Clip Review: Your Wife’s Sister Dangling – Featuring Mistress Stella Liberty

As you prepare to marry your fiancé, you find yourself alone with her gorgeous younger sister, Stella.  Sitting across from you, her short dress riding up those impossibly long legs, she begins to dangle her red high heel shoe and it instantly catches your attention.  Her legs have always caught your eye, and how could they not? Your future sister-in-law is drop-dead gorgeous and she’s not the least bit shy about showing off her spectacular long legs.  She notices you can’t take your eyes off her new shoes and comments on how hot they are.  In fact, she notices how transfixed you are by them and she warns you about being naughty when you’re about to marry her older sister.  Don’t let that sexy shoe dangle distract you into doing something you’ll regret.  She giggles at how embarrassed you get when she confronts you.  She loves attention and the fact that you’re looking at her legs the way you are, drooling over her sexy high heels, she is enjoying this immensely.  Are you curious about what kind of trouble she might get you into now that she has you alone? She’s a very naughty girl and she loves to play with eager men.  Are you eager to break the rules with your hot future sister-in-law?
Rules are meant to be broken, and Stella loves teasing you.  Are you one of those foot boys that can’t help but want to see her feet? Up close, she can see the bulge in your pants as she brings her naked feet to your face and suggests you take them into your mouth.  When you resist, trying to behave, she sits back down across the room and suggests you take out your cock and stroke it for her.  She’s heard your cock is big and when you finally succumb and take it out, her eyes widen as she likes what she sees.  Stroke for your hot sister-in-law Temptress.  She counts you down as you furiously stroke to her gorgeous heels and long legs.  Let your fetish control you and be a very bad boy for bratty Stella. She smiles as you cum and calls you her good boy and wishes you luck in married life.  Somehow you are quite sure this won’t be the last test she puts you through, and the last time you’ll fall under Stella’s seductive spell.

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Clip Name: Your Wife’s Sister Dangling
Models In The Clip: Goddess Stella Liberty
Date Reviewed: December 1st, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $7.99

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