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She is the stunningly beautiful and erotic Femdom porn Goddess of your dreams, and today’s Feature Domme is the remarkably sexy Goddess Asia Perez.  As you heard in her intro video, Goddess is a demanding bratty Domme of exacting standards and expects perfect obedience from her pathetic slaves.  Are you willing to do everything it takes to please your demanding Goddess Asia and show her what a good boy you are in following her instructions? Read her every word.  Take in her sensual and exotic beauty in every picture and gif, and when you’re completely overwhelmed and in a state of total vulnerability, begin clicking Goddess Asia’s links and show her that you can be of value to her and deserve to enter her world.  Thank you again for joining us at DommeAddiction, Goddess Asia, your interview is one I won’t soon forget!

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slaveboysmith: For any who follow you, it is very evident you control men with ease.  Has that always been the case?

Goddess Asia: Yes, I’ve always had this mysterious,alluring aura about myself that draws men to me. When I was younger, I didn’t really understand it. As long as I can remember, men ALWAYS came up to me,walking up to me with such interest and wanting more. When I started out in Fetish, it then became clear to me even more of who I am as a person. And as I expanded in the adult industry and learned even more about the fetish scene and who I really am, I started to understand the art and craft of controlling men in different ways and through more knowledge and experience, it became even easier to do it. 

sbs: Are you naturally dominant in every aspect of your life, or is Femdom more a roleplay for you when interacting with slaves?

GA: For the most part, yes. I’ve always had this Alpha,dominant, take charge kind of aura about myself. Again, I didn’t really understand this quality of mine until I was introduced to the fetish scene. In my personal, down time, I do handle/present my Alpha, dominant trait differently than what you have seen of me as Goddess Asia Perez. When I’m working my regular jobs my Dominant trait comes out as a hustler striving for success. In my love life, I am Dominant in being outspoken and have a “take no bullshit” kind of attitude and always taking charge of being the first one to put everything out there buuuttt….I’m also VERY submissive in my love life. I’m more so a Switch in my personal life. So yeah…Femdom is more of a role play for me. My persona, Goddess Asia Perez gets to experience being Dominant at 100% in so many different ways that personal me can’t do in certain situations or just in general. I love that I get to have another life and really be able to indulge in who I really am at 100%. I’m still trying to figure it all out in more depth but yeah LOL. 


sbs: Is there a specific type of slave you find is drawn to you? Can all submissive men be persuaded to slip across that line into financial domination? 

GA: Yes, if you know how to do it just right and within the limits of the slave and have the patience to wait it out for however long, any man will for sure bow down and serve. And I believe that ALL slaves are drawn to me. I just have this versatile look and aura about me. I can literally play almost any kind of role and because of that, I am loved all across the board, so to speak. I don’t limit myself to just one thing or just a few things. I am always open to trying it and seeing how I feel. If I like it, I’ll keep doing it, if I don’t, well hey I tried. And that is why ALL slaves across the spectrum fall under my spell and admire me. 

sbs: Do you prefer to break and enslave men who might resist, or use well-trained ones that are already broken in?

GA: I am open to both. Yes, it’s easier to use well-trained slaves, who truly understand the art and fetish and already have the experience and know the concept. Obviously, the “Iffy”ones are much harder to enslave, some of these men have interests and would like to explore but are just too scared and they just don’t know how to go about it. You really have to be patient with these first timers. You just never know, one of these newbies can actually turn into a well-trained, loyal slave. You just have to take that chance and go for it! 


sbs: Beyond financial domination, which is an obvious favorite, do you have other specific fetishes you enjoy exploring with your slaves?

GA: Yes. I love Foot Fetish. I first started out doing that when I first got introduced to the Fetish scene 6 years ago.  As I expanded and started experimenting with this and that, I realized that I have a HUGE LOVE and THRILL for BDSM. I am a TRUE sadist and love beating and torturing my slave in any shape or form. Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional. I want to break you with my demonic/succubus-like aura while viciously being seductive and mesmerizing. lol Another huge favorite is Pegging. I started exploring Pegging a year ago and I’M LOVING IT. I’ve asked myself…why didn’t I do this sooner?!?!? I don’t get sexually aroused while fucking a slave in his ass. It’s the empowerment and the control I have over my slave in that way. 

sbs: Can you describe the feeling you have when you have control of a slave, desperately doing whatever it takes to please you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

GA: Every time it is a rush and a thrill and I really do get a burst of happiness. Seeing a slave with my own eyes, staring deep in their eyes  and hearing the tone in their voice that they are all in, will do whatever it takes…it creates a euphoric, Zen like feeling for me. I feel extremely empowered and feel like I’m on top of the world. And witnessing the lengths that these slaves will go to seeking my approval is just THE BEST FEELING in the world! lol  


sbs: How can you tell when you’ve completely broken someone and they are unable to resist you?  Is there a “tell” of some kind that lets you know you’ve taken total control?

GA: Some of my slaves have cried and curled up in a little ball. lol The other “tell” is how the slave looks at you. It’s true, just by looking deep into a person’s eyes, you will find the answers you seek. The eyes always give you away. 

sbs: Have you ever been recognized in public? If so, how does the slave react to seeing his ultimate Goddess in person?

GA: Yes, I have, many times lol. But I always get recognized when I’m working my regular jobs. lol NO LIE! The most obvious given sign that they are a slave/fan of mine is how they look at me. The stare of “OMG it’s really you! Wait a minute, is that really Goddess Asia Perez??….” and then pulling out their phone to double check. lol it’s hilarious. Because it always happens when I’m working my regular jobs, I mostly just get the stares. Every now and then there is a slave/fan that is bold and will come up to me and strike up a conversation. They do bring up my adult persona in a quiet, respectful manner since again, it’s my regular job. The reactions from them and the interactions I have with them are awesome! Of course they are nervous and aren’t sure what to do but once the introductions are made it’s pretty much smooth sailing. lol. Because the slave/fan stumbles upon my regular job, they get a chance to know me on a more personal level. Which they thought would never happen. 


sbs: For slaves looking to impress you, what is the best way for them to show you they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil?

GA: Quite simply:

  2. Emailing me your interest in serving me WITH A TRIBUTE. 
  3. Sending Amazon gift cards or buying something off my wishlist. 
  4. Approach me with respect and understanding that this is strictly business for me. I do not bullshit around. 
  5. KNOWING YOUR PLACE, even if you’re new to this, approach me with respect, understanding and have excellent manners. If I find you worthy I will help you along the way in your journey. 
  6. Knowing that I WILL NEVER BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND/WIFE. If you are  thinking that getting into the scene will help your chances of “scoring me” YOU’RE WRONG. 
  7. DO NOT BULLSHIT!! I can smell that nasty bullshit MILES and MILES and MILES away! 

sbs: Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers reading this interview?

GA: I want to say THANK YOU for all the LOVE and SUPPORT and taking the time to read my interview. Don’t be shy, I don’t bite (Unless you want me too lol). Talk to me on my social media and if you happen to see me in person on my down time, come say hi. I’m coming out with TONS of new stuff and projects. I’m currently revamping my brand so stay tuned on what’s to come!! =) 


sbs: If you would oblige me one final question…if we were conducting this interview in person, how would it end?

GA: I would look you deep in your eyes and tell you in a very seductive soft voice that I’m going to give you a taste of Goddess Asia Perez and you WILL obey. You would get on your knees and serve me. First I would humiliate you and make you crawl all over the room and bark like the little Sissy Bitch that you are to establish my dominance and then make you do all these outrageous stupid things and if you disobey….I would give you ONE HELL OF A BEATING to show you that I…Goddess Asia Perez do not fuck around and I’m serious. Once you learned your lesson, I would then tie you up and erotically seduce you into complete submission by teasing you in any kind of way and THEN denying you permission to cum! And I would ask, only once, you to hand over ALL your info and whatever cash you have on you. I’d then leave you like that, laughing my ass off!

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