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The harder you submit, the more pleasure today’s Feature Domme, Goddess Chloe, takes in your surrender.  She loves to weave her hypnotic spell around you, leaving you completely vulnerable and susceptible to her suggestive domination.  You will find yourself obsessed, weak and willing to do whatever it takes to bring that delicious smile to Goddess Chloe’s face.  Look into her eyes, feel yourself becoming mindfucked so deeply her spell feels like a blanket wrapping tightly around you.  Feel the security in knowing that you serve the ultimate purpose…pleasing your beautiful dominant Goddess and giving her everything she desires.  Be a good boy and fall to your knees for Goddess.  Ache to give her more…beg to be taken deeper!

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slaveboysmith: Today, at DommeAddiction, I have the distinct privilege of interviewing an absolutely erotic Temptress that many of you will recognize from her sizzling hot tweets, the gorgeous and seductive, Goddess Chloe. Goddess, thank you for allowing me to interview you today, and of course, I am kneeling like a good boy for you as instructed.

Goddess Chloe: Good morning…Thank you, I’m looking forward to sharing My world with those who don’t yet have the privilege of serving Me.

sbs: I would count myself in that category, Goddess, as I’m just getting to know you and I’m very excited to learn more. Please share with our readers how you began to harness your power over men, when you first realized it, and how you became the overwhelming dominant force you are today.

GC: It’s not a case of first realizing something, it’s something that is with all Women whether they know it or not. It grows and it will continue to grow when you focus on it. Dominance has no boundaries, just limits. When I first realized it? I cannot pinpoint, there have been many moments in My life, it’s gone from there to developing a passion and desire. It gives Me great pleasure which inspires Me to want more. Learning how to portray yourself and harnessing a Dominant power over men comes with perfecting your craft, knowing the subs you want to attract and using your mind to focus on what you’re here to achieve.

sbs: You mention knowing the subs you want to attract. Is there a specific type of slave that is drawn to you? Do you particularly enjoy any fetishes specifically that you are best known for and enjoy?

GC: There are so many subs with different kinks, I prefer to attract the ones who can spike My mind, keep Me interested. The energy I get from them is replicated and recycled into making Me stronger. I communicate, I feed, I look, I wait, I then return to lie in wait. I’m picky when it comes to those who serve Me. I’ve experienced many and I know what I like & want. Those who serve Me currently are definitely the more discerning gentleman. I’m discovering more & more fetishes, everything can be developed into a fetish if handled correctly but personally, I love hypno-erotica, mind control & the deeper more intense orgasm control, it suits My personality and intelligence well. I have ventured into other fetishes such as sissification & denial etc but discovered limits at the same time. I have a personal preference for a man to show his worship by release & knowing I created that moment thrills Me.

sbs: Safe to say your style of domination tends to be a more sensual style rather than strict, Goddess?

GC: Yes, definitely.

sbs: You’re very obviously a sensual and beautiful woman. Has it become routine and expected that men will fall to their knees in your presence, or does it still provide a rush, or thrill, to some extent for you?

GC: Some approach not knowing and wanting something different, it doesn’t happen immediately, seduction isn’t instantaneous, neither is control. You have to learn about them, pick out their weaknesses and exploit them, work out the perfect deepener and start to use it in messages, build their addiction and Work with their mind. The thrill for Me is watching them fall deeper into Me.

sbs: When they do, when they finally succumb, is there a “tell” that lets you know you’ve taken control, Goddess?

GC: Yes, they reciprocate My actions & words, use deeper parts of their mind to speak to Me, become more open & show a higher level of intelligence.

sbs: That sounds like an amazing place to get to. Is there something equivalent to “sub space” for you as a Domme, Goddess? When everything clicks is there a particular feeling you get that you could describe for our readers?

GC: Oh definitely… bliss, contentment, focus and concentration levels peak. It’s warm, like a sense of achievement. It excites Me seeing how far they can go.

sbs: I’ve been in that position of being seductively pushed, wanting to do more to please a beautiful Goddess. It is something to behold, for sure. If you could have one celebrity, or well known person, in your grasp, bound and eager to please you and obey your every command, who would it be, and why?

GC: So you know how intense it can get… that is one thing I have never thought about! Let Me have a think about that one.

sbs: Sounds good, and yes, I’ve been bent over a bench with a Mistress purring in my ear to take a bigger strapon because it would please her. It was so intensely erotic.

GC: That is definitely something I would feel so much control with.

sbs: It was pretty amazing. Needless to say I took more than I thought my limit was at.

GC: The erotic side of it is what I enjoy, the seduction & control of a man turns Me on mentally. I have one who serves Me, calls Me intelligent, cute and shrewd. I love that description, but unsure on the cute….
It’s taken a while to think about this one in terms of a celeb slave, I’ve gone through so many and looked at their personal qualities… Idris Elba would be an excellent candidate. The reasons behind this, his intelligence, masculinity and manners, his passion & drive to achieve the best in his work. Those are things I look for in men who wish to serve Me.

sbs: He would be a very lucky man to bow before you, Goddess. What would you do with the very fortunate Idris, having him completely at your disposal?

GC: Are we talking physically or mentally?

sbs: Whatever you wish, of course.

GC: Controlling a man mentally & emotionally then leads to physically, I say this, and this is My opinion because you cannot command a man without a connection or an understanding of My sub, so, starting with infiltrating his mind, building his addiction, making him go deeper it would leave him completely at My mercy, his addiction would show through his willingness to please Me. In that respect it would be a variety of commands from domestic to physical activities, ones that fit with both sides kinks and that benefit Me and ones we both take pleasure from. The same applies physically, whether this be controlling an orgasm by tapping into the subconscious or him begging to feel that power exchange whilst whispering in his ear like you mentioned earlier or making his explosive release permanently implant all My suggestions and commands.

sbs: You paint a vivid and erotic picture, Goddess. I don’t think anyone reading this is unaffected as they imagine what it would be like to be under your absolute control. For those dreaming of serving you, how can they best display their willingness to do what it takes to be your obedient slave?

GC: Surrender. Complete and utter surrender. Showing that in a way that will make your body shake with passion to please Me. It’s so difficult to show that surrender online in text but those who do will show it in a way that the words speak volumes. I use other methods of contact for the ones who have deserved it which enables Me to see their surrender to Me. My kink started with FinDom and has evolved so much since discovering the deeper, more seductive side of FemDom so bringing it back to FinDom is always a way to display your willingness.

sbs: Thank you so much for the opportunity to kneel before you and enter your seductive world, Goddess. I have no doubt there will be many slaves eager to crawl before you and offer themselves in total surrender. With your permission, may I ask one final question of you, please?

GC: You’re welcome and yes, please ask!

sbs: Thank you Goddess. If we were conducting this interview in person, with me kneeling before you, spellbound to be in your presence, how might it end?

GC: Ask how it ends every time he hears Me speak when he becomes completely undone by My seductive aura & Dominant eroticism… to put it simply, you would become Mine, completely addicted to Me and wanting to go further into Me to discover how much deeper I can weaken you to feel that release you’ll have felt building during, and want it over and over again.

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