Feature Interview – Goddess Arrion & Miss Eden


Like mother, like daughter.  Today’s Feature Interview is a very special one for me.  I’ve known Goddess Arrion online for several years, and she has always been kind in her recognition of slaves like myself who promote her brand and serve her well.  We’ve spoken for some time now about putting together a feature with her and her beautiful daughter, Miss Eden, but it’s been difficult to bring it together.  With Miss Eden moving away from home, it was our last opportunity to pull everything together and we made it happen! It’s my sincere pleasure to introduce you to the most intriguing mother/daughter team you will ever meet.  Beautiful, wickedly cruel and seductive, Goddess Arrion and Miss Eden will leave you speechless with their responses to my questions, and their interaction with one another.  If you are one of those fortunate enough to serve one, let alone both, of these extraordinary women, count yourself blessed.  If you find yourself on your knees before them both, God help you, and damn I’d like to trade places with you 😉 Thank you again to both Goddess Arrion and Miss Eden for making themselves available to carry out this interview, and for being so wonderfully accommodating with pictures and video clips as well.  You are both exceptional women that I adore, and interviewing you for this feature was truly a privilege I will never forget!


slaveboysmith: Today marks an historic day for DommeAddiction, as for the very first time, we will feature a beautiful Mother/Daughter Femdom interview with the very beautiful and teasing duo of Goddess Arrion and Miss Eden. Ladies, thank you so much for joining me today, and I promise I’ll try to focus after the distraction of being told that Goddess Eden was only moments before this interview, naked and applying makeup.

Goddess Arrion: Happy to be here.

Miss Eden: Staining clothing is poor form, much easier to keep neat and tidy that way, plus it’s relaxing.

sbs: Relaxing for you, but for us submissive males who are aching at the thought of you naked…not so much! Let me begin with the obvious question, I’m sure you get asked often. Are you really mother/daughter?

ME: Indeed so.

GA: Lol can’t tell you how many times we have been asked if we are real mother and daughter. There seems to be some fakes around, but yes, we are really mother and daughter.  Can’t your tell by the looks? lol. The chin says it all 😉

ME: Our mannerisms are quite alike, though I am much shorter than Her. The pinkies. It’s a family trait, rather than straight, our pinky fingers curve.

GA: Lol yes the pinkies…a secret most don’t know, hereditary crooked pinky. She is a lot shorter then Me lol, but still has the long legs.  We both have dirty blonde hair * not now, we both dye it black*

ME: I find it rather charming, since we tend to stick our fingers out whenever we drink something. Ah yes, most aren’t aware that We are blondes.


sbs: Very interesting. I wonder how many slaves have looked closely enough to notice. You two are both exquisitely beautiful. I guess the obvious question that follows is how? How did you each become the Femdoms that you are. Goddess Arrion, perhaps we could begin with your story, if you don’t mind?

GA: I’ve always had a predominate personality, and years ago I came across some Yahoo rooms including money slaves for Goddesses.  I knew the fundamentals of BDSM, but financial was a new fetish I hadn’t heard of.  I watched, observed and learned, especially from MzFee and caught on rather quickly from there. I did some fetish shows at local clubs, did mostly online due to the fact that Eden was just a preteen then lol. I then co-owned the first fin domme community for 6 years, moved on from there and made EliteFinancialDomination.  It’s been close to 20 years lol.

ME: I was younger than a preteen, I believe. I recall your subs sending gifts when I was younger.

GA: Lol they sent her gifts as well for her birthday and Christmas, but before any one gets that twisted, she didn’t know it was from My boys until she got much older. It was 2000 when I started online, so 17 years almost 18 online. So you would of been…errm 8 or 9?

ME: I recall the odd equipment we had, but it blended well with the other peculiar items we had from when you worked at Terror.

sbs: Terror?

ME: I miss the guillotine.

GA: lol I worked at a year-round haunted house as an actor, head of wardrobe and assistant to the head horror make up artist.

sbs: Oh my! A guillotine? Jeez!

ME: One of My favorite places when growing up.

GA: We had a 7ft vinyl cross in My bedroom and a guillotine lol.  My legs were casted and used as severed limbs for the haunted house and sold as a special effect prop for overseas and in the US.

ME: She would occasionally bring Me into the back room to sit with Terror’s props. It’s one of My fondest memories.

GA: Lol put it this way, My father came to visit one night and I scared him because I had ripped half My face open. The look on his face was priceless. I think that place may be one of the reasons why Eden likes horror so much lol. You should hear her imitation of a zombie lol

ME: The severed limbs would just being lying around or hanging off of something, and the heads.  Though I loved the people you worked with, I believe one man wore a lot of latex and thus began My love for it as well.


sbs: Miss Eden, do you recall your earliest memory where you were able to fully understand what it was that your mother did as a Femdom Goddess?

ME: Hmm I don’t particularly recall when I stumbled upon it just that I did and didn’t think much of it since I was used to Terror and the antics there. I generally had My nose stuck in a book much like today, though I didn’t quite understand it or the concept, but when I was 18 though I grasped a better understanding and decided to try My forte in the community.

GA: I didn’t fully explain it to her until she was 18.

ME: She gave the Recommendation since She witnessed how much I was catered to by others, and because She saw potential in Me as well. Plus I’m quite the sadist and I believe it’s apparent, I am indeed a bully. Teasing brings Me immense happiness.

GA: Lol she’s more twisted then I am, and that says a lot lol.

ME: The reason why I stay in the community is because of  the acceptance. I have a peculiar taste for gore, and torture, but the community allows Me to explore and feed a bit of that hunger, while teaching Me to communicate with My subs and not cross those limitations, since the foundation of the relationship is trust and communication.

sbs: I think it’s safe to say, from what I know of Miss Eden, she has done well following in the footsteps of her mother’s thigh high boots 😉 You both offer online slave training, and real time sessions as well. Do you ever dominate slaves in session together as a Domme duo?

GA: Lol ironically boys that have dealt with Me in the past, and this is years ago, are finding My daughter now and serving her. Yes we do duo sessions. We’ve done online duo sessions but not real time sessions together as yet.

ME: One must greatly earn that pleasure of duo real time. Your readers should know that this month will be our last duo sessions together for a while as I will be moving to another city.

GA: Eden and I share a lot of the same personality traits, however she has her own special traits that I don’t share. That brings something different to the fin domme world.

ME: I enjoy duo sessions as well as trios with EbonyGoddessAmber.  If  it’s not Mother/Daughter duo, it’s a Domme duo or trio. We’ve had plenty of laughs together, though My favorite was the breath control session we had.

GA: And that uniqueness is what makes me profoundly proud.

ME: Indeed so.  She likes to compare Me with an old bat due to the way I speak.

GA: Worst was the foot session when I fell off the chair lol.  You are an old soul 😉 But I’m proud of the fact she’s not the typical fin domme, flicking the bird, saying fuck you pay Me and being a brat.

ME: We needed a bigger chair.  I am not ashamed to admit I’d rather push you off than fall Myself.

GA: To be honest, she only acts like a brat with me lol.

ME: You should hear Me when I pester her for food.


sbs: She certainly is a perfect brat. Has she always been that way? Getting what she wants from men with ease?

GA: She is very mature, meticulous, and has a poet’s soul.

ME: Lol

GA: Lol she’s a brat with Mom and Dad. With men she doesn’t need to be bratty like so many her age are.

ME: I’ve had boys bring Me huge dishes of the mothers food just because I was hungry.

GA: One look or just a couple of words and she always gets what she wants.

sbs: I certainly get that sense. You both do I would imagine 🙂 With you both fully immersed in the scene, what is one thing that you would change about the Femdom/Findom scene if you could?

GA: Lol I’ve never been bratty or demanding, I simply just get what I ask for.

ME: Agreed, I generally mention something in passing and voila.

GA: I’d change the crap that is put on TV about financial domination since it’s never portrayed correctly. Or the fact that we aren’t in competition with each other so there is no need to be nasty to one other.

ME: To those that delve into this, do your research. There are plenty of fetishes that need aftercare, so know your shit, because some things are permanently damaging. There should be no shame in just starting since we were all once new, but know the fetishes you advertise.

GA: High five Eden.

ME: The scene is always evolving, but consistency is key. Don’t mind others when you have your own empire to build, and spend time with yourself if you need. It is important to take a break and appreciate the little things.


sbs: Well said Miss Eden. There are a lot of women out there acting as Dommes without the requisite understanding of what it takes to do it right. That can be, at best, disappointing, at worst, dangerous. Let me take a different avenue here and ask you, if you had to boil it down, what is the one single fetish that is a must for any interaction with a slave for yourself?

GA: I can’t narrow it down to just one since so many of the fetishes walk hand in hand.  If I had to pick, I’d say humiliation. Humiliation is a key factor that falls into play with so many of the fetishes…SPH,JOI,chastity etc so realistically there isn’t just one in My book that serves as a key factor in taking on subs or interacting with them.

ME: Agreed with Arrion, but I generally prefer inflicting pain.  It doesn’t have to be extreme but I enjoy the effort to which one will go to please Me, and inflicting pain on someone brings Me immense amount of joy.

GA: Aside from being a findomme, I don’t interact with non fin subs.

ME: Ditto on that one.

sbs: When you say you don’t interact with non fin subs, you mean they must pay to play essentially, correct?

GA: Correct. It’s a set rule with Me, but for Me it’s not pay to play, its tithing for My time and training.  Saying pay to play is providing a service for payment. I’m not a performer, I’m a Domme. I’m not there to entertain them, they are there to entertain Me, learn from Me and be trained correctly.

ME: I agree, though I do offer sessions to community sluts.  I enjoy the interactions and seeing how one performs, and it’s also great for building knowledge and material.

GA: Ladies and gents need to learn there is a difference between tributing and paying a Domme for her time.


sbs: Yes Goddess…I always enjoy learning as I find my way through this world of Femdom and become a better slave for it. Thank you.

ME: I learn what I dislike and what I like. I’m a lot stricter than when I started out, but there is definitely a difference between a tribute and deposit for a session.

sbs: What might a session with you both look like in terms of the interaction with a VERY lucky slave? Would you each assume different roles in session when you’re there as a duo?

GA: It depends on the session. We have done foot sessions together, we have done dildo training sessions.  We have done breath play (*not My forte but I actually learned something from My daughter about that fetish).  I don’t think we assume different roles, we both take charge. So it’s not like one is dominating the sub more than the other, we equally contribute. We are both dicks lol I’ve done sessions with EbonyGoddessAmber where she’s been bad cop and I’ve been cop, but with Eden, because we are so much alike its normally who’s the biggest dick lol…which is Her by the way lol.

ME: Mhm. For Me it depends if it’s My boy or not. Say it’s another Domme’s boy who would enjoy a duo session, I’ll let Her take the lead especially if I am unfamiliar with the sub, because I respect My fellow ladies. I do not wish to step on toes. I’m usually the asshole, yes. I’m mean but I won’t call you names and humiliate you in the form one likes. I’m good at analyzing others and breaking someone’s character apart, but I like to think of Myself as fair, but I will put you in your place should I feel the need.

GA: We are sticklers for manners and have a low tolerance for excuses.

ME: My honesty is what most consider cruel about Me.

GA: And we don’t hesitate to punish for mistakes. lol brutal honesty, we are alike in that manner. We won’t say things to pacify a sub just because he tribbed.  If I don’t like you, I let you know why I don’t like you and the reasons why.

ME: Excuses or any form of insubordination, basic instructions don’t require excuses, I shouldn’t hear, “well I didn’t have the time Miss”, and I’m only finding out about it the next day. I’m big on trust and communication, and of course manners. If you fail at any of these it’s a strike, 3 strikes you’re erased from My realm and not even a passing thought after.

GA: I’m pretty much the same with the 3 strikes unless you have been with Me for years.


sbs: Of all the punishments, I believe that would be the most devastating…being banished from your presence Goddesses.

ME: Yes, I mute on all accounts, and I never have an unblock fee.

GA: Or being ignored. Cucky has faced that with with Me once, and that’s all it took was once. I think I put him on a 3o day no contact punishment. This was years ago though.

ME: I do recall that. Cucky has been with you for a long time and he deserves it when he acts out, but he is My favorite out of your subs.

GA: I remember him stating that it was hell. Lol we just hit 8 years.

sbs: Indeed, a very effective way to ensure proper servitude and behaviour. For slaves reading this, who have not yet had the privilege of bowing before you, either online, or in person, what is the best way for them to approach…to show their sincerity in their desire to serve?

GA: The first words to Me are always key. I get tons of dms where the sub only portrays his wants and never says “what can I do for you?” I don’t bother replying unless I want to humiliate them and make them feel like crap (I have a forte for making subs feel guilty). But even a small tribute with a note shows sincerity and gets My attention.

ME: Besides an initial tribute, asking how you can serve, what would please Me, ask Me of My day, and always address Me correctly and with manners.  I do not mind conversing, but I want your actions to show your effort and desire to please Me. Though I am a poet, words are meaningless without effort and consideration. Read My pages, see if you are indeed suited to serve Me and My tastes. I get many who approach who do not do their research.  I always post about manners, and respect, and to thoroughly read through My fetishes and preference. Learn about Me before you claim the desire to serve. I am not an ideal, nor a fantasy for your amusements or wet dreams. I don’t want to hear of one’s expectations or ideals, frankly it’s one thing that generally makes Me seethe and is a quick way to unleashing My horrid temper.

GA: Lol they will have wet dreams regardless.


sbs: I was about to mention that if you don’t want us having wet dreams you have to stop telling us you were putting on make up naked, Miss Eden 🙂 Please don’t hurt me!!

GA: A sharp tongue is a trait with the ladies in My family lol.

ME: I don’t mind informing Me what they look for in a Dominate, but what I mind is the wishes one attempts to paint Me in rather than My true being. Lmfao I get those fantasies regardless, but I meant as painting Me as someone I am not, as an ideal, something vastly different from who I am, such as a Princess, or bratty, or cute and friendly.

GA: Just like Dommes have an ideal picture of a submissive, submissives have their ideal Domme in mind as well, but are too lazy sometimes to do research on the Domme they are approaching.  If you think about it, Dommes give all the info required for a submissive to make a decision on whether to make contact, whereas Dommes  have to play 50 questions and take time to get to know a submissive more because they normally have no info about themselves.

ME: Which should be apparent that I am not from My feed, dressing Me to fit their image, it’s disrespectful to My character.

GA: You are cute though lol

ME: It’s okay to have your own ideals, but painting someone you don’t know in any way shape or form, is what I dislike. Do I need to get My 5’2 ass off this bed and come in there?

GA: lol <3

ME: It simply infuriates Me. Remember when a “sub” wished I was “funny and friendly”?

GA: I vaguely recall that.

ME: When he didn’t take the time to get to know Me. I am not here to entertain, amuse or become your friend. Unless you put that time and courtesy, ask Me questions and delve into My mind, I do not owe you that pleasure.

GA: They might get scared if they delve into your mind lol. It’s got some dark corners.

ME: Very true. I am the same way though in general relationships. I’m quite friendly on the contrary, but big words confuse idiots and they take it as Me being curt and cold rather than Me simply stating what’s on My mind.

sbs: I have to say, if our readers find your responses to both my questions, and one another, even half as intoxicating as I have, this feature will be a huge hit, Goddesses. But alas, I cannot keep you too long as I know you’re very busy. Any final words to the admiring slaves who will dream of the day they may kneel before either both of you, or one of you individually?

GA: Just two words…be sincere.

ME: Perfect response Arrion, I must agree.

GA: Games are for little boys and girls to play, sincerity is how the adults play.

ME: Sincerity and honesty…if you desire to serve under Me, I expect communication and a foundation of trust to be built. If you are unable, or unwilling, to do so than you are unworthy of My time and consideration.

GA: Well said.


sbs: Very well put. I can’t express what a pleasure it has been to finally be in the presence of you two together as we had been working to arrange this for some time, Goddesses. You are truly a unique and deliciously wicked pair of Femdom Goddesses, who just happen to be mother/daughter. What an amazing connection you both have and your responses have taught me and I’m sure will our readers as well.

GA: Great minds think alike and My daughter is pretty damn epic!

ME: It was a delight answering your questions.

sbs: With your permission, Goddess Arrion and Miss Eden, may I please ask one final question of you both?

ME: You may.

GA: Ask.

sbs: If we were conducting this interview in person, with me kneeling before you both as I asked these questions I have today, how would it end?

GA: Lol the answers might excite you as much as Eden’s naked make up lol. You would be kissing our feet and I’d probably smack that ass of yours lol.

ME: If you were at My feet, I would have your eyes downcast remaining on My heels, while crossed they would sway, your eyes must remain on them since you didn’t receive explicit permission to look above My ankle. At the end, I would reach over, grab you face, My nails likely slightly imprinting on your cheeks, and inform you that It was a delight answering your questions. I find the questions to be refreshing, and did so enjoy My time answering them.


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