Clip Review: You Miss Me – Featuring Goddess Jessica


It’s astonishing how important she has become to you.  How completely reliant you are on her presence in your life.  A woman like Goddess Jessica, so beautiful and powerful, simply dominates your every thought, every urge and every desire.  So when she takes an extended vacation as she recently did to Asia, spending the limitless funds her adoring worshipers eagerly hand over to her, you miss her so badly it physically hurts.  But as dependent upon her as you’ve become, Goddess Jessica deserves to enjoy a truly extraordinary life befitting her perfect beauty and Elite status.  While she was away, you hungrily devoured every tweet she posted, every Instagram picture or SnapChat posting.  Anything to feed your all-consuming addiction as she lives like royalty seeing things, and experiencing life in ways you never will.  The absence of new clips for you to binge upon has been most devastating, but lucky for you, your Goddess is as manipulative and cunning as she is gorgeous.  Just when you thought all hope was lost, this clip suddenly posted to and you bought it without even noting the exorbitant price tag on it, just as she knew you would.
In her absence, Goddess Jessica knew you would be dying for any opportunity to see her perfect beauty and to hear her teasing voice.  And with you at your weakest and most vulnerable, Goddess released the perfect ripoff clip to make you realize just how deeply you’ve fallen under her spell.  Whatever it takes, you needed that connection to your Queen.  This clip, with Goddess Jessica looking so profoundly beautiful in her white dress and glossy red lipstick, was just what every adoring GJ slave needed to get them through to when she returned from her month long vacation.  You love her.  You need her.  You’re lost without her.  Even in just this clip, you can feel her presence as she inquires as to whether you’ve been a good boy in her absence.  Have you been slacking? Have you been a good little pet and paid her bills, sending “thank you” tributes and staying relevant with your Goddess? Will she be happy to hear from you now that she’s returned, or do you have some work to do to impress the only woman you’ve ever loved like this? Thank your Goddess for posting this wonderful clip, for feeding your addiction and reminding you of how important she is to you.  Thank her the best way any slave can…through tribute.  Now that Goddess has returned, she’ll be back to dominating your every thought and relentlessly pushing you deeper down that rabbit hole as only she can do.

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Clip Name: You Miss Me
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica
Date Reviewed: January 9th, 2018
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $99.99

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