Clip Review: Your Wife’s Mine Now – Featuring Goddess Raquel Roper


She is beautiful, dominant and utterly destructive.  You were spellbound the instant you first saw Goddess Raquel, and your addiction to serving and worshiping her has grown deeper each day.  First she took your desire, using your fantasies and lustful arousal to control and manipulate you.  She has taken from you financially, using your addiction against you so skillfully she has you convinced you’re doing what YOU want while she pulls your strings like an expert puppet-master.  But Goddess Raquel wants more.  It’s not enough to own you, to control you and drain you financially, there needs to be more.  She wants it all.  She wants to leave you completely destroyed because that is the cruel darkness that lies within her.  You’re so blinded by her stunning beauty and erotic seduction that you never suspected how wicked she truly is.  And so, with you secure in your vanilla life at work and home, and Goddess Raquel as your secret fetish desire on the side, you think you have it all.  No matter how perfect your family and work life may be, you can’t stray from those dark urges that brought you to kneel before Goddess Raquel in the first place.  Your beautiful wife has no idea about that side of you, does she? And while you may be secure in your dual life, are you really sure your wife is satisfied? Goddess Raquel knows what a little beta male you are, she sees right through your ruse of being a real man, and so she knows that wifey is not getting what she needs at home.  And what does a devious Goddess looking to ruin her slave do with this little tidbit of knowledge? She finds herself a two-for-one, of course.  That’s right little beta, wifey is going to be Goddess Raquel’s next conquest.
She loves to tease you, deny you and remind you of how insignificant you really are.  And what better way to destroy you than to take that beautiful wife of yours from you? She knows your wife’s needs better than you ever could, and she knows that deep down your wife craves a dominant lover like Goddess Raquel to replace your little beta offerings.  You say your wife isn’t attracted to other women? Are you sure about that? Maybe wifey will find Goddess Raquel just as beautiful and irresistible as you have.  Maybe Goddess Raquel will become the dark desire that turns her on and gets her off.  She knows how to please a woman and make her truly hot and bothered.  She’ll do things to your wife that a little beta loser like you never could.  You don’t deserve a hot woman like your wife.  You can’t do things to her to keep her.  Her body is something you can’t fully understand and you sure as hell can’t satisfy her pussy.  By taking her into her clutches, Goddess Raquel is doing your wife a favour by showing her how she deserves to be treated.  Little beta bitches like you aren’t physically useful to women.  That’s why they take from you, tease and torment you and wrap you around their little fingers.  She’ll take your wife and your place in your household.  She’ll even have your kids calling her Daddy lol.  She is the ultimate sensual sadist and she takes great pleasure in taking you down a few notches.  Each time you think you are more than you truly are, she will bring you back to reality.  By enslaving your wife, she will take from you and cuckold you by allowing your wife to do things you never will.  If she’s a good girl, wifey will taste Goddess Raquel’s sexy pussy and kiss those perfect breasts that keep you awake at night.  With her huge strapon deep inside your wife’s pussy, with her experiencing orgasms you never could give her, Goddess Raquel will easily take your wife from you.  How pathetic are you that as Goddess Raquel tells you about stripping your life from you and all you can think about is how jealous you are about your wife getting to do things you never will? Don’t worry pet, Goddess Raquel will take very good care of your wife, disciplining her when she needs it and giving her pleasure she’s never experienced with you.  So go ahead and cry about it, little beta, your wife is Goddess Raquel’s for the taking.

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Clip Name: Your Wife’s Mine Now
Models In The Clip: Goddess Raquel Roper
Date Reviewed: January 24th, 2018
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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