading this interview?

Goddess JessiBelle: Prove your devotion, be loyal, and learn your place. If you have what it takes you will gain some of my attention and you’ll thank me for it!

DommeAddiction: If we were conducting this interview in person, how would it end?

Goddess JessiBelle: It would end with you kissing my shoes and you would thank me for giving you the opportunity to be in the same room as me!


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