Feature Interview: Goddess Amanda

DommeAddiction presents you the Exclusive Interview of the most amazing Goddess Amanda. She will bring you to your knees with Her gorgeous looks. Enjoy this wonderful interview with Goddess Amanda and make sure to spoil Her in every way possible.



DommeAddiction: How long have You been a Dominatrix, and what was it that brought You to this role?

Goddess Amanda: It has been about two years and it was someone close to me that exposed me to the fetish world.

DommeAddiction: What skills do You think a successful Dominatrix such as Yourself needs to have?

Goddess Amanda: Psychological insight, A sadistic sense of humor, and having some computer skills help also.

DommeAddiction: Can You explain what makes a man want to be a slave?

Goddess Amanda: I believe some men are born to serve and obey. Most men in this scene are subs and fetishists. For many the fantasy of being a slave and having zero say, no rights and being 100% owned and controlled by a power woman is an incredible turn on. To be my slave means obeying and serving me at all times, not just when you are horny.

DommeAddiction: What are Your favorite fetishes to explore with Your slaves?

Goddess Amanda:Financial Domination, Cum Eating, Cuckolding, Foot Worship, Sissy Training and Coerced Intoxication.

DommeAddiction: Is it different for You in person vs in online sessions?

Goddess Amanda: I only have done a few in person sessions and I would say that it is definitely different. They are both unique experiences in their own way.



DommeAddiction: Are there any negatives involved in being a Dominatrix?

Goddess Amanda: There will always be people who do not understand the fetish world but, overall I wouldn’t say there are any negatives involved in being a Dominatrix.

DommeAddiction: Have You met many other Dommes?

Goddess Amanda: No, I have not met any other Dommes.

DommeAddiction: What is the cruelest thing You have ever done to a slave?

Goddess Amanda: I have locked up slaves in chastity for months at a time. While their cocks were locked away and helpless I would tease them over Skype sessions with my curvy body. The inability to be able to touch themselves when being so turned on was incredibly tormenting.

DommeAddiction: How do You know when You have truly broken someone and are completely in control of them?

Goddess Amanda: It is usually pretty obvious when you have broken someone down. It is usually when they just start tributing a lot and often, buying gifts and telling me they can’t stop thinking about me. Of course there is always the occasional, “I love you Goddess”.

DommeAddiction: Are the people in Your personal life aware of Your work?

Goddess Amanda: Some people in my life are aware, while other people are not aware of my work. I don’t typically broadcast it to every one.



DommeAddiction: Cash or gifts? What type of tribute do You prefer from Your slaves to show they appreciate You and are sincere in their desire to serve You?

Goddess Amanda: Cash will always trump gifts for me. I prefer cash tributes over anything else ,but I also can always appreciate a gift/s purchased to get my attention.

DommeAddiction: What role does social media such as Twitter, Skype, etc. play in Your business?

Goddess Amanda: Twitter plays a pretty big role in promoting my business. I use Skype to keep in contact with slaves old and new, so I would say it also plays a big role.

DommeAddiction: Have You ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

Goddess Amanda: No, I have not. If I have ever been recognized I have not been made aware of it.

DommeAddiction: Have You been told You make men nervous often?

Goddess Amanda: Yes, always have and always will. How could you not be?

DommeAddiction: Is there a specific type of slave you find is drawn to you?

Goddess Amanda: There is not a particular type of slave that is drawn to me. I seem to attract just about every type.



DommeAddiction: Can all submissive men be persuaded to slip across that line into financial domination?

Goddess Amanda: I believe most submissive men can be persuaded or be turned on to being a financial submissive. Some are simply too afraid of a power exchange involving money and turned off by the idea of it.

DommeAddiction: If there was one thing You could change about being a financial dominatrix, what would it be?

Goddess Amanda: There isn’t anything I can think of that I would change about it.

DommeAddiction: Would You ever meet a slave in real life, or are r/t sessions something you have decided will not be in your future?

Goddess Amanda: I would be open to doing r/t sessions but I don’t just meet with strangers. There has to be a lot of money involved so if you only have a few hundred dollars to spend, you are barking up the wrong tree.

DommeAddiction: Any Dommes in particular You’re interested in working with?

Goddess Amanda: Not that I can think of, no.

DommeAddiction: Have You always been dominant in Your interactions with men?

Goddess Amanda: Yes, I have been using men since grade school to get what I want.



DommeAddiction: At what point did You first realize the power you held over men?

Goddess Amanda: Once I started taking notice of how many guys would bend over backwards for me thinking it would end with them taking me on a date/being my boyfriend. It’s so easy to manipulate men when they are under my spell.

DommeAddiction: Is there one type of clip You enjoy making more than all others?

Goddess Amanda: I enjoy Financial Domination, Verbal Humiliation and Cuckolding the most.

DommeAddiction: If we were conducting this interview in person, how would it end?

Goddess Amanda: You would be kissing my shoe, thanking me and handing over all the cash in your wallet.

DommeAddiction: What is the best way for slaves to show You they are sincere in their desire to serve and spoil?

Goddess Amanda: If you are truly sincere then I want to see consistent tributes, clip orders and gifts bought.

DommeAddiction: Is there anything else You would like to tell Your admiring worshipers, and future slaves, reading this interview?

Goddess Amanda: Spend more money!! Buy a gift and do anything you can to put a smile on my face.

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