Clip Review: You’ll Forget About Her – Featuring Goddess Amanda


Helpless and hopeless.  Two powerful, emotionally charged words that fairly describe your connection to the stunningly beautiful blonde Temptress of your dreams, Goddess Amanda.  Since your first interaction with her, that first clip purchase, you’ve been under her deliciously seductive spell.  How could you not be? She is everything you have ever desired and completely unattainable for someone like you.  She is the living embodiment of what you wish your life could be and aspire to serve.  You meant your vows when you married your wife, but when you found Goddess Amanda, everything changed.  You realized that settling for a woman like your wife when a Goddess like blonde-haired, long-legged Goddess Amanda exists…well that just couldn’t be your life.  Her huge breasts and perfect round ass excite you in ways wifey never could.  Your cock hardens for Goddess Amanda on a level completely non-existent for any other woman, including your wife.  The spark that once existed with your wife, pales by comparison to the raging lust and aching desire your Goddess draws out of you.  She could never compare.  She’s out of her league.  The moment you found Goddess Amanda and her tight, toned body, it was the death knell for your marriage. 
Sneak away, finding some place quiet and away from your wife who simply cannot excite you any longer.  Devour images and clips of Goddess Amanda’s perfect beauty.  Feed your addiction for your perfect blonde Goddess and know that only she can get that cock of yours hard.  With thoughts of how wonderful it would be to taste her perfect pussy, to worship her long legs and be smothered by her breathtaking ass and breasts, nothing else will excite you.  Listening to her voice on the way home from work, watching her clips in the bathroom stall, sneaking away to indulge in Goddess Amanda’s world, will become your daily agenda.  Your wife could never do to you what your beautiful Goddess can.  It’s obvious as hell that Goddess Amanda has you wrapped around her little finger.  Whatever she wants, you will do for your perfect Seductress.  Whatever it takes for that next hit of cumming for your Goddess, it will be done.  She is the only sex life you will ever need.  She is the only woman that will get you hard and make you cum ever again.  Even if you do pity fuck your wife, you’ll need to think of Goddess’ flawless curves and exquisite beauty to even get hard enough to stick it in her.  Every time you cum, it will only be for her, with thoughts of your Goddess in mind.  Stop paying attention to wifey, stop fucking her, and give Goddess Amanda all your attention.  Spoil your perfect Temptress as you deny your wife.  Give everything to the one woman in your life that deserves everything she wants…Goddess Amanda.

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Clip Name: You’ll Forget About Her
Models In The Clip: Goddess Amanda
Date Reviewed: December 29th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $11.99

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