Clip Review: Wifey Wants BBC – Featuring Mistress Brittany

Brittany Marie - Wifey Wants BBC - iWantClips

From the moment you met her, you knew Brittany was out of your league.  Your friends were astonished at how hot your girlfriend was, and when you married her, they said you were the luckiest man on earth.  How could a perfect Goddess like her be willing to settle for someone like you?? She is breathtakingly beautiful, and anywhere you go with her, men stare and dream of what it might be like to be with someone so perfect.  One look at her, and you’re instantly hard and want to fuck, but she’s been standoffish for some time now.  Tonight, Brittany is going to explain to you that it’s time for some serious changes in your marital arrangement.  Tonight, she feels like being satisfied for once, and there’s only one way that will happen…by replacing your pathetic little dick with some huge, thick, long, black cock! You had no idea she had a boyfriend, so when she tells you that your tiny white dick isn’t going to cut it any longer and that she’s calling over her stud to fuck her real good, you are humiliated and angry.  But if you want to remain married to the most desirable woman on the planet, you’d better get used to feeling inadequate and being cuckolded at every turn.
Dressed in her sexy black leather thigh high boots that drive you wild, Brittany is bitchy, condescending and very clear that you’re a serious disappointment as a husband.  Painstakingly, she explains how her boyfriend’s huge black cock is superior to that tiny limp noodle between your legs.  She’s in the mood to have a real man fuck her and fill her up and satisfy her.  Wifey wants some rock hard BBC tonight, and she’s going to make you watch so you can see what it looks like when she’s truly satisfied by a man.  She shows you what you don’t measure up to as she reveals a cock so big that your mouth drops in shock.  Later, as your wife screams his name, you’ll throb and feel shame over how out of your league you really are.  His cock is insanely huge! You could never measure up and once that huge black cock spreads open your wife, you’ll never be welcome again.  It’s huge, fat and long.  That black cock is hypnotic as Brittany describes how good it feels when he fucks her.  Imagine that big black cock ramming your tiny wife from behind…burying every inch that will fit into her tight little pussy.  The King of Cocks is what your wife wants, and you’re going to do whatever it takes to serve her.  Maybe she’ll let you suck him off to get him wet before he fucks her.  Would you like that cucky? Sit in the corner, your tiny, insignificant cock throbbing, and watch a real man fuck your wife.  Prepare yourself to hear your wife make noises you could never elicit from her.  Big black cock is the only thing that can satisfy a woman like Brittany, and you’re going to watch it happen.

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Clip Name: Wifey Wants BBC
Models In The Clip: Mistress Brittany
Date Reviewed: September 10th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $15.99

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