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She’s blonde, beautiful and totally bratty, and you won’t be able to get enough! Today’s beautiful feature Domme is the sexy & sadistic Goddess Ava.  Don’t let her cute looks fool you, as any of those who have crumpled to the ground before her can attest, she takes great delight in your suffering.  Enjoy this glimpse into the world of a woman you will have to work hard to please, and obey unconditionally.  Thank you again Goddess Ava for allowing me to put this feature together honoring your amazing Femdom presence.

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slaveboysmith: Joining me today at DommeAddiction is the sexy and beautiful blonde Temptress, Goddess Ava.  Goddess, it’s such a pleasure to kneel before you and look up at your flawless beauty. Welcome to DommeAddiction.

Goddess Ava: Thank you pet. Excited to be here 🙂

sbs: Mmm I like that…pet.  I promise to be a good boy for you Goddess.  Let me begin by asking the question our readers most want to know…how did you become the Femdom Goddess that you are today?

GA: I have always been dominant…even in my vanilla life. I have a very dominant personality. I got my start in the adult industry as a cam girl and quickly realized I didn’t enjoy it. There are some people that are perfect for camming, but I found myself having to resist the urge to completely lose my shit on 99% of the men. To me it was fake..and I am not someone capable of being fake. I quickly discovered the Femdom/Findom community and haven’t looked back sense. I seriously feel like it is my calling. I’m naturally somewhat bratty and a queen of sarcasm, so i have fun with it. I recently just had my second RT session and realized how much of a sadist I truly am 😀 I LOVE CBT!!

OhhhAva - Addicted To Ava - iWantClips

sbs: I got that sense from some of your tweets and perhaps a few of your clips lol.  What other fetishes do you enjoy exploring with your slaves, and why CBT so much?

GA: I enjoy CBT because in all honesty I think it is hilarious lmao. Also, I love the idea that a man will torture his manhood just to make me happy, just because I said so. I also enjoy coerced bi and obviously Findom. I usually cooperate Findom into all of my sessions. It all comes down to just completely submitting in every aspect. Control is my kink.

sbs: It really sounds like you enjoy pushing men past their comfort point for your amusement and pleasure.  I think I may be in love with you! lol Do you do real time sessions with slaves, or are you online only at this point Goddess?

GA: Yes, I do greatly enjoy pushing past your point of comfort but never past point of consent. I do real time sessions! I just had one about a week ago and  I have another 2 scheduled for next week 🙂

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sbs: I think that line between pressing boundaries but not breaking them is very erotic.  Safe to say you can persuade a slave to want to take more for you quite easily? Can you give us an example if so?

GA: Hahaha definitely! Well a perfect example is my last session. The sub was WAY more into tease & denial, more sensual type of Domming. Our entire session was me tormenting his balls and he took it (albeit whimpering throughout) because he wanted to be obedient and please me. He was rewarded after an hour of ball torture by being aloud to jack off while blindfolded and drink his cum. I think it was very nice of me for allowing him to cum, don’t you? 🙂  My kinks will and always do become my subs kinks.

sbs: That was tremendously generous of you and I’m sure he has now developed a few new kinks for you to explore next time.  I mean if he will drink his own cum…Wait…did you mention forced bi earlier? 😉

GA: I did!! I love it. But to be honest in my opinion it is not FORCED…saying it is coerced is even a bit of a leap.

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sbs: Are you saying sometimes we’re eager to do things that we need a little excuse to do? I can’t imagine lol.  You’re obviously a very beautiful woman.  Does it ever grow routine having men submit to you, or is there still a rush? Do certain types of slaves pose more of a challenge and give you more reward in breaking them?

GA: That is EXACTLY what i’m saying 😉 hahah. I will gladly be the little push a sub needs. It never grows routine…it is always so fun, hence why I enjoy it. Hmm..let me think about thatI would say no, only because the TRUE subs and slaves that I deal with are always so happy to submit. They are TRUE SUBMISSIVES. I think the only ones that pose a challenge are ones that are just “curious” and don’t exactly know what their kinks are yet. Not exactly a challenge but it’s definitely more work…it’s like training an old dog. Still possible but more difficult.

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sbs: Have you ever done it, or dreamed of, breaking a man who thinks of himself as an Alpha, exposing him for what he truly is? Or does that seem like too much work when there are so many of us that are like obedient puppies ready to please on command?

GA: I think there are many men that serve me that are “Alpha” in their day to day lives but are at my beck and call otherwise. I think that a lot of subs ARE alpha to the outside world, and that’s why this lifestyle appeals to them. It’s nice to finally not be in control. I have a sub like that that i am currently training, and yes, it is a bit of a rush knowing you can take a CEO and turn him into a sissy bitch that cums in his girlfriends panties and sticks them in his mouth for you. It kind of makes you look at people differently IRL…like hmm I wonder if I could break him?? Hahaha

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sbs: Very well said and I am now imagining you surveying men like prey…looking for weakness…a hint at the submission that might be beneath the Alpha exterior.  What is next for you Goddess? How do you see your Femdom world expanding in the coming months?

GA: That is a good way to put it, and to think of it I have always looked at men that way!! In the coming months I am going to expand my empire of obliging minions. I plan on doing short tours (thinking San Fran & NYC), and continuing to do fun and torturous real time sessions 😉 I also am going to keep making amazing clips that end up on the top selling list..as I have been 😉

sbs: Your iWantClips store is quite amazing and I have no doubt I’ll be shopping there soon.  Do you have a fav clip that is a “must buy” for all potential slaves?

GA: I would say “I Own Your Dick” and “Sweet Sensual Submission Part 1” are two of my favs.

OhhhAva - I Own Your Dick - iWantClipsOhhhAva - Sweet Sensual Submission Part 1 - iWantClips

sbs: I will be sure to include links to these for purchasing.  Speaking of slaves looking to impress you, what can potential pets do best to show their sincerity and desire to serve and please you, Goddess Ava? Is there a best type of approach they can take?

GA: The best way to impress me is by either 1) sending an impressive tribute and THEN messaging me, or 2)  buying a shit ton of my clips and LISTENING to the instructions in them.
I had a slave buy almost $600 in clips last night and that was his very first interaction with me.
That is how you impress me 😉

sbs: Those sound like reasonable demands from a woman so powerful and dominant.  Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions today, Goddess.  Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers before I crawl away?

GA: Subscribe to my OnlyFans site for exclusive content that isn’t available anywhere else. And binge at my hot iWantClips store  That is all 😉

sbs: With your permission, may I please ask one final question, Goddess?

OhhhAva - No Touching - 15 Minutes Of Blissful Torment - iWa

GA: Yes, you may.

sbs: If we were conducting this interview in person, with me kneeling before you as I asked questions, how would it end?

GA: Hmmm, probably with you naked on all fours, legs spread open, and me kicking you in the balls 15 times with my stilettos on. After you finish whimpering like a pussy, you would crawl over to me and kiss my boots and thank me for it 😉

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