Clip Review: You Always Come Back – Featuring Goddess Tiffany

Obey Miss Tiffany - You Always Come Back - iWantClips

You always come back.  Each time you try to break the addiction, stray away from her dominant and absolute control, you find everything else pales in comparison to kneeling before your Goddess Tiffany.  Your vanilla life you so desperately try to cling to can’t compare to the rush you feel as you gaze upon those perfect long legs in those sexy heels.  Even as you try to serve other Dommes that don’t demand as much from you, your thoughts are always on Goddess Tiffany.  She is your absolute obsession.  The addiction is so deep, you can’t break the chain around your soul.  Beg forgiveness and try to earn your way back into her world.  Nothing feels as good and makes you throb as hard as paying your Goddess.  No other task in your life could ever make you feel so connected to something worthwhile.  When you pay her perfect feet, her gorgeous ass and those stunning long legs, she owns you a little more.  She will always own you.  This is a lifetime addiction you have succumbed to and you will always binge for your Goddess.  You’ll pay any amount she demands…every time she snaps her fingers.  Her attention is invaluable and you will always pay for that next fix to meet the gnawing demand of your addiction!
Crawl back little pet.  Bow down at Goddess Tiffany’s feet and beg for another chance.  Tell her that you’ll do more to earn the kind of money it would take to belong to her forever.  Each time you crawl away, Goddess warns you that you’ll return and the addiction will be even deeper.  And she’s always right.  The ache begins the moment you leave her and never subsides.  No amount of distraction can keep you from thinking of her perfect body and beautiful face.  Nothing in life can fill that void left when you try to deny yourself the privilege of serving your Goddess.  Each time you tell Goddess you can’t continue this way, she smiles that sly, knowing smile, and you both know it won’t last.  Why even try to deny yourself, slaveboy? Your destiny is to pay for the ultimate privilege of devoting yourself to your perfect Goddess.  Anything else is simply ordinary.

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Clip Name: You Always Come Back
Models In The Clip: Goddess Tiffany
Date Reviewed: November 20th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $10.00

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